Two Men Arrested For Kidnapping & Raping Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy

William Luth, Brady Newman-Caddell are charged in the sexual assault on a Johnson County Deputy

William Luth, Brady Newman-Caddell are charged in the sexual assault on a Johnson County Deputy

Two Men Arrested For Kidnapping & Raping Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy

Johnson County, KS – On October 7th a Johnson County Sheriff deputy, with only 6 months on, was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Two men have now been charged in this appalling act. 

It is now being reported that William Luth, 24, and Brady Newman-Caddell, 21, are responsible in this apparent ambush on the Johnson County Deputy. The deputy was believed to have been followed from the QuikTrip convenience store to the parking lot of the Olathe detention facility where she worked, and that’s where the suspects abducted her at around 11:30 PM.

The deputy’s eyes were covered with a sweatshirt as Luth and Newman-Caddell drove around sexually assaulting her. Around 1:15 a.m. the Johnson County Deputy reported being released by the suspects who told her to keep her head down as they sped away. She would then walk north to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in Lee’s Summit to get help.

After receiving a tip, Luth and Newman-Caddell were taken into custody just over the state border in Jackson County, the vehicle used in the assault was recovered as well.

DNA evidence has been recovered and submitted indicating that there were in fact two separate male profiles.

The Johnson County Deputy was not in uniform, nor was she armed when this attack occurred and its unclear if she was targeted because of her profession. But, this motive has not been ruled out, Capt. Brian Hill with Johnson County Sheriff’s Office stated “I do believe there was some planning, premeditation for lack of a better word on carrying out this horrific act.”

Sheriff Denning also released a statement about the victim; “She has been able to help with the investigation. She has a lot of support from family. She has a lot of support here. There are many who have been in touch with her. And all things considered, she’s doing OK.”

William Luth and Brady Newman-Caddell are currently held in the Jackson County Detention Center with a $1 million bond. Both are being charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sodomy and rape.

Please continue to keep this Johnson County Deputy in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers.

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  • Jim Gaudet

    I would prefer this be handled in an informal setting with these two tough guys, using only a baseball bat and a blanket – with the age old wisdom of the Hammurabic Code.

    • JC526

      I like where you’re going with this…..

    • Mary Canary

      Skip the blanket and just use a sweatshirt like they did to her. Let her have the first crack of the bat x2

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    These thugs deserve to go to prison for the rest of their pathetic lives.

    • John W Tynan IV

      Put them in with bubba…

      • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        As long as these thug’s spend the rest of their lives in prison, I do not care who their husband is, or who gets raped in the privacy of their cell.

  • Betty Purdes

    they should get life if not the death penalty

    • Gman

      I don’t want to pay for them to be jailed for 60 years.
      1.877 Million dollars a piece and in NY it would be 10mil
      Death is preferable or castration.

    • LilD_in_big_D

      Death is too easy. Give them Life with out parole.

      • HaveYourCake

        No, Death is the perfect solution. No fan fare, no extra special kind of death. Just a bullet to the back of the head like you do a rabid dog. Then cremate them. No grave, no marker. Birth certificate wiped out. No acknowledgement that they ever lived.

      • Cost is too high, a bullet is cheap

  • jeffroed

    castrate. then prosecute

  • Andy Lowe

    Old torture – use a “pro” get them excited, next insert thermometer to urethra, now use screwdriver to hit erection. Now they have to learn to play the flute. or Jail them with “Bubba is that you” knocking on my back door? Nightly for a week. Your choice.

    • LilD_in_big_D

      DAMN. Really like your way of thinking!!

  • Lori Glessner’ Olson

    one bullet each right through the forhead should do the trick!

  • NINA

    These two guys must be the stupidest guys on the planet

  • Doug Packer

    She was not armed? Are you kidding me??!

    • Kristen Loomis

      What’s your intended direction?

      • Doug Packer

        Not sure what you’re asking? All I was saying is that she should’ve had a gun on her

        • Kristen Loomis

          Your comment wasn’t posed that way. It was more incredulous as if she should have known better.
          I’m not very familiar with what officers wear when they work at a detention facility, are they usually armed? I would think that would be a potential hazard.

          • Doug Packer

            Yes, that part was implied. As a law-enforcement officer, she should have known better and had her gun with her. No excuse not to.

          • Kristen Loomis

            But would she have normally carried one if she was working at the correctional facility?

            I know some departments require a gun at all times, on and off duty, so I’m not clear on that either.

            I’m not in disagreement with you, the situation could have been drastically different were she armed, I’m just poking at details for clarity.

          • Doug Packer

            Probably not, but ANYONE that CAN carry but doesn’t, puts themselves at a tactical disability when things go bad. That includes you and every other law abiding citizen (I assume from your articulate posts that you fall into that category).

          • Kristen Loomis

            I do my best to abide by the law, even if my lead foot doesn’t like it.

            I think I might have gotten somewhat complacent with the part of Fort Worth that I live in now, in comparison to the crime rate of the California town I grew up in. It’s not that there isn’t crime here, it’s just less condensed because the city is so big.

            Back on topic, she would probably be dealing with an IA investigation rather than the horrid mental and emotional torment she’s dealing with now if she had been armed. As she wasn’t, we can only hope she has a good support system to help her get to a place where she can function well enough to do her job.

          • Doug Packer

            Agree on all that!

    • John T. Clark

      Lets be honest here. She just stopped off a the 7-11 for coffee or something to tide her over until Code 7. She’s thinking about working swing shift at the jail and all the BS that goes along with being in the human storage and warehouse business. She’s in her own parking lot, a place of safety for her. She, like every cop in the world see herself as the predator, not prey. She’s in total condition White. Every cop in the world as done it, I know I have. I start getting into condition yellow when I put my superhero uniform and on the way home because I’m in the hunting mode. You can talk a good game about how you with a gun would have done things differently but when you get ambushed and over powered a gun stuck on your hip, backpack or purse really isn’t going to do you any good now is it? No one, not even high speed low drag Special Forces Rangers down range are high speed low drag 24/7 even down range.

      • Doug Packer

        I agree with that, except you definitely can’t be high-speed low drag when you didn’t even bother to have your duty weapon on you. Not sure about prison guards, but lawn force meant around here are required by departments to keep their gun with them

        • John T. Clark

          Let me help you here. Prison is where convicts (sentenced) go. County Jail is where inmates (some sentenced to jail but mostly pretrial confinement) go. Prison guard work in prisons. Deputy Sheriff’s work in county jails. Deputy Sheriff’s are law enforcement and in most states, so are prison guards at least while in uniform. Blaming this deputy sheriff which you will not come right out and say but, what you are pussyfooting about with by insinuation is total BS. Anyone, regardless of being armed, and I have seen anywhere it says she wasn’t armed can be ambushed. LAPD Sgt. Owen had a suspect at gunpoint and still was murdered not two weeks ago. No offense but since you are obviously not Law Enforcement how the fuck do you know what law enforcement policy is regarding off duty carry in your area? I know you so want to truly believe that a gun is going to make you invincible and invulnerable but it wont. It is just a fallacy.

          • Doug Packer

            You know squat about me, and you can’t possibly be so stupid as to not realize that being unarmed makes you a victim almost 100% of the time. Yes, some will freeze or screw up or be overwhelmed by the bad guys, but NOT 100% of the time. And saying “you can’t possibly be so stupid” isn’t a challenge, so quit trying to prove you can.

          • John T. Clark

            I know unequivocally that you are not in law enforcement so I do know some squat about you. I know that in 28 years in law enforcement I have never needed a gun to protect myself off duty. Not once and lest you think I live in some underpopulated state like Wyoming I don’t. I live in the small suburb of a small fishing village. Perhaps you’ve heard of it; Oakland CA. I know that statically speaking, unless you live a high risk life style or live in a Chicago, Baltimore or some other slum the changes of you being the victim of a violent crime are very low. I also know that a woman has a 70% of knowing her attacker because we only hurt the one’s we love. I know that a gun is a pain in the ass to carry. Its heavy, uncomfortable, you have to worry about someone seeing it and betting braced by the police at gunpoint, you usually cannot take it into a government building unless you are law enforcement with a subpoena or even into some businesses, nor unless you are a complete dumb ass you can’t grab a beer with a friend. If you do happen to pulled it, you have to worry about getting smoked by the police when they roll up because a guy with a gun without a uniform on looks exactly like a bad guy with a gun but hey YMMV. If it makes you “feel” better more power to you.

          • Doug Packer

            Ha ha! I give up, you definitely win the challenge

          • Kristen Loomis

            Thank you for the clarification between prison guards and deputy sheriffs and which works where. I didn’t want to refer to her as a correctional officer because it didn’t seem right, now I know why lol

  • Nick Fury II

    Hope she fully recovers. However,we need to remember that 2016 is the year of lenient treatment for the white rapist. These white serial rapists(article left that out)were emboldened to these rapes . These serial rapists saw their brethren(Brock Turner,Sean Thompson, Austin Wilkerson, Kevin Fifeld, Kraigen Grooms, David Becker, John Enochs etc.) be convicted of or admit to rape and get 3 months to no prison time for rape. Blame this on the lack of outrage and soft treatment on all levels for white rapists.

  • David F. Podesta

    Back in the day, these two scumbags would’ve died in a hail of police bullets while resisting arrest. And that would’ve been that.

  • Calvin Hill

    send them to the worst prison in the country, issue them with no pants, and they can be the prison bitches………………….see how they like it then.

  • lawbidingcitizen

    Let the deputy pick their cell mate

  • Shelley Jessen

    An eye for an eye! Let’s sodomize the two rapists with the baseball bat Jim Gaudet mentions in his comment!

  • Nick Fury II

    Newman Caddell as a 18 yr old was charged with making a bomb threat. A felony. However, it was reduced to the misdemeanor of giving false information. Another fact DH Callahan left out. Just like Callahan left out these scumbags are suspected serial rapists.

    We know why Caddell was able to have his charged drooped from felony to misdemeanor.

  • William Mcc

    Since they seem to like sodomy, here is an idea. set up a video camera and tv so they can watch what is happening behind them Then strip them both down and bend them over tying their wrists to their ankles. Take a two inch wide pipe and shove it up their asses…DRY. Feed a half a dozen barbed wire strands in the pipe and explain in great detail what is happening to them (just to watch them sweat). Then yank the pipe out of their asses leaving the barbed wire. Their assholes will slam down on the barbed wire so hard they will probably rupture their vocal cords screaming….. then rinse the wound with generous amounts of salt water……..

  • David Reed