Mayor Blames Governor Jerry Brown For Hero’s Murder

California Governor Jerry Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown

Mayor Blames Governor Jerry Brown for Hero’s Murder

California Governor Jerry Brown is getting the blame for the October 5th cold-blooded execution of Sergeant Steven Owen of Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. What’s unusual is that the heat has come from another political figure: Mayor Rex Parris of Lancaster, California.

During a recent interview with Los Angeles radio station KNX-AM, Mayor R. Rex Parris, a friend of Sgt. Owen, said that he would be alive today if not for the governor signing a 2011 “realignment” bill to address overcrowding in state prisons. The bill essentially placed low-level offenders and parole violators into the hands of county officials.

Mayor Parris told KNX-AM prior to Sgt. Owen’s memorial service regarding the governor, “You know, he’s attending and as well he should attend, he should honor Steve Owen, but nobody wants to hear him speak because the truth of the matter is Steve Owen would be alive today but for the governor’s involvement in getting early releases.”

Governor Brown’s spokesman, Evan Westrup, later told Associated Press, “This is a time for mourning, not a time to advance a political agenda.” The “mourning” by the governor of the state in which Sgt. Owen served 29 years honorably did not include speaking at his memorial service.

Westrup told AP that although he attends the funerals of fallen officers, he never speaks, which is a curious policy. It is possible the reason has to do with the fact that Brown is one of the most liberal governors in the nation, and speaking at a fallen hero’s funeral may send the wrong message to his anti-police supporters.

Sgt. Owen was shot in the face while investigating a report of a burglary. The killer then stood over him and fired several shots into his body before fleeing. Police subsequently arrested Trenton Lovell for the murder. Lovell was on parole for armed robbery.

Westrup said that Lovell’s 2009 conviction was before the bill was signed. He served approximately five years in prison for the robbery.

However as reported by AP, prior to the signing of the bill, Lovell would have returned to prison as a parole violator for an early 2016 conviction of driving under the influence. Instead of returning to prison, as would have been the case prior to Brown’s bill, a county judge sentenced Lovell to thirteen days in jail.

The result? Another fallen hero and another politician blamed.

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  • Shiloh


  • sammy

    Its a sickening political landscape when democrats do not protect the public and police officers. I believe its willful negligence to let this occur. Governor Brown should be prosecuted for negligence and stupidity. He got people killed and there is no excuse for it.

  • Tom

    As much as I despise Brown and his liberal attitude the problem wasnt his doing. The demoncrat legislature has stayed way behind in funding prison beds and unfortunately coddles illegals who they wont deport. Illegals are now 25% of California prison population. Because of the overcrowding….think illegals……the 9th circuit fed appeals court ordered massive prisoner release. Many were kicked to the counties including what the CDC called non violent prisoners. Their non violent included kidnappers a couple of whom escaped from SBCO jail but were recaptured. Only in a demoncrat or liberal swine judges mind can kidnapping be non violent. You are taking a person against their will by force or fear yet demoncrats and CDC say that is non violent. Staying way behind the curve on infrastructure is the demoncrat norm as they have not authorized or constructed a new dam in decades. 90% of our rain water flows to the ocean and 90% of our “non violent” re-offend