Criminal Justice College Professor Says He’s Antifa, Teaches ‘Future Dead Cops’

John Jay College Professor Michael Isaacson is openly an Antifa organizer.

John Jay College Professor Michael Isaacson is openly an Antifa organizer.

John Jay College Professor Tweets About Dead Cops

New York City – John Jay College Professor Michael Isaacson may work at a criminal justice college, but he’s firmly anti police. In tweets he called his students “future dead cops.”

The professor, who teaches in the criminal justice college’s economics department, started his tweets on August 23rd on his @VulgarEconomics Twitter account.

In one Tweet he said, “Some of y’all might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops.”

When asked about his tweet by New York Daily News, Isaacson told them, “Oh that shit? Everybody dies.”

His “everybody dies” excuse is pretty weak, but he seems to be enjoying trolling. Another tweet he made later on August 23rd says, “jokesaboutmystudentsgettingexecutedintherev dot tumblr dot com” That website features hardcore pornography.


While being interviewed by New York Daily News, Isaacson said that he tries to talk people out of being police officers, and suggested that it was a job that exploited minorities who needed jobs.

“Unfortunately, most of my students don’t have the luxury of a wide variety of career options,” he said. “They are from low income backgrounds and are mainly people of color. Most of them are just looking to get a job with a salary.”

After the tweets gained the attention of Fox News, they invited him on Tucker Carlson’s show (video below,) where he defended Antifa’s violence.

The NYC PBA released a statement which said, “It’s is absolutely outrageous that an individual who holds and expresses these views could be employed by an academic institution, much less one that count and overwhelming number of New York City police officers as among its students, alumni, and faculty members.”

PBA president called for Professor Michael Isaacson to be immediately fired.

John Jay College has refused to comment on the issue, stating only that a statement would be released later.

You can see his interview with Tucker Carlson below:

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Oy Vey. I thought only BLM talked about dead cops. Not a nice Mensch like Mikey.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    This cop hater as well as this story will be over and forgotten within a week. Now if Little Mikey was black like Kaepernick or Beyonce we’d have weeks and months of articles.

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  • Jen

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  • Live from Liz Warrens Teepee

    How did this dikwad get through the hiring process and is still employed? Affirmative action for morons?

  • Maggie

    How hasn’t he been fired like that jacka$$ in FL was for his tweet?

    • kasualobserver

      because someone would be up in arms screaming, whining and crying about it being ‘free speech’

  • Legirons

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      And pencil thick too!

  • V F

    Jeez-us H Christ,, How ignorant does one have to be to get a degree and then hired as a professor these days?

  • Ron

    How about is BS apology! How can you start of saying you regret putting “students, Faculty & staff a’ at risk, and end with a “joke” about leading them in active shooter training?!!

    Here’s his “apology” in its entirety… “My biggest regret is putting my students and the John Jay faculty and staff at risk,” he said. “That was not a risk that they assumed voluntarily, and that very much contravenes my political convictions. I deeply apologize to the John Jay community for making them the target of death threats and harassment. Today my class was guarded by three members of the John Jay public safety staff. I began my class late today so I could assure that as many students were present as possible to lead them in active shooter training. So much for free speech I guess.”

    What a douchebag this guy is!!

    • Brownknight

      What a whiner. He has free speech. It does not mean there will be non-government sanctions for it. Just like there are “public sanctions” for the facists. He forgets it is a two way street! Kolin has not figured this out yet either.

  • DrJedi001

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    Tax money pays for this clown to live. Only in a country with a lot of democrats in govt. would they allow crap like this. When you vote democrat, you are voting for people who allow this person to be in a position of power in an educational institution.

  • Dawn Bell
  • Chasyes1

    this little twerp is a “Professor”?…how far down have we sunk??? And at a “Criminal Justice” College??HOW just HOW does he have his job still???He is an active member of e TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!!!these assholes are doing EXACTLY what the NAZIS DID!!!

  • proud_native

    Thank you for letting us know about this professor and the college that employs him. I will put this one on the list of colleges NOT to recommend to my students!!!

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    He shouldn’t be allowed to teach anyone…talk about ignorant! He gives his students no hope for the future the way he talks about them…He, like any teacher should be encouraging not discouraging! People should boycott that school till they fire his ass!

  • Erwin Kump

    As a graduate of john jay college ( lower case letters on purpose), I now know why I never sent , or pledged any money to the alumni association. They were left wing liberals 40 years ago, when they refused to let conservative speakers on campus. There were also some great professors such as Mr. Repetto. But they were few. and far between.

  • David E Brown

    the man thats calling for war , might get all that war has to offer

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  • Brenda Golden

    They call themselves anti fascists but that is exactly what they are. They remind me of Hitler’s brown shirts. This so called professor needs to be careful of his mouth and his social media because people will only be pushed so far. Will he still defend his groups violence when they attack someone and kill them or maybe when they attack someone and that someone starts shooting them? He is a maggot steeped in fascist ideology and to stupid to know it.

  • Native Woman

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