Crowd Gathers, Shoots At Kansas City, Mo Officers After Officer-Involved Shooting

Kansas City officers were shot at after an officer-involved shooting.

Kansas City officers were shot at after an officer-involved shooting.

Crowd Gathers, Shoots At Kansas City, Mo Officers After Officer-Involved Shooting

Kansas City, Mo – Kansas City Police Officers had just shot an armed suspect on Sunday morning when a crowd began to gather around them. Gunshots started getting fired at the officers, who were forced to take cover with the man that the officers had just shot.

The incident happened early Sunday morning in a parking lot at 72nd Street and Wabash Avenue. Officers were on patrol when they heard gunshots and observed a large crowd in the parking lot. Officers approached and confronted a man who was armed with a handgun. There aren’t many details about the confrontation, but one of the police officers shot the suspect.

The police officers were administering first aid to the suspect when they got surrounded by the large crowd. One of the men approached the officers aggressively and refused to back up, interrupting officers who were trying to provide first aid. The man was tased as he was coming at officers, and then taken into custody.

Numerous shots then started to get fired at officers, forcing them to take cover along with the shot suspect and the other suspect in custody. None of the officers were shot.

A gunshot victim later arrived at the hospital, who is believed to be the likely victim of the man that the police officers has shot.

The suspect is still alive at the time of this writing, and is expect to be charged for his crimes.

This isn’t the first time this week that onlookers have fired a weapon near police and heckled them at a shooting scene. Friday we released a post about the same thing happening in Chicago.

When officers are involved in incidents like this, they no longer just have to worry about the initial armed suspects, but the neighborhood who comes to the defense of their armed thugs. Thank goodness that none of these officers were hurt, and we aren’t mourning the loss of another hero today.

Great job Kansas City police.

  • Craig_Bosley

    Thank you Obama for doing all you could to promote hatred and racism.

  • screwthemedia

    Put officers standing guard with shotguns and beanbag shot. Start shooting anyone that steps up to the plate.

    • ChiefD

      Forget the bean bags, 00 buck.

    • Geoff Miller

      f the bean bags.

  • AAA

    This getting to be the point where it is going to be military necessity

  • AntiEpistemophobia

    Jesus said it – Live by the sword – die by the sword. How many unarmed citizens have to be killed until police reform their ways?

    • jaman

      How did you get that anyone was unarmed from that story?

    • Patricia Munsch

      Are you muslim or just misinformed

      • NOAH L. HOLCOMB. JR.

        Neither. Just refuses to let truth get in the way of an opinion already reached.

    • bob

      Except for a few extreme cases, that has been proven to be a lie perpetrated by the media to get ratings

  • Dale Bulmer

    We need someone to start coming down hard on these people or all is lost!

    • benjamin gardiner

      It is because the people have been come down on so hard that this is happening. Judges allowing non law to be used for prosecution. Attorneys hiding info. Cops having ‘qualified immunity’. It used to be that if the law was shown to be Cons’, then the cop would enjoy immunity. Nowadays, the law is the law whether it is clearly repugnant or not. Have you read the case of Mr. John Bad Elk?

      • libsmakemelaugh


        • benjamin gardiner

          how so?

          • texray

            Of was made to catch blacks. Isn’t every law just an excuse to harass black people and deprive them of their rights? If black people didn’t live here, there’d be no laws.

          • JP171

            CJ is a fucktard and a piece of shit and dumber than you are dipshit fukk that worthless piece of shit and you too ben. kicked off of Texas CHL forum you were and so was he for being a fucktard! CJ was arrested for being stupid and not doing what the cop asked, no he wasn’t doing anything directly illegal cept walking on the wrong side of the road, but not doind what the cop asked and being a fucktard is what got him that. he has done NOTHING but hurt the handgun law here in Texas. made every goddamn thing harder to accomplish because he’s fukkin dumber than dog shit. oh and he didn’t loos his CHL for a class C misdemeanor either fuckface

      • Marc Peek

        1) What the Hell is non law?
        2) Qualified Immunity does not protect anyone who violates a clearly Constitutional right.
        3) ” It used to be that if the law was shown to be Cons’, then the cop would enjoy immunity. Nowadays, the law is the law whether it is clearly repugnant or not.” What the Hell are you even saying?

        • benjamin gardiner

          Not knowing where you are from, I will share this with you. In Texas, the speed limits as in most other places are part of the Transpo code. In ours, it directs the TxDOT: 201.904 Speed Signs…. to erect and maintain signs for the maximum lawful speed for All commercial motor vehicles. Truck trailers, truck semi trailers, truck tractors and motor vehicles engaged in transportation for fee or hire. Having received a few speeding tickets over the years, I was never asked if I was engaged in transportation. Which is a requisite of the law I just cited. Instead, they charge you under ‘Prima Facie Speed …’ which reads ‘a person commits an offense if they travel at a speed greater than reasonable or prudent for the conditions then existing’. That speed is always determined by the Speed Sign that is posted, unless you hydroplane or wreck even though you were going the speed listed. If the speed signs only apply to those engaged in transporting good or passengers for hire, and there are no separate signs stating what the max speed is for the private individual, then, there must not be one. Do you follow? As in, the government cannot control the citizens, at liberty, unless a crime (deprivation of rights/property/ has been committed. I don’t know you or how much you know, so forgive me if this is common knowledge to you: The 2nd was meant to make sure the people would be able to check the government, and it’s enforcers. It has been said that: The militia, is to have every terrible implement of war which the soldier uses. Are we on the same page? Knives having a blade longer than 5″ are illegal. carrying swords in public is illegal. Full auto is illegal, unless you pay the tax stamp/etc. Military fighting knives’ blades, can be well over 5″. While only the Marines and Army Cavalry officers still have swords as part of their uniforms, a sword is still a weapon of war. Full auto. Even three round burst is considered FA. We used to be able to make our own full autos, then just pay the tax. at that same time, it was deemed that no more ‘machine guns’ produced after 1986, were to be available for purchase/use under the Hughes amendment, even with the tax stamp. This was/is clearly unconstitutional. A tax upon rights, is clearly unconstitutional. the taxing of rights has been struck down on almost every occasion in which it reared it’s ugly head. yet this one remains. There have been recent gun cases which have taken big bites out of the NFA. SCOTUS just keeps saying that there is more than enough precedent to keep these governments from enforcing these uncons laws, but people want to abide the law, and not have blood on their hands, so they pay the extortionate taxes, exercise fewer liberties, and essentially become, the walking dead. Has that helped any?

          • ChiefD

            Any time you travel at a speed unsafe for the conditions, be it traffic, weather related, or other, it’s a violation of the basic speed law, regardless of the posted speed limit. Example: heavy rain, flooded roadway. Is it safe to do 55 MPH on the road that is flooded, or prudent to slow down so as not to hydroplane?

          • benjamin gardiner

            Traveling is the right. Driving is the privilege. Traffic, Transportation, Driving is the act of controlling a automobile for gain. When you are going to the store, on vacation other things in which you are not being paid, you are not a driver, and thus not under the various Transpo codes. Find any cop that will say that you have a right to use an automobile upon the roads we pay for, and I will buy that man a beer. Find a judge that upholds this right, and elect him to your highest court. No matter what you are doing in an Auto, your driver’s license will be hit. In Texas, by law, our cars are called motor vehicles to comport with federal law, as it pertains to transportation. Yet, when we go to get insurance for our ‘motor vehicles’, All we can get is automobile insurance. Home, Auto, Boat, Motorcycle etc. Originally, the seat belt laws, the drunk driving laws only applied to commerce, as they are in the trans code, and if officers enforced the laws, they received a kickback from the fed. The first registrations of autos was because, basically, cops didn’t have autos yet, and had no way of keeping up. So private citizens were made to affix number plates upon their private property, to identify themselves to officers. Sounds like a violation of the 5th. If your window registration sticker has lapsed, and you remove it via your 5th amendment, you just gave leos probable cause to search your private property. When you go to court, as many reading this from larger cities will undoubtedly know, that even if you are found not guilty, they have started exacting dismissal fees from the victim. Since when does the victim pay after being drug into court for falsehood? The way that is supposed to work is, the plaintiff/accuser pays the court costs. and if sufficient evidence is available, sue for deprivation of rights. This almost never happens, and can take upwards of 10 years and 10s of thousands of dollars, provided the black robe society doesn’t extend qualified immunity to an officer which had clearly violated the rights of a citizen, whether through ignorance or indifference to the actual laws. CJ did try to sue the leo in federal court, and that judge said he had immunity. I forget what his initial charge was exactly, if memory serves, it was having the rifle. In Texas, as many now know, only long guns are considered to be covered by the 2nd, and not require a permit. My towns police chief told that pistols were not a part of the 2nd. Either cops will start learning how they have been led astray, or, I fear, it will keep escalating. the ball is in their court, as they say.

          • Gio

            I’m not sure I follow here, are you saying anyone should be able to have a machine gun and drive as fast as they like?, you do realize times change right? and that we no longer live in the 1800s when people were still trying to figure out a lot of things.

            There is such a thing as too much freedom Ben, its called Anarchy, and don’t get me wrong, I understand why we need weapons, but I really don’t see anyone rallying around to take down any tyrants lately so what’s the machine gun for then?, and personally I don’t believe our military today is made up of a bunch of uneducated, ignorant brainwashed farm boys (Or raging racist nazis) who will do ANYTHING they are told, specially not against their own people.

            So you go ahead and continue to cry about not being able to drive like an irresponsible jackass and not being allowed to legally own your fully automatic pew pew toy, you are probably one of those people who are mad about registrations and insurance too… wouldn’t it be nice?, to drive your car into somebody else’s property and be able to just ditch it and not have it come back to bite you? specially if you like to drive like you stole it which apparently you seem to think its your right, or to hop into a car and claim it as yours, fucking genius!!!.

          • benjamin gardiner

            Gio, times do change. Do you not remember Bundy Ranch or the wildlife refuge in Oregon? As to cars…. even boats, while we are on the subject, as well as helicopters and airplanes, As private citizens, who pay for the upkeep of the roads, they are ours to use as we see fit. Correct? The whole ‘deal’ behind the trans codes was that too many buses, cabs, haulers etc were upon the roads, where the citizen who had either a horse or auto if so affluent would still be able to use the roads. Hauling heavy loads, or wide loads or even making money at carrying stuff/people for other people, where you get paid, is detrimental to the roads’ construction. Therefore, it was deemed, that they should, because they are making money at using the roads (getting paid back for having to help fund the roads, plus interest, if you will) the government decided they should/could pay more. Wide loads deprive the citizens of being able to pass, unless the road is wide enough. Heavy loads destroy the roads, because they aren’t designed for that use. If you know anything about rights, you should know that rights can be exercised until there is a deprivation of rights/property. As previously mentioned, with all of the cabs/buses/haulers upon the road, the average citizen could no longer utilize the roads they were being made to pay for. A deprivation of rights. By tearing up the roads, the roads would tear up horses or other peoples autos. Deprivation of property. These are properly called crimes. The mere possibility that it could happen, is not. Have we not grown up being taught what is right and wrong and to be careful? Whom then can exercise the authority, our parents once exercised upon us? No one that we do not let. The constitution is a social compact. A contract. For a given violation, which are laid out plainly as crimes, we forfeit liberty. Habeas Corpus means produce the body. Or produce the evidence lately. If there is no body which has been deprived of their rights, it is not a crime. To file a habeas claim/motion, the courts want 200 dollars. in most cases, the fine is less, hoping that people will pay the lesser price, which also acts to legitimize these illegitimate laws. Should you go 100mph when it is bumper to bumper, nearly all would say no. why? because you would hit someone? that is the deprivation. What if you are on a road, and there is no one around? can you go as fast as your car will go? yes. could there be some cop hidden in the bushes, that is trapping you? there could be. If it is a populated area, there could be a kid who kicks a ball into the street, and runs to reclaim it. You wouldn’t want to kill a kid would you? a dead kid is a deprivation of his right to life. on highways, freeways etc, generally, there is no chance that a kid is playing anywhere near the way. Someone could blow a tire, throw a rod, some other emergency. It is their duty to not cause a deprivation. there are times in which, there is no escape. these are referred to as Acts of God. They are generally forgiven, as no normal person could have predicted such action/reaction. As to driving like you stole it, so long as you do not injure/kill or destroy someone else’s stuff, Constitutionally, you are well within your rights.

          • JC

            He is a soverign nutball……don’t mind him. I saw it from the beginning of his posts and his last post above yours is the icing on the cake.

      • Rob Huckfeldt

        Yes, I am familiar with the case of Mr. Elk. :). We have the right to resist an unlawful arrest.

        • patrickkell

          Actually YOU DONT, I googled it for you

          John Bad Elk v. United States, 177 U.S. 529 (1900), was a case in which the United States Supreme Court held that an individual had the right to use force to resist an unlawful arrest and was entitled to a jury instruction to that effect. In 1889, a tribal police officer, John Bad Elk, shot and killed another tribal police officer who was attempting to arrest Bad Elk without a warrant, on a misdemeanor charge, for a crime allegedly committed outside of the presence of the arresting officer. The Supreme Court reversed his conviction, noting that a person had the right to resist an unlawful arrest, and in the case of a death, murder may be reduced to manslaughter. The Supreme Court held the arrest to be unlawful due, in part, to the lack of a valid warrant. This case has been widely cited on the internet, but is no longer considered good law in a growing number of jurisdictions.[1] Most states have, either by statute or by case law, removed the unlawful arrest defense for resisting arrest. The case also received negative treatment in 532 U.S. 318 (2001) [2] holding that an arrest without a warrant, even for a misdemeanor, is lawful.

          • benjamin gardiner

            The man John shot was his relative, if memory serves. John had fired a few shots from his front porch. someone complained, and the sheriff came by and asked him to come in to the office. John was a deputy, if memory serves. John made excuses on two occasions. Finally his relative and some others were dispatched to bring him in. Where John lived, there was no law saying that he couldn’t fire shots into the air. When the relative arrived with the posse, He went for his gun. This is why he was shot down. States cannot invalidate a right, just because they want to. SCOTUS itself, recently, stated that we have no right to resist arrest, even if it is unlawful. Further proof that are rights are nil. It is generally considered wise not resist armed men, who have the weight of the law behind them, unless you are well armed, mentally, physically and have it on video. Several years ago, if you were wrongly arrested, you could sue for relief. These days, you can’t even do that because of qualified immunity. Qualified immunity is not supposed to attach if there is a civil rights violation. Yet, Many judges grant it anyway. Cops stick up for judges, so judges stick up for cops. Did you read the story I posted, listed as photographyisnotacrime? It deals with a bad arrest.

          • patrickkell

            Regardless of what you think, the law is the law, you don’t like it, vote new people in to change it. Don’t like it and challenge cops with how you feel and what you “think” your rights are, well as the saying goes “play stupid games win stupid prizes” Is it a perfect system, no, but if you don’t like it here leave, go elsewhere……oh yeah elsewhere sucks. There are bad arrest like doctors, pilots, etc…….. people fuk up all the time. Deal with it.

          • benjamin gardiner

            In case you forgot the headline to this story, People are rising up, that their country becomes great again. When the candidates are bad choices, there are no choices. Yes, it is legal to write in someone’s name. Getting this many people to decide on one person, will take even more drastic measures than are currently in place. Am I to take it that you do like all of the micromanaging that government is/has been doing over the last 100 yrs? As to your sovereign citizen remark, Try reading the Constitution, where it states, that the People are the sovereigns. All political power comes from them.

          • patrickkell

            that’s great and all but the problem is that the masses in general don’t even know what you are talking about and probably couldn’t care less. As long as paris Hilton or a Kardashian are taking up bandwidth on the tv no one is paying attention because they are too self absorbed in the latest iPhone and their most recent selfie and if people liked it or not. How do you expect to change those people, let alone the perpetual victims who don’t realize they vote for the people victimizing them. the difference between 1776 and now is that people actually gave a damn about their fellow citizen back in the day. Today people just want to get more stuff and have it provided to them because its not fair that the people who work harder get more. Until their is a massive shift in the collective thinking nothing will change.

      • www47

        No one with any sense would deny that there aren’t abuses. But that’s why they are called “abuses;” they are NOT the norm. The norm is black people running around acting entirely irresponsible, shooting up neighborhoods, killing other black people in gang warfare – along with many innocent people of all descriptions and races. Citing a single case does not justify the daily slaughter.

        It is NOT COPS who are shooting up cities like Oakland, CA, where 83% of murders are committed by blacks, 14% by latinos, 2% by whites and 1% by asians – each group similarly represented in a population of 406,000. Cops try to respond to the needs of the population, and in the main they do fine. In Oakland they might need to kill several people a year, some who purposely point guns at cops to end their own lives, “suicide by cop.” Others threaten innocents and have to be taken down – if you are a cop and a criminal endangers your life are you supposed to just die in the line of duty and forget about returning home to your children? It has been a long time since an Oakland cop shot an innocent person, but not so long since an innocent Oakland cop was shot by a black criminal and killed by a black criminal.

        Please learn the facts before you spout off. You are all wet.

        • benjamin gardiner

          Please read my reply to patrickkell below. Sheriffs were to be enforcers of the legitimate law. Police, being illegitimate, enforce the will of government, whether supported by the (some) citizens or not. Where rights are preserved by this constitution, there shall be no law or rule-making which shall abridge them.

      • patrickkell

        FYI John Bad Elk case has been voided for future reference. And please explain why the killing of their own community and self destructive behavior is the cause of the justice system coming down hard. Tell me how or what causes the perpetually aggrieved to be made whole?

        • benjamin gardiner

          I imagine it has. Part of the reason for killing their own community and self destructive behavior, is that when they step outside of their ‘communes’ they are hooked up for various crimes that others aren’t given a second glance. Why are jails/prisons so violent? The hood/ghettos are essentially a larger freer prison. Blacks are generally ‘contained’ to older housing. It has been said that, before 1900, blacks had better marriage rates and better rates of having both parents in the house. What do we have now? Of the blacks I know, most are of the outspoken type, and as such have been to jail numerous times. this is true of myself as well. Because I challenge cops, I end up in jail more often than not. What causes the ‘perpetually aggrieved’ to be made whole? Repeal all of the Jim Crowe laws which have been made to apply to everyone, so that are legal, even though they are still mostly applied to persons of color only. It was said that ‘free men’ have these rights. not non felons, not any other qualifier. If the person is free, they are to have full rights/freedoms. The government routinely makes/enforces law that benefits their tyranny. Repeal all of those laws. Government is subordinate to the citizenry. Because some decide they want to control others lives, regardless of the Bill of Rights, they pass these offense laws, and many are made felons, which are deprived of their God Given Rights.

          • patrickkell

            Outspoken……lulz, more like unable to follow simple directions. If you get jammed up by a cop its not because you are outspoken, you tried to challenge them and assert that you were somehow right and they were either wrong or racist. Maybe if you would take the chip off your shoulder and exercised basic common sense you would have a better interaction with the police. You might be contained to older housing because you have not earned anything better. You have no right to great housing, you are not entitled to a 3500 square foot home just for showing up. I find it odd that all the other people who come here manage to advance themselves but the blacks cant seem to move forward. Jim crow laws…really and I bet you still vote democrat like 99% of the other blacks. You know democrats the people who brought us slavery, the k.k.k. and jim crow. BTW MLK was a republican assassinated by southern democrat ( are you starting to notice a trend yet) You talk about rights and freedoms well you cant force people to hire convicts if they don’t want to if you want true freedom. People still have a right to judge the character of others, and I am not hiring a sex offender to work at a day care.. You talk about others wanting to control lives, but yet the black community votes for the democrat masters who keep them on the plantation and who also create some of these laws that keep black families destroyed via there welfare platform and planned parenthood. Google the locations of planned parent hood and you should see a disturbing trend. Again with the running theme planned parenthood support by democrats. Hell even the school system in Chicago was working fine but it got handed off to …..take a guess. So you have these kids who cant read or speak English, coming from broken homes and destroyed communities and expect to have what the white guy in the suburb has….Right just keep voting democrat and the problem will fix itself because the black community will cease to exist.

          • benjamin gardiner

            Would we agree that when one becomes an adult, they receive their full rights? So, what good are rights, or being an adult for that matter, if more people get to tell you what to do? How to live; Where to live; etc. There are many old sayings: the nail that sticks out gets hammered/the squeaky wheel gets the grease/ etc., they all mean the same thing. If you don’t conform, you will be dealt with. Right? Speaking out, or, alternately being outspoken, means that some people will take notice. You hope the intended audience is the one who notices, but those that are against you will notice even faster. What to your mind is basic common sense? If there is thunder or a lightening flash, get indoors? If you are an adult and someone tries to make you bend to their will, or be extorted, that you should? I’m well aware that Dems are screwed up. Republicans aren’t much better. I know several of my friends make good money. But, even though they can afford a higher standard of living, many whites do not/will not rent to blacks. If they are poorer, and apply for housing funds, there are areas ‘cordoned off’ to blacks. Part of the reason for this, whether it has an ulterior motive or not, is to diversify a city’s population. At least this is the ‘official’ reason. In this past primary, I did take a democratic ticket, just to see what kind of crap dems are doing. One of the ballot questions was, would you grant police more authority, if it meant a fairer trial. Something to that effect anyway. BTW, How’d you know I voted Dem?

          • benjamin gardiner
          • patrickkell

            Seems there is just no pleasing the black community
            Death threats over buying school supplies. How the hell do you even reason with people like that. Tell me again how this is not the black communities fault ?

          • patrickkell

            Well Ben there are rules of society if you don’t agree with em you don’t get to live here. There is a reason why some are given an elevated level of authority and honestly you seem to have a nobody gonna tell me what to do chip on your shoulder, good luck with that cause no one gonna give u time of day with that. You want to live some where then you better be able to afford it, just because you want to live there does not give you the right. Honestly and I am not trying to be an asshole, but honestly what area has truly benefitted from a large amount of black people living there. Where section 8 and vouchers come crime and poverty and a drain on civic resources that bring the community down. I keep getting told black people are equal but I don’t see them building successful communities that white people want to migrate to. Honestly have you ever heard of people desiring to move into a black neighborhood. Hell the black neighborhood goes nuts when hipsters and yuppies come in and try to gentrify an area. Here is a question why does everyone have the right to move into white areas but if white people try to move into little mexico, or Chinatown, or a black neighborhood there are protest. Why is this neighborhood protected but white peoples are not ? Why does everyone get to benefit from the social capital and communities created by white people. In white neighborhoods we don’t need peace marches, or safe passageways for schools. Do you think moving into the white neighborhood is going to just magically fix that dysfunctional behavior. BTW its not the police causing this issue either.

          • benjamin gardiner

            Whom do you believe this authority comes from? It surely doesn’t come from us anymore. In the Constitution, we authorized certain things. The Bill of Rights tells those we give certain authority, what they cannot do. They try to make us use their ‘free speech zones’. They decide which ‘rites’ will be included in the various religions. They have restricted our 2nd, and think that they can exercise this dominion over those whom elected them. We have almost no right against unreasonable searches and seizures. We have almost no right against self incrimination. Our right to travel has been made a privilege concerning autos. The list goes on and on. I personally wouldn’t live in an upscale area. I prefer older cars, that I can find parts for. These tend to get towed for being an eyesore in higher end areas. Seems you believe yourself correct in your assumption that I am black. I am white, but have many friends who are black. I have met some of each color, that the junkiest trailer park, was too good for them. I don’t subscribe to the idea that anything gets classified because of color. I classify based on actions. Like I strongly dislike all cops for being either ignorant of our rights, or just not caring. For hiding their brothers/sisters misdeeds to project a wholesome image. Hell, we don’t know what all rights we have are, but the 9th states: The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Authority above what was given to those we elect, can not be granted to subordinate agencies. Cops aren’t elected. This is why the Sheriff is over all cops.

          • patrickkell

            Ok what country does it better ?

          • patrickkell

            ok you sovereign citizen wannabe. good luck with that.

    • ozlanthos

      You’re right! We need to stop sending our cops to Israel to learn how to treat us as “The enemy”!


  • Roger Rose

    Democrats So you think it is a joke when Police Officers are shot down
    in the streets, Black Lives Matter is behind that as are those who support the
    Democrat Party, there was a huge contingent at the DNC, they have marched in
    the streets shouting “What do we want / Dead Cops, When do we want them?
    NOW, “Pigs in a blanket, Fry em like bacon” you are aware of this so
    you are a direct supporter as are all democrats.

    • benjamin gardiner

      when the rights of the people get trampled by the governments they elect and pay, then the governments direct others with guns to reinforce that trampling, this is what you get. white, black, hispanic etc. It may be more prevalent among the poor or blacks, but it does cross ‘racial’ and ‘poloitical’ boundaries.

      • bob

        Up your meds, baby. The tin foil is coming loose

    • jill Schaefer

      How r they not in jail for tht….i dont get it i mean they threaten the law and theres no consequences i mean look the law is the law if u point a gun at a cop and dont drop it when told i dont care if ur black or white u need to be shot and and if killed no explanation needed…

    • ChiefD

      Don’t forget, Obama had some of the leaders of BLM visit the white house and praised their work.

      • www47

        Another example of his behind-the-scenes work to destroy America.

  • ARJ190

    It’s getting stupid out there!!

  • tammie

    When will the police have to carry machine guns and take all the dumazzes out. They should not have to put up with this kind of bull, and if they start seriously shooting back, Fight this like the crime that it is, it will stop. People say the military will have to come in, No they will not if we as citizens stand up and say enough, and give the power back to the police and stand behind them in support and together stop this!

    • jill Schaefer


  • Debbie Martin

    I totally understand that these men and women took an oath to serve and protect, but when does enough become enough? I say the police should let these worthless pos weed themselves out. No one should be expected to put their life on the line for ungrateful morons who act like a bunch of primitive savages.

  • TM

    Every officer should turn in their badge. Then as WatermelAndrea and all her baby daddies start killing eachother off, maybe Sharpton and All Criminals Love Us/ACLU and the NAACP will patrol the hood. Or let them just live like the animals they are AFTER we cancel their food cards and housing grants and everything else the taxpayer provides to those enslaved by their Democratic masters.

    Chief hood rat Obama destroyed the effectiveness of law enforcement, so let him deal with it when he moves back home. Too bad the boy won’t give up his armed guards and live like his homies.

  • ozlanthos

    Hmmmm “armed thugs”…. Pretty sure those are “Americans”, so I could give a rat’s behind if they are armed. That is what the 2nd Amendment is for. The question I have is “was the guy with a gun pointing it at anyone, or threatening anyone with it before the cops started shooting?” If the answer is “no”, then that neighborhood has every right to react violently to cops endangering them over someone carrying a weapon.


    • www47

      The answer is “yes.” It is necessary to actually read an article before you can intelligently comment.

  • Christine Demetroff

    What the hell is wrong with people and arm suspect who could kill a child another person the Police are do their job and you still have idiots that are shooting at the cops because what the guy was black excuse me what is wrong with people today stupid stupid stupid . So next time one kills a child don’t call the Police , America is turning into a cesspool because of certain people ,, Grow up maybe next time the Policeshould just let the shooter kill who ever they want ,,, Shame on you all

  • Geoff Miller

    Perhaps the police should stop policing inner city. Just don’t go.

  • www47

    The people who heckle and shoot at police officers don’t care about facts. They cultivate raw hatred against whites, and they view all officers (white, black, asian, latino) as surrogate whites, regardless of racial heritage.

    Who is guilty of hate here? Black people. Let’s just say it straight up. Screwed up black people, encouraged by our half-black President and all the Black Lives Matter miscreants.

    Even when a suspect is proven to have a gun and threaten cops with the gun – the cops must be guilty of “oppressing black people.” (Thank you Colin Kaepernick – time to give back your $19,000,000 annual salary and go harass those nice white folks who adopted and raised you.) Even when blacks commit the vast majority of violent crime (assault, murder, armed robbery…) in the ghettos of Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Richmond, Compton, Philadelphia, East St. Louis…), it is simply a symptom of “white oppression.”

    Well, this white guy is sick of it. Those of us who fought for your civil rights, who risked our lives to make sure black people got the vote, who said to our skeptical friends, “It will take time for people to learn”…. are sick of your trip. Maybe you black people really do DESERVE to be oppressed, like you were during the Jim Crow South. Maybe the Southerners had a point when they told us “You just don’t understand.” Maybe black people, too many of them at least, are simply not ready to be honest, law-abiding, peaceful, responsible citizens. You are losing friends fast.

  • dave

    Just part of the DOJ community policing plan. Let the community’s fall deep into the hands of thugs, drugs and gangs, don’t enforce the law, and when you do don’t convict them because a high number of a ” color ” seems to be more ” likely” arrested.

    Gee, no one I know understands why all crime and murders are out of control.

  • david ratay

    Eventually, we are going to stop coming to save your dumb asses…

  • joe TPA

    Obama’s america….what a p o c he truly is.

  • the continuing fallout of obama’s stupidity

  • patrickkell

    Yeah Diversity…..

  • EntityComputerSystems

    When a thug wearing a uniform dies, I throw a party too