Officer Cleared In Jesse Beshaw Shooting, Video Released

jesse beshaw shooting

Video Released and Officer Cleared In Shooting of Jesse Beshaw

Franklin County, Vermont – Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy Nicolas Palmer has been cleared from shooting Jesse Beshaw. Watch the intense video below.

On Friday September 16th, 2016 officers reported that they observed Jesse Beshaw driving around Winooski, Vermont. It was known to the officers that Beshaw had several felony warrants. Based off of recent investigations of Beshaw, officers were also aware that he sometimes carried a gun. Three Winooski Officers along with Franklin County Sheriff Deputy Nicolas Palmer approached the house that Beshaw was reportedly last located. All of their body cameras were turned on before the incident happened.

Deputy Palmier, who is wearing the body camera in the video below, approached the home and Officer Brenda Davis advised him that Breshaw was inside the house. Beshaw had multiple warrants for burglaries and was known to carry a gun. While Palmier was speaking to another officer on perimeter, Beshaw ran out of the house in an attempt to flee from police. Deputy Palmier pursued Beshaw on foot for over a minute before Beshaw stopped and turned towards the deputy.

Palmier stated several times “I will shoot you, show me your hands.” Beshaw refused to take his hand away from the right side of his body and approaches Palmier very aggressively while yelling “do it, do it”. Beshaw failed to comply. Deputy Palmier then fired several shots, killing Beshaw. Palmier stated that before firing, he heard Beshaw say “I’ll pull a gun out”.

Deputy Palmier gave Beshaw several chances to surrender peacefully before firing his weapon. Beshaw was struck 6 times, all to his head and chest. It was later revealed that Beshaw was not armed at the time of the shooting.

Yesterday state prosecutors confirmed that it was a justified shooting because “a reasonable person in Palmier’s position would have believed he was in danger of being killed or seriously injured”.

  • ldonnan

    Stop and live or aggressively run at an officer with a gun pointed at you and die. The choice was his. Wrong choice.

  • Dave Zavistoski

    Did he have a gun? Nevermind doesn’t matter with some of you guys anyways.

    • qthush

      Doesn’t matter, what would you have done?

      • bitter honey

        I bet Dave would invite him to have a friendly dinner with his family. 🙂

        • Dave Zavistoski

          I’m in no way sticking up for that guy or criminals. Just feel that the police can try harder before just shooting 7-15 times at someone. It’s just a bad deal all the way around now the guys dead and the police officer has to mentally deal with taking a person’s life.

          • bitter honey

            You know what? You should try harder, become a cop, be a shining example what real cop should be like.
            P.S. Welcome to reality sucker 😀 so happens that in real life bad guys don’t drop dead (or atleast helpless and unable to resist) from one shot. If you don’t wont to get shot DO NOT RESIST!
            P.P.S. I heard Chicago PD is hiring.

          • bitter honey
    • John J Rouse

      You don’t have to see a gun. When a cop says let me see your hands, show him or her your damn hands.

    • What are you stupid?

      • Dave Zavistoski

        Fuck off . It was obvious the guy was not all there in the head. The cop already has his gun pointing at the guys head why can’t he wait a few more minutes by trying to talk the guy down? You see that’s the problem that a lot of people have with some police these days they are just way to fast at firing the bullet!! I know the BS supreme Court blah blah blah but why not give it a try? That’s all I’m saying I have 2 state police friends both are a year from retirement and they feel the same way. Especially with this new generation of police officers

        • Michael Robinson

          I’m calling BS on you having 2 state police friends who would say that this was an unjustified shooting. Why? Because they would have been trained to respond the same way this officer responded.

          • Dave Zavistoski

            Nope they both said they would not have shot suspect unless they seen a weapon, holding your hand behind your back is not a weapon. One of them is a Sargent and he was saying 20 years ago when he came on the force it was totally different that the police officers were more hands on. Just trying to say they need to exercise a little more patience if there isn’t a weapon in site that’s all. I support my local CTP department and we regularly donate toys and stuffed animals for the troopers to give to children at accident scenes and for Christmas. So dont judge me bad just because I don’t like to see people getting killed . Peace out

          • Michael Robinson

            I agree, Dave. Any loss of life is bad. That’s why more training for the public needs to occur. Our president could do more to encourage citizens to comply with police commands, but he won’t. The police receive more training today than they did 25 years ago. Part of the training includes scenarios in shoot/don’t shoot exercises. This situation is classic where the officer gets killed if he hesitates and only fires when he sees the weapon. The mindset needs to change that it’s alright to advance aggressively towards a law enforcement officer, ignoring his commands to stop or show their hands. You can see from the video that the officer is backing up while the suspect is closing the distance. The law enforcement officer has to make a split decision based on the totality of the circumstances- the suspect has felony warrants, a history of violence, the officer is alone, the suspect is known to have a firearm and is acting aggressively, etc. If the officer allows the suspect to continue to close the distance and the suspect pulls a knife, the officer could have been stabbed even if he was able to get a shot off. I think critics of the way officers handle these types of situations would have a different opinion if they were to experience these shoot/don’t shoot scenarios.

        • ML

          The problem is the new generation of criminals, not the new generation of police.

          • mycorrado

            bing, thanks to barry, they feel entitled to their crime fifdom, and don’t feel like obeying cops. well bad things happen when you hide your hands and come at a cop. live with it. (for a few seconds 🙂

        • mycorrado

          Idiot. don’t you see he is comming at the cop with a hidden hand? even if stationary, he could produce a gun/knife and kill the cop in 2 seconds. Cops don’t have to wait for a gun. Imminent fear is enough. even watching this gives fear.

          wait a few more minutes.. really? get real.

        • Russ Hamilton

          A few more minutes ? Anyone could see that situation was going to be over one way or another in the next 2 seconds. The officer is NOT at fault for running out of time. The problem is people like you think that good wishes count for something and that reality should simply BE different. So yeah it sucks that the douchebag chose to push the envelope but not every ending is going to be a happy one. So grow up and learn that sometimes there are no good solutions.

        • Dee Pavon

          Are you really that stupid??

        • Fuck you, bravo to the cop!

    • Dee Pavon

      Who cares???? Did he follow the officers orders??? No….soo he is gone

  • pony_trekker

    Totally justified. Suspect deliberately hid his hand to make it appear he had a gun.

  • Lisa Hawks

    he deserved it…when a cop tells you to stop or put your hands up and you don’t do it and you are getting closer to the officer, of course he is going to shoot, you don’t know if he has a gun or another kind of if he waited like you pinheads suggest he could have been killed

  • Paran41

    He didn’t comply. Go figure.

  • m.bluth

    The thing I find interesting is this just happened a month ago. An unarmed man was shot by police and I never heard about it on any national news reports, no riots broke out that I’m aware of and I am completely baffled as to why.