King County Council Taxpayer-Funded $750,000 Account To Defend Illegal Immigrants From Deportation

King County's Council has proposed an immigration defense fund.

King County’s Council has proposed an immigration defense fund.

The King County Council Wants To Give Taxpayer Funds To Support Illegal Immigrants

Seattle, WA –  A one-time legal defense fund of $750,000 for immigrants and refugees has been proposed by King County Council members.

According to Q13 Fox, the fund is also designed to protect immigrants and refugees “amid rising fear.”  The plan was announced on Wednesday, February 15, 2017, by King County Council Executive Dow Constantine.  He said that the fund would provide “rapid response services for immigrants and refugees, including a fund that will help residents navigate the naturalization process and help support community rights organizations.”

The money is designated to come from a 2016 budget surplus that was not allocated for any specific purpose.  The proposal for the funding would still need to be approved by the full county council.  Constantine said that “people in our community are afraid – afraid for their human rights, their families, and their safety.”

The fund, the King County Immigrant and Refugee Commission, will be fully staffed and operational by the end of the year.  Part of the fund would be used to make sure county facilities are ready, safe, and equipped.  Other money from the fund is set aside to purchase signs in multiple languages that state “All Are Welcome Here.” Some of the money would go to organizations that provide various kinds of legal assistance, such as the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.

Joe McDermott, Metropolitan King County Council Chair, has agreed to sponsor the proposal after Council Executive Constantine proposes legislation to make the money available, according to The Seattle Times. Constantine said that he proposed the legislation in direct response to President Trump’s Executive Order, and also as an investment in the people of the county.

The City of Seattle is already spending $250,000 to help immigrants and refugees navigate life under President’s Trump administration, focusing on children in the city’s public schools.

It seems as if certain cities, groups, etc. are determined to disregard President Trump’s objectives on illegal immigrants.  Instead of using the money for King County’s overwhelming number of homeless veterans or treating the massive heroin epidemic, the council is spending your tax-dollars on legal defense for illegal immigrants. Taxpayers are getting double-slammed. First, we’re paying for immigration enforcement, then we’re paying for defense from that enforcement.

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  • HeavyCream

    This is the kind of crap that will have the National Guard called in.

  • rjhnyc52

    Have their home country support them…they are the beneficiaries of all the money the illegal aliens send back home…27 Billion dollars was sent to Mexico in 2016 from the illegal alien mexicans lying and working in the US…

  • rjhnyc52

    DHS should look at prosecuting the Mayor of Seattle and King County Board under 8 USC 1324 (A) (1) (a) (1)….inducing aliens to enter the country in violation on the I&NA….also aiding, abetting and harboring illegal aliens..

  • Mattman

    Seriously and people, do you really want your tax dollars going there?

  • Mattman

    Im so sick of these sanctuary citys and states. I agree 100% with The President. Defund and I would go farther with a goods embargo.

  • Rich

    You people are pathetic. I hope Trump cuts all Federal Funding to your city and then you’ll wish you had that $750,000. That has got to be one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard. They’re here illegally a-holes. What part of that do you 4 idiots not understand?

  • Gordon Harvey

    WTF? Deport the council back to Mexico.
    Fuck these liberal asshats.

  • Mike Annas

    A deportation order is issued by the feds…it doesn’t have to go a judge. They just haul you back to the border. . The lawyers get richer. The taxpayer gets screwed. Gotta love liberals….they do it to themselves


    What a pathetic way to secure votes.

  • Will Jones

    Because we’re talking about children and families that belong here – it’s better to keep them here than send them to a third world country where they will be harmed. Get smart and open your heart!

    • angel51308

      Will Jones, since when do Illegal Immigrants belong here? Your OK with paying for their defense, take the money from your pocket, not mine.

      • Will Jones

        I’m okay with paying for their defense as much as I’m okay with paying for yours!

        • Dean Franklin

          you dont pay for ours you damn fool we pay as much or more than you they dont pay they take let em take yours

    • Dean Franklin

      bullshit we fight for our freedom they should fight for theirs mostly military aged men are coming completely foolish to take these people in the only damn people that belong here are here but you open your house if you you please leave mine the hell alone

  • Jenna

    How can these people use OUR tax dollars to ‘legally’ defend someone here illegally? If we were to try and do this in Mexico, being an illegal American, we could be arrested and face up to 10 years in Prison. Stop the insanity.

  • Joey Nance

    Looks like four people scheming to grab some more taxpayer monies. They ought be put down, cause there’s no cure for this kind of stupid behavior.

  • fixento

    Yep, aardvark, dipshit, ding a ling and jackass at work.

  • Roadddoc

    Hey! Think it’s rediculous, but if Seattle and King County Taxpayers are OK with a
    million dollars of their tax money going to a political “feel good” vote getting ploy then it’s on them. Of course Legal Immigrants should have no need for the fund money.