Michael Brown’s Parents Ordered To Turn Over Education, Medical, Tax Records In Lawsuit

Judge E. Richard Webber is making Michael Brown's parents prove their claims.

Judge E. Richard Webber is making Michael Brown’s parents prove their claims.

Federal Judge E. Richard Webber Orders Release of Documentation In Michael Brown Case

St Louis, MO –  Federal judge, E. Richard Webber, has ordered the parents of Michael Brown to turn over requested medical and education records in their wrongful-death lawsuit.  Their son was killed by former Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson in an officer-involved shooting in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.

According to Fox2 Now St Louis, U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber issued the order on Wednesday,  over the protests of his parents, Michael Brown, Sr., and Lezley McSpadden. The records that have been requested are:  the parents’ medical records for the past five years, their son’s education records, and certain medical documents.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Judge Webber said that the documentation must be turned over to defense attorneys by Tuesday.  He said “The court will not limit the medical records to treatment sought by the plaintiffs for damages specifically related to this matter because (the) defendants will need to evaluate whether the claimed injuries actually occurred as a result of the death of their son.”

The documentation was requested by the defense attorneys who represent the City of Ferguson, the former Police Officer who was involved, and the former Police Chief of the Ferguson Police Department.  In the lawsuit, Brown’s parents state they have “sustained permanent injuries including mental anguish” since his death.

Judge Webber dismissed the parents’ claim that the release of the records was “harassing and invasive” by further stating “Repeatedly asserting the same objections to each request is not enough to protect against disclosure.”  Attorneys for Brown’s parents have argued that the death of their son deprived them of financial support through his future potential wages.  Attorneys for the defendants have countered that Brown’s complete medical records are necessary and relevant in determining his ‘potenital life expectancy and future income.’

In a book that she wrote in 2016, Brown’s mother Lezley McSpadden said that her son had “high blood pressure, headaches, impaired vision and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.”  The medical records that Judge Webber ordered released include Brown’s medical history since he was 10-years-old.

The Judge also ordered the release of Brown’s parents’ tax returns since 2009, stating that it was “a straightforward way” in assessing how their income has changed since Brown’s death.  He also ordered that records of any income that was made from “sales of merchandise or memorabilia featuring their son’s likeness, as well as proceeds from any GoFundMe campaigns or other fundraisers linked to his death” must be released as well.

The wrongful-death lawsuit occurred after a St. Louis grand jury decision not to indict former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for defending his life by shooting Michael Brown.  The shooting and the grand jury’s decision led to days of chaos and out-of-control rioting in Ferguson, Missouri.  It was a catalyst for the violent, anti-police Black Lives Matter movement.  A U.S. Department of Justice investigation also cleared former Officer Wilson in the death, and stated that he acted in self-defense.

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  • bws001

    It’s gonna show that they have made far more money since he died than they did while he was alive and that other than looting and stealing stuff Micheal Brown had no earning potential whatsoever…

    • John

      Money spent.on narcotics?

    • plumberskid

      You don’t know how much he might have brought in with all of the robberies and drug deals he would have made. 😉 As for his life expectancy, he was a black male living in a ghetto and conducting criminal activity. I believe the average life expectancy is 22. So they lost the out on 4 years of his income from criminal activity. I’d like to see how they estimate his annual income for that and how they justify their request to replace it.

      • Roman Marquez

        They were selling more Michael Brown tee shirts for more money before his death, you saw how popular he was, everyone knew him,lol

    • SickOfTheseTimes

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Michael Brown was a piece of trash with absolutely no earning potential and he’s worth more dead than alive to his parents. I’m glad the judge called them out on this.

    • Jay Koba Cruz

      Agreed 100%

  • sel822

    I think the records will show that they are lying through their teeth and they are nothing more than common street thugs just like their son.

    • Jack

      Exactly..Trayvon Martin’s parents (IF they were married) made a ton off his death Neither of them did anything, then they hit a windfall..when he got killed.

      • Brenda Brockett

        So did the girlfriend of that gangbanger that the cop shot in Minneapolis. She made a killing (no pun intended) on that.

  • bannedbymotherjones✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    These people are low – using the death of their son, a death he brought on himself by attacking a cop which is something his so-called parents failed to teach him not to do BTW – as a means to line their pockets.

    • ChiefD

      Not to mention his so called step dad, with his pants down around his ass, inciting the “protesters” to “Burn this bitch down!” (the city of Feguson). But, then when you have only been out of prison for a few months, what kind of role model would you expect?

      • bannedbymotherjones✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ


      • Bobby Litwin

        I have a low opinion of Mr. Brown, who showed his violent stripe to everyone and who is likely to lose control again.

  • Lisa Bishop

    I think its going to show he wasn’t as bad off as momma says he was and they have profited from his death already. Said that parents are so money hungry these days. Maybe I’m wrong but seems that way.

  • Ronald Olson

    His Grandmother did most of raising of him so why should they profit any more than they already have on speaking tours and sales? Greed.

    • The Hammer

      If they can pull off a successful lawsuit…they will be rewarded and enriched handsomely by the right wing tentacles.

      • Stop pretending you know anything about the law, you dumb hack!

        • Roman Marquez

          He’s a birdwatcher always talking about wings.

          • He must be off his meds to be talking about wings and tentacles on the same animal, or tentacles with wings.

      • Dan Link

        Right wing Hammer? You don’t know your right from your left. It is the Left that love entitlements. It was Hussein’s love to take my social security and give it to sand roaches.
        Get it right or you’ll be left

        • The Hammer

          Jibberish sprinkled with schoolboy retorts and insults. I think I’ll pass on this commentor. Have a nice life.

          • Brenda Brockett


          • Roman Marquez

            A commentator?he wasn’t doing any play by play .

          • Roman Marquez

            You’ve been smoking.too many jibberish sprinkles, i know why you winged it out of here, you must have run out of retorts, or was it insults..

          • The Hammer

            Thanks Roman.

          • The Hammer

            TY Roman.

        • The Hammer

          Well I know an incoherent ninny when I see one. Adios.

          • Roman Marquez

            You can see incoherence?

          • The Hammer

            Yes Roman. By definition the word can apply to spoken and written words. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/incoherent

          • Roman Marquez

            He wasn’t writing he was typing ,typeface is coherent.

          • The Hammer

            Understood Roman, TY.

          • Roman Marquez
          • The Hammer

            YOU do not have a full grasp on American English. One of the most difficult languages to fully understand. Especially if it is not your native language. Is it? There are many words and phrases in our dialect that have multiple applications or meanings.

          • Roman Marquez

            English is my only language. You’re as oxymoron as your”American English” dialect

          • The Hammer

            You’re still alive? Oh well assholes are assholes do. Later asshole.

          • Roman Marquez

            That’s because some people actually have a life, we make shit happen

          • The Hammer

            Good. Then learn to master it. There is nothing whatsoever oxymoronic about American English. Miles of academic references and educational resources exist to help peolple that do not have a full grasp of American English. Google “American English”. Then come back and tell me who the oxy uh moron is?

            You are simply an antagonistic prick. An ignorant one at that. Sorry Charlie…not my problem you can not accept that you were corrected. Not my problem that you are a miserable prick either.

          • Roman Marquez

            Academic and educational are a complete exaggeration when used by you, and your american american language.

          • The Hammer
          • The Hammer

            Yah so what? I can think of more SYNONYMS than that. It is barely a synonym at that. Illegible is more applicable to hand written words that are messy or hard to read because the writer has poor penmanship. Incoherent applies more to people like you that do not have a full understanding of the words or vocabulary of a particular language or dialect.

          • The Hammer


            Yes Roman. The word can reference written and spoken words.

          • Roman Marquez

            You mean incomprehensible incoherence is the inability to speak clearly, mumbling incoherently.

          • The Hammer

            (of spoken or written language) expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear.
            “he screamed some incoherent threat”
            synonyms: unclear, confused, unintelligible, incomprehensible, hard to follow, disjointed, disconnected, disordered, mixed up, garbled, jumbled, scrambled, muddled; More
            (of waves) having no definite or stable phase relationship.

          • Roman Marquez
          • Roman Marquez
          • The Hammer

            Wrong…you lack a complete understanding of American English. Apparently you are unwilling to learn. Incoherent is an adjective used to describe both the written and spoken word. Is American English your primary language Roman? I bet it isn’t. It is very difficult to fully master American English as a second language. Especially when one of the Romance languages is the subjects primary language.

            ie., Roman Marquez does not understand my way speaking of my the best words in America….see? See how that sentence was completely incoherent?

          • Roman Marquez
          • Roman Marquez

            Don’t cheat by turning up the audio, you should be able to see it right.

      • Roman Marquez

        When octopi can fly!

    • The Hammer

      True that.

  • 12banjo

    Would love to see an investigation of DeAndre Joshua’s death in Furgeson during the initial riot.

  • srwatchdog

    He got what he deserved, and they should get nothing as a result. They should be sued for all the damages in Ferguson as a result of all the rioting.

  • Rich

    This kid was a damn thug and these parents are no better. These records will prove these parents to be nothing but scam artists. Both my parents are deceased so maybe I should look at somebody I could sue for mental anguish. Then again, everyone who loses a loved one via death suffers mental anguish. The police should be suing them for mental anguish. What kind of income have they lost from this thug? If he had all those medical problems his ass wasn’t working anyways and I want to know how many people support their parents when they become elderly. Hell, I have 4 grown children and I don’t ask any of them to support us. I made sure when I retired, I had a very good income to live off of. What a bunch of BS.

    • Tigerlady

      The bigger question that should be asked is how much income loss has Darren Wilson suffered? Choirboy Mike got exactly what he asked for that day and Darren Wilson went down in flames because of it. These carpetbagging parents of Brown should be ashamed.

      • Remie

        Well said. Mr. Wilson should have been rewarded for doing his job as he was trained to do. Instead his life is ruined because a thug robber thought he could do whatever he wanted to do with no consequence.

      • SickOfTheseTimes

        You hit the nail on the head. Wilson should be taking them to court for slander and making his life miserable.

        • Tigerlady

          Too bad he can’t get some justice for the assault on his character and integrity. But I’m guessing the media would drag him through the mud, his life would be threatened and in the end, it wouldn’t be worth the hassle. Mature adults look at a situation and move on. Liberals look at a situation and see how they can milk it for all it’s worth. I still support Darren Wilson and where ever he is may he have peace and prosperity.

      • soljerblue

        If they had any shame, they’d not have used their kid’s corpse to make money. Look at them, you know whey he turned out the way he did.

    • Brenda Brockett

      The cop he tried to kill has certainly suffered “mental anguish” as did the shop owner that Brown attacked and robbed. Maybe they should sue as well.

    • Roman Marquez

      The kid pulled a strongarm robbery taking $ 50 box of blunt wraps, (tobacco rolling papers for smoking weed they give you a headache and taste nasty) then he went for the officers gun to avoid being captured when he was caught red handed..

  • Neal Green

    The records will only show the truth about michael brown and his parents, that they were lifetime losers!!!!!!

  • Bob Taylor

    I would have to say Rev.Al hands are in this some where,because the two of them are too stupid to do this on their own.

    • Katrina

      There are hundreds of shyster lawyers willing to gamble on the defendants settling a law suit.

  • Amy Hebert

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! If they actually sue, their lawyer better be free cause when they lose they will be poorer than they were before they filed suit. Then, the City of Ferguson could file a counter suit alleging the Brown’s incited the riots and extensive damage to the city after Officer Wilson was cleared (there is clear video of both parents saying “Burn it down.” repeatedly. If anything, the parents should be sued for raising a thug who attacked a store clerk, strong armed robbery and assaulting an officer and all the damages to his life.

    • Clariece Tally

      They have sued. It’s a federal case. Defense served discovery on the plaintiffs and they didn’t produce what was asked. So defense filed a motion to compel. The judge agreed with the defense and ruled the plaintiffs must comply. Their attorney probably took the case on a contingency fees basis. Meaning he gets a percentage if they win and nothing if they lose.

    • Brenda Brockett

      Or for inciting a riot.

  • Ashli Wells

    The records are going to show whatever monetary information and background information is necessary to substantiate the lawsuit or cause it to be dismissed. This information is actually necessary to evaluate the plaintiffs’ claim and would not have been requested had the lawsuit not be filed. It would seem that the plaintiffs’ should have expected to provide this info when they filed their lawsuit and be advised of such if their attorney was worth anything. This information should shed light on the truth in this matter, whatever that turns out to be, and it will be invaluable information in deciding the outcome of this lawsuit.

    • Not the medical records of the parents.

      • GriffonClaw

        Medical records for the parents will show whether or not they had these issues Before their thug of a son was killed.
        If the medical issues are/were pre-existing then the claim that they had these issues because of the death of their son is proven false.

  • Larry

    “high blood pressure, headaches, impaired vision and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” They probably don’t even know these words until a ambulance chasing lawyer told them.

    • silverhart

      He seemed to be doing OK in the robbery video.

    • William Robert Guerra

      well his blood pressure must have been pretty dang high if he was having headaches and impaired vision….he was nothing more than a bubbling volcano waiting to spew brains all over the nearest 3 states…based on that alone, his life expectancy at best was probably mid to late 20’s…once you add in his criminal activity, he’s lucky he lived as long as he did, so maybe maw and paw thugger owe the state money for keeping him alive so long, ROFLMBO….

    • greeneyedlady2015

      all of which could be the results of drug usage.

    • ChiefD

      Yeah, with all those disorders, what did they expect him to do, dig graves or flip burgers for a living?

  • Mackie

    Al sharpton is there for you.

  • Kevin Curl

    Raise a thug don’t be all that surprised when they die like one !

  • Stanley

    Apparently their ambulance chasing lawyers figured this would be a “let’s settle and get this over with thing” not expecting any challenges

  • Hal West

    I think he would have to steal a lot of cigars to make an impact on their future income!

  • Penny LB

    Smart Judge.

  • Eric Harter

    Attorneys for Brown’s parents have argued that the death of their son deprived them of financial support through his future potential wages. Can you say gold digger?

    • Remie

      I would say Michael Brown would probably end up owing the government for his room and board, or for his lifetime of welfare benefits.

  • prayforme

    Greedy fucking shitty parents hope they get nothing

  • Christopher Baran

    The city, and police should sue the family for the wrongful death of every officer killed by the hands up dont shoot lie, and all the damage from violent blm riots.

  • Rick Brown

    These are the routine discovery issues that occur in every wrongful death trial. You always must prove your loss, the court doesn’t just take your word for it.

  • Eric Via

    $$$$$ Its black people like this, and the ones who tortured a mentally challenged man that breeds racism.>>>>>

  • serenity137

    He was a ghetto rat the odds of him ever earning a real income were slim to none.They should be ashamed of themselves for trying to cash in on his death. Smdh

    • silverhart

      His killing was probably saved the state government thousands of dollars.

  • okobserver

    How many parents depend on their children to support them? This is ridiculous. Glad they got this judge.

  • Jeff

    Well There is an other issue with the tax records no one has factored in. They have to turn over all the there tax records. Well This what the defense is going to use t shut these two down. It they did not claim any of the money they made with all the stuff from there son’s death and they did not claim it on there tax’s they can now push for a federal investigation in to tax fraud and evasion. Federal charges. Guess what. The civil suite gos on hold till the federal criminal investigation is complete. They will look at how the parents were living life style before the sons death and How thy living now after there son’s death. They will have to explain where they got the money, where they got the money and all bank accounts will be checked and any thing over $10,000 received and even if gifts, you still have to claim it. So they going to use this info to take this family down, Once is exposed they payed no Tax’s on the money. They are through and there case may get tossed and now they dealing with the feds IRS. So we see.

    • Monty

      What makes you think they filed taxes ?

      • Deplorable Dennis

        They HAD to file taxes to get the ‘earned income credit’ every year. I know a couple who never worked the entire year…..3 kids……..and 8000 back on taxes.

    • I could see that being pared down to just the last 3 years (instead of the last 7 tax years), since that’s all the IRS requires as per its own policy.

    • ImOpining

      I guess the mother better hope she paid taxes on the income from her self published book.

  • Darren Wilkens

    If he did have an income, it was from selling drugs and stolen goods. The parents are IDIOTS!

  • ron111

    Attorneys for Brown’s parents have argued that the death of their son deprived them of financial support through his future potential wages.

    LMAO, like that POS was ever going to earn a honest living.

  • Jamie Cloud

    i think any award they get should go to the police officer who was vilified in the press “before” all the facts were out.

  • Patriot42

    These people have improved their life on the backs of their dead son.

  • Rena Lutzow

    The documents will show nothing except that they are trying to profit over their own son’s death. They didn’t even raise him

  • Herbalist30

    I think it’s horrible and disgusting that his parents are trying to profit off their son’s death. I’m glad the judge is making them hand over all the records because their case will likely get denied and they’ll be out all their lawyer fees as well.

  • Will Hann

    – His income was derived from his job as NASA Astrophysics 1,000,000:1
    – His income included an internship with ExxonMobil 150,000:1
    – His income was a Welfare Check 1:1

  • TriangleTeaParty


  • Donette Whitaker Hatcher

    Any money made off of his death by the selling of the “souvenir’s” with his likeness or anything else should be taken and given to the people who lost businesses and/or homes to the rioting resulting from this. Especially the fact that the father at one point incited burning and looting.

    • No, because the rioters chose to riot on their own. The businesses should be suing those that actually rioted, but the rioters likely have no assets from which to collect. As for Louis Head…the time gap between his statements and actual rioting is too long to be relevant (see Indiana v. Hess).

      • William Robert Guerra

        it doesn’t matter that the rioters chose to riot on their own, which i agree with you, they did…the point is that maw and paw thugger should not be making money/a profit off the death of their son’s criminal activity, therefore, any profits should go to the people who were hurt by his criminal activity…i think that’s what donette’s trying to say, and i agree with that also – regardless of the rioters choice and motivations, what they did was wrong, and the store-owners hurt should be the ones compensated/restored (and at least the money is not coming out of their pockets, which it probably should, but like you said, they probably have no assets, and if it’s a huge crowd, and you only catch a few, is it fair to make them pay for what everyone did?)….see, it’s way more complicated than it appears on the surface…

  • disqus_Jaf6o1VrLh

    I wonder if old mike has smoked all those blunts that he stole, in hell yet!

  • disqus_Jaf6o1VrLh

    #^($!%& parasites who hope to gain financially from the criminal acts of their violent son.

  • Cheezeheadtn

    I enjoy reading stories on this site, and am glad this judge is doing what seems necessary, but some of these very racist and unnecessary remarks just aren’t cool…causes me not to share the stories because I’m so disgusted and embarrassed to have any affiliation with those making such hateful remarks.

    • Eric Via

      Hmm, doesn’t take a genius to know what kind of comments will be on here. So why are you here?

      • Cheezeheadtn

        Same reason you are….to read the stories.

  • grace womack


  • Karen Fadely

    Considering they had him on video robbing and pushing the store owner prior to the altercation and his death,had he not been shot, he no doubt would have gone to jail that day and charged with theft and assault pls assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. My guess is his college grades would have had to be straight A’s to compensate for his criminal record he was starting to rack up. I think his Grandmother was trying, these two only stepped up for the fame and the pity parties and scrilla!!!!

    • Kikip

      Remember, people were outraged when the word robbery was used. They said people were blowing things out of proportion, it was simply a kid shoplifting!

      • Randy Lovell

        Kikip…really, not what I and plenty of others saw!!
        Bless your Heart…

      • Randy Lovell

        I hope I’m not misunderstanding what your statement meant…

        • ImOpining

          I think the post is saying that people were trying to down play the crime, not that Kikip is downplaying it.

      • Eric Via

        How old are you kikip?

  • David Lee Marson

    The whole family is thug scumbags….

  • rightofcenter

    I hope when this ghetto trash loses their lawsuit, that they are given the bill for all court costs incurred for bringing this frivolous lawsuit.

    • Randy Lovell
      • Randy Lovell

        These people are a bi-product of Liberal Social Engineering…Collateral Damage if you will.

        I give them NO QUARTER…they alone had opportunities and made choices as individuals from the time they became accountable…

        This is a Top Down issue, the Jesse Jackson’s, the Al Sharpton’s, that are selling their own people out for that nigga status you know the one’s that walk around with a “Chip on their Shoulders”, there Malcontent Behavior, there So-Called Victim Status, and on and on….

        This Behavior will not stop…Martin Luther King was absolutely correct when he stated that it isn’t the Color of your skin, but the Content of your Character that makes you who you are….

        People it is OUR GOVERNMENT that is perpetuating these Divisions for years…and years

        The New Normal…The NEW WORLD ORDER and you know the road to Hell is Pave with GOOD INTENTIONS!!!


        P.S. the United States of America still has a Constitution that is the LAW OF THE LAND…Don’t misconstrue its Purpose or Meaning

        • Randy Lovell

          …All of the comments that I’ve been reading are Absolutely Correct also….but these events that are taking place are the SYMPTOMS of SOMETHING of a GREATER EVIL…

          They are the BIRTH PAINS…of THE NEW WORLD ORDER where we will ALL BE ENSLAVED to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that wants to be YOUR god whether you like it or not….

  • sam

    he was nothing but a violent thug; can’t believe this case wasn’t thrown out of court..

    • ImOpining

      It will be.

  • cliffintex

    This is the same ‘mother’ that assaulted the grandmother (that actually raised Michael Brown) for selling Tee shirts and not giving the profits to the mom…trash people. No wonder the kid ended up like he did.

  • Enchanted1

    What the hell?? THEIR loss of potential future income from their criminal son? Hate to tell ya you parasite sucking parents but the only potential your son was heading for was a life in and out of prison and causing the working tax payers millions of dollars defending him every time he got arrested and paying for his meds and care in jail every time he was tossed into jail. The last I heard it was YOUR earnings that was supposed to support your son as he grew up NOT his earnings to support your asses.

    • ImOpining

      It’s not like he was going to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
      Hence the request for school records.

  • Thomas Williams

    They are no good people themselves and are incapable of raising children decently.

  • KiltedSavage

    These people are pond scum, she’s a worthless crack maggot, he’s a lazy meth addict and neither one of them worth the attention of effort of the courts, the press or society as a whole. It’s obvious that these two pieces of pig filth are the reason Mike Brown was a thug who needed to be put down. They’re looking to blame others because they can’t sue themselves as shitty parents.

  • mindabrown

    They probably lived off the government their whole lives. This is just what they do and how they live without having to work Lazy People.

  • casey377

    The case should be thrown out of court.
    It was a justified shooting so any claims arising from it should be null and void.
    If not, the Asian storekeeper should be suing these two for damages caused by their violent son.
    Then the police officer, the city, the first responders should be next in line to sue these two opportunists.

  • linda hepworth

    Why should they get any of his potential earnings? What kid supports their parents?

    • ImOpining

      Certainly not one that robs stores of cigars!

  • Mickey Mouse

    THose records will show they’re just like their kid and reared him the same way they live. Looking to take from someone else.They made more money since his death. Probably also show they’re on public assistance. A big ol’ nasty can of worms they opened up and will wish they hadn’t.

  • ME

    I am sure they will show that these people made money, more money off their son since he was shot, than they would of if he was maybe still alive. Whose to say if this kid would have made it past the next crossing with police. I’m sure this wasn’t his 1st time!

  • antilib

    Parent’s attorneys need to be former attorneys. Trash cases like these clog our legal system with no consequences for the attorneys. And since when are children expected to support the parents? We really need to stop this fleecing of taxpayers. The attorneys make their fortunes off these lunatic cases to the detriment of society.

  • Jeffery Fizer

    If you make the claims you should and must prove them. It is not a criminal case where it is up to the prosecution that you are guilty as you are presummed innocent.

  • mikeywes

    Wrong on so many levels.

  • Michael Brown’s records? Relevant. The parent’s medical records and tax records back to 2009? The IRS only requires records for 3 years…that should be pared down to 2013 (tax year) or later. The parents’ medical records though are not relevant.

    • ImOpining

      The judge disagrees with you. They are saying they would have been financially supported by their son. The son was flunking school and robbing stores so it’s not like he would have bought them homes and jaguars. Their medical records should show, according to them, all of the mental and physical damage done. They need to get jobs like everyone else. Their son tried to take a gun from a cop. Not the brightest crayon in the box.

      • That’s why you appeal. I suspect that the judge will be partially reversed by the 8th Circuit. Judges aren’t infallible. As for Michael Brown, on the Conservative Treehouse, the story actually depicts that it was Dorian Johnson fighting Darren Wilson (a broken bracelet belonging to Johnson was next to Wilson’s cruiser indicating that Johnson threw a punch) and the gun was pulled out with the intent of shooting Johnson who had punched Wilson in the eye (that bracelet wouldn’t have popped off unless there was extreme force like a punch), and Wilson missed Johnson, his intended target, but hit Brown. (That also begs the question of why Dorian Johnson was never charged murdering Michael Brown.)

        • ImOpining

          They were killed during commission of a crime. Had they not been engaged in criminal activity no one would have died. Had his parents been parents to him, they would still have a son.

          • Blame the innocent…and you wonder why the country is divided.

          • ImOpining

            The only innocent person in this scenario is the officer who was trying to arrest some criminals . I don’t feel for the parents as they didn’t even raise him. His grandmother tried to. They are just wanting the money. If given the miraculous choice to have a million dollars or to have their son back alive, these two druggies would only want the cash. They have proven over and over what trash crackheads they are.

          • And the parents, as they did not make Michael Brown (or Dorian Johnson) act as he did.

          • ImOpining

            I disagree. The parents birthed him and them dumped him so they could focus on their drugs. That’s enough lessons for you today. You obviously know nothing about the case or the characters. Have a nice day. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/440c55ee730ef48058c6e2cacf3a0ddb65166be6b764202eeb44200c5b9018c4.jpg

    • Just Dee

      Three years? The IRS can at any time audit you or request explanations on your tax returns for up to SEVEN years after the due date of the original return.

      I’m an accountant and work for a CPA firm. We are only this year destroying 2008 tax returns that had due dates in 2009. Anything more recent than 2008 is still fair game and in fact, one of our clients just received a notice from the IRS last month about his 2011 tax return.

      The parents’ medical records are, in fact, relevant. They are claiming mental health and other medical issues as a result of Michael’s death. Their medical records from prior to the event are necessary so that a determination can be made whether the issues they claim now actually existed *before* his death.

      Remember, this is a civil case and the burden of proof lies with the plaintiffs.

  • Jennifer

    The apple doesn’t fall from the tree – all useless thugs.

  • Ruth Porter

    I think these records will show that these people are liars and potential criminals just as their son was. The apple does not fall from the tree, and he was a THUG.



  • Wendy Nelson

    Officer Wilson AND the City should be suing the PARENTS and the RIOTERS who DESTROYED the city and Officer Wilson’s LIFE and income earning potential. These parents who REFUSED to discipline their child as he was growing up. the parents MADE money from his death! and the looters and rioters who stole and destroyed businesses! Why aren’t they being FORCED to PAY for this DESTRUCTION?

    • Wilson was harmed by his own city council, who had body cameras just sitting around, but failed to allocate funds deploy them for whatever reason. It was the council’s decision to be penny-wise, pound-foolish, that ultimately caused the facts of this story to even be questioned. The parents didn’t make the city council go full retard, and the riots happened because of outsiders. (So what if the parents made money off of Michael Brown’s death? They didn’t cause Wilson to get injured.)

      The problem is that the rioters have no assets from which to sue, only Ferguson. Wilson doesn’t have standing to sue the parents, as Michael Brown was an adult…the parents are not legally responsible for the actions of other adults unless there were either orders or some material support provided for the commission of the crime.

  • ♿️Zen Jordan🚺

    loss of income because their KID died? WTAF

  • Donald Roessler

    My parents never depended on my income for financial support. They both worked for a living.

  • Nick Hall
  • Patricia

    Perhaps once they are finished figuring out how much these two parents have profited from the death of their son, they should prosecute them for yelling “let’s burn this city down” inciting the riots that ensued. I am sure there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in damages they could be sued for.

  • KS

    I bet you will never see them and the family withdraws the law suit because if the truth comes out they will be counter sued for attorney costs of the defense
    when their suit gets thrown out.

  • MrHinkyDink

    blood money is never worth it…especially from your kid

  • La Lummus

    what a smart judge… these 2 pos trying to make money of their son’s death… what a couple of sorry low life.

  • msmaddog

    He lived with his Grand-Mother, Father wasn’t even around, Mother wasn’t either for that matter. What a crock and sad to want to use their son for $$$$$ and Mother wrote a book????please


    They are going to be eating ghetto crow for a long time.

  • paladin45a

    Not worth the time!

  • Jean Cooper

    Hell yes. Prove they lost financial gain. Prove he was working. Prove he was educated enough to support them. They alleged this stuff now prove it

  • duder1897

    Darren Wilson should sue the parents for raising a violent asshole.

  • James Johnson

    Dang…hate it when that happens….

  • Deserie Sanders

    I’m not seeing why they’re sooo upset here, if the lawsuit is based on they’re loss of his potential earnings (which is kinds fucked up in and of itself…they’re worried about the money they “might” have gotten off him in the future) then naturally the court would want his medical records….especially if in the mother’s book he had all these medical issues, etc. And sure they want the tax records as it is like they said the most straight forward way to determine how the income level has changed since his death. And sure they want to see how they profited from his death as well…I wasn’t even aware there was “merchandise”. If there is and they’re really profited from their son’s death well, that’s just gross and in my opinion they shouldn’t get shit. Who profits off their baby’s death (horrible). Now if the money is going to a charity set up in his name, or a scholarship fund that’s different cause its in his memory and for the betterment of maybe his community or youth education, etc. but I really hope they’re not just making money on their son’s death 🙁

  • soljerblue

    “Hands up, don’t shoot” becomes “Hand over the records, don’t loot.” Payback is a B-itch.

  • dougmsbbs

    If I was a betting man, I’d bet that the lawsuit will be dropped. Because I’d be betting that no way do they want those records presented in court. They wouldn’t be fighting the release of them if they didn’t have anything to hide.

  • spike

    It doesn’t matter to the case what his records show; the police officer acted appropriately, and Michael Brown died because he did not act appropriately, but in fact with outright aggression toward an officer.

  • Nick DiPalo

    How much do they pay you for making license plates?

  • SaeChanOshi33