Judge Awards Joint Custody Of Child To Man Who Kidnapped And Raped Child’s 12-Year-Old Mother

Child rapist Christopher Mirasolo was awarded joint custody by Judge Gregory Ross.

Child rapist Christopher Mirasolo was awarded joint custody by Judge Gregory Ross.

Judge Gregory Ross Grants Custody To Child Rapist

A Michigan judge has granted visitation and joint legal custody to a child’s father, who is a convicted sex offender who raped the child’s mother nine years ago.

Sanilac County Circuit Judge Gregory S. Ross awarded Christopher Mirasolo, age 27, of Brown City, joint legal custody of his eight-year-old son, and released the victim’s address to him, according to The Detroit News.

The victim, who lives out of state, has been told that she cannot live more than 100 miles from where the incident took place or she would be held in contempt.

The victim’s attorney Rebecca Kiessling, said that Judge Ross’ decision came after DNA testing showed that Mirasolo was the father of his victim’s child.  But apparently neither Mirasolo nor the victim ordered the DNA testing.

The incident occurred in 2008, when the victim, then 12-years-old, slipped out of her house along with her 13-year-old sister and a friend. They went to meet a boy, and the boy’s older friend Mirasolo, then 18, showed up.

Mirasolo asked the victim, her sister, and the friend if they wanted to go for a ride, and they agreed.  They later said they thought he was taking them to McDonald’s.

Instead, Mirasolo threw their cell phones away, and drove to Detroit, where he stole gas from a station, and then drove back to Sanilac county.

Mirasolo kept all three captive in an abandoned house near a relative.  According to Kiessling, he forcibly raped the victim and threatened to kill her.  After two days, he released the victim’s sister in a park.

He had threatened them since they left with him and said that he would kill them if they told anyone about what had happened.

Mirasolo was arrested a month later, and later given a plea deal to attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct by the Sanilac County Prosecutor’s Office.  He served one year in the county jail but was released after six and one-half months so he could care for his sick mother.

In March, 2010, Mirasolo was convicted of sexually assaulting a victim between 13 and 15 years old.  He served four years for that charge.

After the victim was raped, her family suggested abortion or adoption for the baby, but the victim refused and she didn’t want her child to be a victim, too.

She dropped out of school and moved in with relatives who lived out of state, and worked jobs to try and support herself.

Kiessling said said that the victim is now seeking protection under the federal Rape Survivor Child Custody Act, and that she has filed objections with Judge Ross.  A hearing for that matter is set for October 25.

The DNA testing was ordered after Sanilac county ‘surveyed’ the victim about child support that she had received in the past year.

Kiessling said, “This is insane.  Nothing has been right about this since it was originally investigated. He was never properly charged and should still be sitting behind bars somewhere, but the system is victimizing my client, who was a child herself when this all happened.”

Judge Ross also ordered that Mirasolo’s name be added to the child’s birth certificate as the father.  Kiessling said that the judge did this without the victim’s consent or a hearing.

Assistant Prosecutor Eric Scott told Kiessling that the victim had never been asked for her consent and had not signed anything.

On Friday, the victim said that county officials had not explained anything to her.  She said that she was receiving $260 a month for food stamps and health insurance, and that she believed the county wanted a way to get that money back.

It is not known if Mirasolo wants to be a part of his son’s life.

  • Will Draughon

    If this story is accurate, it’s far beyond comprehension. I can’t imagine any scenario in which a court would mandate such insanity. PLEASE appeal this decision in an attempt to find some sanity.

  • sleeper48

    That judge needs to be examined for a mental defect and removed from the bench.

    • Angry American


  • Remo_5_0

    I would love to think this is fake news but sadly I think it is not. I do believe we are at the end of days.

    • Highest common denominator

      actually humankind has never been better, overall. that doesn’t mean there isn’t still fucked up things happening though.

  • JBo

    Victimized twice. Unbelievable.

  • jennifer 0.2

    Let me get this straight, women is forced to share her child with a rapist by the court of law, Now you people are angry?

    Where was the anger till yesterday when 31 states still have laws that do the very same thing?

    Google: ‘I have to text my rapist’: Victims forced to parent with attackers.

    This is not new, this is part of what is called as “States RIGHT!”

    • jennifer 0.2

      Maybe you hate CNN so much you wont bother to check it, here ya go your “Trusted” fox news link.


      • jay

        OK, CNN says 31 states and Fox says 7 states, they also state that no states have laws granting parental rights to rapists, but those 7 have no laws on the books denying them parental rights. Splitting hairs maybe but quite a difference. If you just want to be hysterical, go ahead.

      • Rachel

        How about posting links to the actual laws instead of two sides of mainstream media?

    • Remo_5_0

      How do you know people aren’t angry about the other 31 states you dumb fuck!

      • jennifer 0.2

        Guess which of those 31 states voted for Trump?

        • Remo_5_0

          Not following your logic, take your meds and post again when you are lucid.

          • Highest common denominator

            sounds like you’re moonwalking away from this conversation.

          • Remo_5_0

            Me, I easily have two brain cells to spare on this tool. What does some judge in Michigan who needs to drink bleach have to do with states that voted to MAGA?

          • Sonja Van Hoof

            The logic is that the republicans are right winged, not well known for there womens rights. And did you read about the abuse scandals following Trump and his party-members? Who-knows-who? Look up how they stand on women’s rights. I am appalled and not surprised they voted this law.

  • Dennis Schmidt

    This Judge is $%&^ 1st rate MORON!……Should be removed.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Where do I begin?
    1. He rapes a 12 yr old girl and impregnates her. Instead of many yrs in prison he’s allowed to plea to a 1 yr prison term . Which he serves only 6.5 months.
    2. He then rapes another minor. This is no surprise. After all as a white criminal he received preferential treatment.
    3. When you receive preferential treatment based on your race and a system that allows injustice backs you, you are emboldened to commit more crimes.
    4. The criminal justice system failed his victims and it’s now failing the child born through rape.
    5. I say this over and over . Until the preferential treatment for white criminals ends,these kinds of injustices will continue.

    Condolences to the victims and the son.

    • Astroserf

      I’d be willing to bet the rapist’s family has some tie to the judge.

  • disqus_tXce7yOZeo

    As sick as this is, it’s real. ABC just reported on the story. This judge should be hung by the balls along with the rapist

  • CelticGyrl

    I don’t have the words to describe what is wrong with this whole case. This POS shouldn’t be breathing free air even now, 8 years later. 2 convictions for child sexual assault should put him in for longer than 5.5 years total. Worst of all, he should be barred any contact with his victim or that child unless initiated by the child when they are old enough to choose. I hope her attorney challenges this sorry judge all the way to the Supreme Court!

  • Ginny Harrold

    let me take a wild guess … the “judge” was appointed by obama, perverts of a feather flock together

    • grannygood

      WRONG. he’s elected and he was elected in by a majority of voters who identify as Republican. Maybe you should try facts since your guess are so wrong. I’m guessing you think a man who says that he grab women’s privates because he is rich ISN’T pervert.

  • DLHay

    He’s not only a rapist but a pedo. And this Judge seems to think a child would be safe in his custody??? Judge is a closet pedo too.

  • Vicki Wettig

    Is the child female? Hmmmm….if so…….

  • Bettyand Robert Holley

    Sounds like this Judge is lacking an extra hole in the head!

  • Karen Mattmiller

    This Judge needs to be replaced, as I do not think he is competent in making the right decisions. I cannot even imagine what he is/was thinking in this case. Evidently nothing. I wonder if he has a daughter or grand daughter and if so what his thinking might be on a matter like this???
    As, far as the so called rapist is concerned , he has not done nearly enough time . Life is to short of a sentence for someone like him.

    • Sonja Van Hoof

      Well, I hope he doesnt have children.

  • Scott Davenport

    Wow….she’s going to have to erase her identity and start over somewhere for the next decade at least…..or hope someone really nasty runs across this guy and changes his mind…..

  • Perverted judge should be hanged next to the perverted rapist.

    • Sonja Van Hoof

      Off course the most guilty one is the rapist pedophile. But the judge… Is he as bad or worse?

  • Jack Savage
  • Sonja Van Hoof

    This makes me sick to the stomach. Is this ethics??? Government voted this law so it’s legal. But faaaaar from ethical. It’s SICK. GOVERNMENT should PROTECT VICTIMS!!! And what do they put on this child, who has to meet the rapist of her CHILD-mother! What kind of crap is this???