Man Calls Out Black Lives Matter For Not Helping Flood Victims In Viral Video

Police help flood victims while Black Lives Matter burns a city. Mr. Jiggy calls them out.

Police help flood victims while Black Lives Matter burns a city. Mr. Jiggy calls them out.

Man Calls Out Black Lives Matter For Not Helping Flood Victims In Viral Video

A video is going viral on Facebook right now that shows a man by the name of “Jiggy Down Tomysocks” (well played sir) asking Black Lives Matter where they are at during the Baton Rouge Floods.

The recent flood in Louisiana has impacted 40,000 homes and killed 11 people, according to the Weather Channel. A federal emergency has been declared for the disaster and the National Guard have been called in to assist.

“Jiggy” states in the video “Where are the Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers? I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people in the city, the wildlife and fisheries, and the police going in and rescuing people.”

He goes on to say “All the drama that was going on with the Alton Sterling killing, they came out with guns ready to go to war. But here we go, all these people flooded out and truly in need of help and we can’t find not one of them.”

Most of the 2600+ comments show support for what “Jiggy” has to say. He seems to be staying positive through the disaster.

Comments to Mr. Jiggy Downs Tommysocks

Comments to Mr. Jiggy Downs Tommysocks

Don’t worry Jiggy, the public servants and citizens of Baton Rouge have your back. We can’t say that much for Black Lives Matter.

Baton Rouge of course is where the incident involving Alton Sterling took place, which led to Black Lives Matter protests all over the country. Sterling was shot by police while resisting arrest. Shortly after the Sterling incident, 3 officers were gunned down in Baton Rouge by a self proclaimed “black separatist”.

The video was posted yesterday and already has around 500k views.

  • TheOneFromTheFuture

    Because that is the responsibility of the state and government. And not a political organization.

    • Justin Jurek

      And the people. If we care about our neighbors we’ll help them come hell or high water (in this case literally high water).

    • Mark

      If you really think the Government is the answer you my friend are going to be very disappointed.

    • Ian

      Well, that says a lot right there.

      • TheOneFromTheFuture

        Not sure if you have been living under a rock.

        • Ian

          I am here under the rock with lots of great people who will help their fellow rock dwellers in times of need, instead of doing nothing except waiting for someone in the government to take care of us.

          • JickyOne

            Well said Ian. Suck on that TheOneFromTheFuture

          • TheOneFromTheFuture

            Well, with your logic, the police should be gone too.

          • Ian

            What logic are you speaking of? You know nothing about me.

          • TheOneFromTheFuture

            You are so anti government and think government is corrupt but the police. Lets support the police. They aren’t a government body.

          • Ian

            I’m sorry, I don’t remember ever having met you. How would you have any idea what I think? You know nothing about me.

          • Darren Wilkens

            Police are a part of city government. Sheriff’s are county government. Highway patrol is state government. They may not be a part of the federal government, but they are part of a level of government.

          • TheOneFromTheFuture

            Fucking trumpite idiots.

          • Zajac Wendy

            These comments have NOTHING to do with Trump or Hillary or anyone else in their position. They/we are talking about people helping people. You insinuated that everyone should sit on their ass and let the government take care of helping people. Where is your compassion for your fellow man? Did you ever have any? What if it was you or your family that needed help? Would you still sit on your ass and let everyone BUT YOU help them? Go back and read your comment and the responses to it, along with yours. You basically said no one needs to help except the state authorities. And there is no way possible that you could even being to know anything about Ian. This isn’t about politics. Wake up. It is about people helping their fellow man. Get it???

    • Jenny Hanson

      But there own ppl are suffering and dying. And that is what there are to stand for

    • Laura Whetstone

      The Black Lives Matter Network advocates for dignity, justice, and respect. Put onto their own website, How do you expect to earn any of those if you are not willing to help your own people. That’s what’s wrong with any group. The only thing i have ever seen the Black Lives Matter movement do so far is riot and kill. Then when we need help the most you just clearly pointed out that it’s the responsibility of the state and governments but yet you easily condemn them for doing their jobs until you need them to help you. You want my respect than earn it, Don’t go around condeming those who only want to help us.

    • ChocolateDiva

      It is the responsibility of ALL people to help each other in bad situations!

  • TyroneCobb

    black lives only matter when there is a ghetto lottery on the line. these BLM clowns never show up in Chimpcongo either when 15 soul brothas are made good in a weekend from shootings. They only show up when police need to ventilate one of LBJ’s chosen ones because they want media coverage and money from the local municipality

  • wormhd883

    Very well spoken sir ….. I hope that you and your family are safe , I have friends that are trying to wait it out , but they are already cut off , but not yet flooding to the house .. I pray for everyone in the floods and for those helping …

  • Terry Charboneau Thompson

    BLM is too busy sleeping off all that burning, rioting and looting from their vacation to Milwaukee. I’m sorry they stand for nothing positive. Good luck to you and the rest of Louisiana. May you all stay safe.

  • Dan M

    Most, not at all, BLM supports are using the movement to support their violence and their shot to make it on the news. There is no violence in helping honest hard working victims of a natural disaster. Well said Sir!

  • Mj Ballard

    BLM just wants money. They would have to spend it to help people. Maybe they have to wait until George Soros gives them the go ahead?

  • Armyvet81

    A friend who lost everything except luckily his vehicle, went out immediately to help rescue people and their pets putting himself at risk. He ended up having to be rescued himself. It has been the people who stepped up immediately to help each other first as it should be, with government agencies following close behind to assist.

  • Ken Nyhus

    Meanwhile, president Obama is playing golf on vacation…Fore!

  • Johnnie Mae Butler

    Have a seat coon! Black Lives Matters is fighting to keep your ignorant, stupid, black ass from getting tried, convicted, and executed by the cops!!! That is the mission of Black Lives Matter. Ask yourself what federal disaster agencies are doing for the Louisiana flood victims. White people are agreeing with this nonsense because they’re racists who don’t give a shit when innocent, unarmed people are gunned down by the cops. You better hope your ass isn’t next.

    • ChocolateDiva

      Are you blind? Or just busy calling intelligent people names? Do you watch the news reports about the flooding? It is WHITE OFFICERS helping BLACK CITIZENS escape the flooding, as well as black neighbors/family/friends! So shut the hell up….who the F*** is the racist?? YOU!!!

      • Donna Rogers Foster

        Baby….there’s a saying “You can’t fix stupid!” What you have here is proof positive of stupid!!! HOPEFULLY there are more like me and you but not like Johnnie. I saw a video of a white cop who went into a black child’s house to save his martial arts belt. He was so happy that he showed the cop some of his moves that earned him the belt. It wasn’t long before the officer “tapped out!” THAT’S how it should be! All you and I can do is pray for people like Johnnie…we surely can’t fix them. If you were here, ChocolateDiva…I would give you a BIG hug!!! I’m kinda racist like that… 😉

  • ChocolateDiva

    I just read that the BLM group has been given $100 million. How are they using that for their “people” in the Baton Rouge area? In any of the flooded areas in the South?? Yeah…right…that’s what I thought!

  • Carol Dove

    Thank you for speaking out my thought and prayers from Connecticut.

  • Carol Dove

    You are safer with them not there. Seems all they want to do right now is destroy any and everything.

  • Jessie Smith

    Thanks Jiggy, you got heart man. You are keeping things real! Hope you and your family are safe and unflooded. I hope God blesses you richly for your righteous words.

  • Sonya Capeling

    They want an excuse to tear up and loot business’ , destroy cities and cause nothing but trouble. they will do anything to get in the paper or on the news. what they need to do is get a job and contribute to the better good

  • Bob Trower

    Well every thing in Baton Rouge is too wet to burn.. All the Air Jordon Shoes have been washed away or are muddy. Nothing else worth looting. I don’t think anyone in all of Louisiana are in the mood to put up with any jerks blocking any highways. I can’t think of any good reason for BLM to be there.

  • Where is all lives matter??

    • 500c

      ALM is a question asked of BLM, its not a movement. Anyone claiming to be ALM gets a beatdown by BLM. BLM is a terrorist org. Unlike Hamas, no food, just violence.

  • Darren Wilkens

    BLM’s ONLY CONCERN is spreading their racist views and causing destruction. They don’t actually care about ALL black lives, just their own. The ignorance behind their “message” is sickening. They are not only racists, but a domestic terrorist organization. If the KKK were doing half the bs they are, I can guarantee the feds would swarm all over them. But obummer and his corrupt regime is enabling them to do whatever they want!

  • Joe Smith

    Everything worth looting was wet.