Why The Story Keeps ‘Changing’ On The Justine Damond Shooting, And Why It Will ‘Change’ Again

Very little information has been officially released about Justine Damond, causing the media to speculate and resulting in claims of a "cover-up."

Very little information has been officially released about Justine Damond, causing the media to speculate and resulting in claims of a “cover-up.”

Self-Proclaimed Social Media Experts Claim “Cover-Up” In Justine Damond Shooting

Accusations of a police department “cover-up” for the Justine Damond shooting are spreading across social media as the details of the shooting appear to change. People are asking: why else would the police department change their story if not a cover-up? The answer is quite simple; the police never changed the story, the media did.

After the shooting of Justine Damond, the investigation was turned over to the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The BCA is to act as an unbiased outside investigator, and have a reputation for not releasing many details until investigations are complete.

Since the start of the investigation, there have only been three witnesses to the actual shooting, and one additional witness to the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

The witnesses to the shooting were Justine Damond, Officer Mohamed Noor, and Officer Matthew Harrity.

To date, the BCA has announced that Officer Mohamed Noor, Justine Damond’s shooter, has refused to speak with investigators. Justine Damond is dead and unable to speak with investigators herself. That makes Officer Harrity the only witness who has disclosed what has happened.

Prior to Officer Harrity speaking with investigators, an unidentified “source” told a reporter that Justine Damond was outside of the driver’s door speaking with officers at the time she was shot.

Not only was that information not released by any official law enforcement source, it came before any witness spoke to investigators. Assuming that the “source” actually had knowledge of the investigation, they would have only known that forensic evidence showed that Damond was shot through the driver’s window.

There is absolutely no evidence at this time that suggests that Justine Damond had been speaking with officers. Any reports that she had engaged the officers in conversation are fabricated, because this claim was released prior to any witnesses speaking about the incident.

After the initial interview with Officer Matthew Harrity, the BCA stated that the officer said that he was startled by a loud sound, and immediately afterwards, Justine Damond approached the driver’s door. Officer Mohamed Noor responded by shooting Damond through the open driver’s window.

After this information was released. The media speculated that the loud noise was aerial fireworks, because dispatch recordings around the time state that fireworks were heard in the area. No law enforcement source ever claimed that the “loud noise” heard by Officer Harrity was, in fact, fireworks or even sounded like fireworks.

No publicly released information even says that Officer Harrity so much as suggested hearing “fireworks;” it only says that he heard a “loud noise.”

In fact, no law enforcement source even so much as confirmed that there were fireworks anywhere near the shooting.

Now information has been released from a search warrant that indicates that Justine Damond “slapped” the back of the police car as she approached the driver’s door. This information was also not officially released, but obtained through records of a search warrant.

To date, BCA investigators have made only two official statements on the shooting. One statement which indicated that Officer Harrity heard a “loud noise” before the shooting, and another statement which says that they have interviewed a male bicyclist who witnessed the aftermath of the shooting; they provided no further details.

At no point in time have investigators ever change the narrative of what happened.

In addition, if this investigation was a “cover-up,” then it must be the most incompetent cover-up ever, because none of the information released indicates that the shooting was justified.

If this is a “cover-up” then the goal must be to make Officer Noor look bad, because that’s what the facts of the investigation are doing.

As this investigation goes forward, you can expect to see different pieces of information released through official and unofficial channels, but the facts gathered in the investigation have not changed.

Officer Noor shot over his partner, through a window, to shoot Justine Damond. There is currently no known justification for the shooting.

Officer Noor or his attorney must eventually release his justification for the shooting, or claim that the shooting was an accidental discharge. If Officer Noor offers a justification for the shooting, then the reasonableness of his justification will be evaluated. If it’s determined that he acted unreasonably, then the shooting would not be legally justified.

If it’s determined that the shooting was an accidental discharge, then it would also not be legally justified.

Either way, as long as Officer Mohamed Noor continues to remain silent about the shooting, criminal charges are imminent. The prosecutor will have no choice but to file charges when there is no justification presented for the shooting.

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    What!! No photos of the White people rioting?

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      I would like a big screen tv please.

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      If you’ve ever noticed when there appears to be a semblance of justice forthcoming, no one riots.

      • Pushed to the limit

        The pajama boys might get hurt. They forbid the cops to do their job. Can’t go around cracking the coconuts of the democrat voters now, can we……

  • John Nisbet

    Is there a psychological test that police recruits take? Did Noor pass? Is this officer (currently) a citizen? Did he even look before he shot? Is he mentally stable, despite coming from “over-seas”? Having a lot of problems with this one!!

  • Gobby

    The real problem for Justine is the fact she was Australian she grew up
    in a country where Police make sure there is a real threat before they
    shoot someone dead, she probably assumed that US Police were as
    professional as there Australian counterparts sadly for her and her
    family she was terribly wrong.

    • David Michael

      Idiot, learn how to write a legible sentence in English before you go passing judgments on the US. In other words, shut your gobby…

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        “learn how to write a legible sentence”

        What part of my comment is beyond your comprehension?.

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          YOU are beyond comprehension. GET LOST……>>>>>>

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          Well, It’s not incomprehensible, but just one period and one comma in the whole mess is being a bit stingy with your use of punctuation.
          No worries though, I’m not sure that it is all that important to properly punctuate complete nonsense anyway. I’m sure that Sydney is great. Keep us posted on how that paradise on earth is working out for you.

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      She wasn’t “just off the boat ” the muzzie was probly pissed because she wasn’t wearing a hijab

    • Ohio0331

      Cops being cops shoot first then ask some questions then blame the dead person

  • Gregory Kesner

    The average IQ of Somalis (68) is below the classification for “intellectually disabled” (70), meaning by default they get “diminished capacity”
    And this was from a study that involved more than 80 countries. So bringing them here and putting them in positions of responsibility like this is just asking for something tragic to happen. Ohh wait never mind it is too late already.

  • CraxyD

    Comment from another article: “Still if I was his partner, after the incident, I would take him out back of HQ and beat the wholly crap out of him for firing a bullet that could have killed me.”

    My reply: “Nowhere NEAR enough people are talking about that biblically retarded safety violation.”

  • Lookin down from on high

    At some point he has to make an internal investigation statement or he will be fired. Federal law prevents information from Internal Personnel investigation being used in criminal proceedings. He does NOT have to co-operate with a Criminal investigation. two different things. the media doesn’t understand or has not stated this if they do.

  • Kram

    We’ve heard nothing about how Justine was in the US for over three years.
    Was she here legally?

    We also haven’t heard about what her legal name is/was. The media tells us she started using her fiance’s name in anticipation of her marriage. When was this marriage to occur? How does one simply start using another’s name before marriage?

    Mainstream media doing poor job as they are so obsessed with portraying this woman in a particular light.

    • walt kaiser

      what the devil does ANY of that have to do with the shooting? I hope this was tongue in cheek.

      • Kram

        Need to know her background other than the fawning media reports.
        Did she belong to any anti police groups?
        Any criminal or mental illness history?
        Illegally in US?

        • OZYMANDIAS

          …how transparent.

          You don’t ask a single question about the actions or motivations of the officer. Now, why would that be, Kram?
          Not one.
          It’s comic.
          You’re like a Middle East despot, ready to absolve the cherished muslim son, so that the dirty filthy kaffir can get what was coming to them. Allahu akbar!

          After all, the officer shot a blonde woman in pajamas. Your attempt to make her into a threat, is such a joke, it makes me wonder as to your IQ.

          • Kram

            We need to know all about her since there are no other confirmed witnesses to accurately describe what happened.
            Any flunking detective school student knows this.
            And what’s the obsession with her pajamas?

          • walt kaiser

            Kram are you serious? This jackwad shot across his partner, endangering him as well. You have no idea what police work entails, the hours of training that goes in to it. This “officer: ” flunked all the basics. You are the one who needs to go to” detective” school. I know you are doing this to draw comments.. done here, Life is hard, it is even harder when you are stupid.

          • Kram

            What’s the harm in obtaining any background info on the victim as part of a complete investigation?
            Considering the anti police sentiment Obama cultivated for the last 8 years it would not be unreasonable.

            Was she anti police, BLM etc?
            If not, then we know to shift the investigation.

          • walt kaiser

            where does any of that come in to play on this case ? This officer screwed up and screwed up badly in this instance. I served for 32 years as a police officer in Cal. Worked homicide as well as the streets and narcotics. This officer with his background ( 2 pending complaints and a Federal lawsuit) should never have been allowed back on the street. The background of the victim in this shooting, with the facts given is irrelevant.


        It’s laughable alright. He doesn’t ask a single question about the officer, not one. I couldn’t help but comment to him. Hope it helps. lol.
        Just like the rapists leaving court, they surround their own no matter what the crime, no matter how horrific, and the supporters will shake their fists at cameras and call out that everyone is a racist for not letting them rape little kaffir girls.

        Lovely folks.


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  • Joe Fucile

    No such thing as an accidental discharge when you have your booger hook on the bang switch and have the barrel pointed directly at an individual.

  • GyMack

    There is no such animal as an accidental discharge of a firearm. There are two types of discharges of a firearm: negligent and intentional.
    Suck it up Dems. You always use accidental discharge when it supports your agenda.

  • Goober

    Finally, some clear-headed analysis.

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    Well guess someone got butt hurt about my comment it got deleted. It’s ok when we become Muslim America don’t come asking for my help that’s what y’all want.

  • Can you provide any level of detail to support your assertion that “the media” changed the story.

    // . The media speculated that the loud noise was aerial fireworks, because dispatch recordings around the time state that fireworks were heard in the area.

    I can find no local news source that made this speculation, though it appears the tabloid-heavy Australian press might have.

  • Kram

    What’s the status of the alleged incident that Justine called police about?

  • Wolfguy II

    Blue Lives Matter, the shooting was justified..

  • Robert Goff

    The officer shot and killed an un-armed female victim from inside his car….! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS, except irrational fear and horrible judgment ……… I’m retired law enforcement, and NO circumstances justify his actions ………..

  • Knights Hawk

    This is what mandatory diversity hiring brings. I’d be money that Noor didn’t break 70 on the entrance exam without diversity points being added.
    40 years ago, when my home city started that BS, they had to manipulate the passing score to get the desired amount of minorities.
    To pass, a white man had to score an 86, a black man had to score a 68.
    That is the “soft racism of low expectations”.

  • Kim Davis

    No story on the Baltimore cops caught planting evidence AGAIN?

  • rueangel

    The key to understand what is going on here, one needs to consider the fact that these two cops, who were responding to a 911 dispatch, re a possible ,..’assault’,..in a particular alley. were operating, without either, their body cams & dash cam their headlights on.

    The reason reason that the lack of their headlights, being on, is important, is, because, .’IF’,.. the headlights had been on, then, certainly, Justine Damond, could not have gotten, even close, to the police car, without her being seen by thee officers..

    Now, think about this,..

    You are are a cop, in a cop car, & you are approaching the alley in question,..so what is the first thing that you do,.?

    The first thing that you do, is to make sure that your body cams & dash cameras are,.ON,..
    This is a potentially violent situation, & video evidence could be important. [Which in this case it would be].

    The next order of business for the officers to decide,as they approached the alley,..

    In That,..

    Exactly, ..how,.. they should proceed down the alley, with regards to whether, lights & sirens were on or off.

    My thoughts are, that , under the circumstances, where a, possible, assault is possibly in progress, that the proper procedure, for the cops to have followed, would have been for the cops to have put their headlights on high beam, & turn on their spotlights, & pointed them to see into the backs on the yards,


    Then ,the cops could have driven the entire length of the alley,..Maybe , even, with their ,..’flashers. & siren on

    The idea of this display, would be to ,..’disrupt’,.. any assault, that may be going on, by frightening,away any attacker,..
    Such a display, would reveal the cops wherabouts to the likes of Justine Damond.


    I doubt the cops’s story, that they drove into the alley with their lights off,..
    Driving down that alley with their lights off , just wold not make any sense.


    I am guessing that these two cops, turned into the alley, with their body cams & dash cams on & their headlights on.


    I am guessing, that,..both Officers,.. saw a .pretty blond lady, dressed in pajamas,.. at which point they decided to have a ‘little fun’, & so they turned of their car lights & their body. cams as they engaged Ms Damond in conversation.

    I am , also, guessing,..but I am thinking that, officer Mohamad Noor, might have had a particularly negative attitude towards this, non-believer,.. pajama clad,..woman, with her,..BLOND hair un-covered, outside, alone, at night,& talking to strange men,..


    So it is possible that, officer Noor’s Samoli-Muslim brain just went on,.. overload,.. & so,..maybe,.. he just blew Justine Damond, way,..


    She represented, to officer Noor everything, that any good Muslim man is taught to hate.

    Ya think,.?