Video: Jawari Porter Shot While Stabbing At Officer With Knife

Video: Jawari Porter Shot While Stabbing At Officer With Knife

Cininnati, Ohio – A Cincinnati officer barely escaped with his life after knife-wielding robber, Jawari Porter, tried to murder him on Sunday. Security cameras captured the violent encounter on video.

In the video, you can see two separate scenes. First, Jawari Porter, 25, pointed a knife at a security guard’s neck while threatening him at a Kroger store in Downtown Cincinnati. Porter can then be seen crossing the street. Officers Anthony Brucato and Patrick Galligan then pulled up in a patrol car.

Once Porter saw the officers, he immediately went after Officer Brucato while he was still in the driver’s seat, before he had exited his vehicle. Porter started to stab at Officer Brucato when the officer was forced to shoot him.

Officer Galligan then circled around from the passenger side, grabbed Porter, and pulled him onto the sidewalk.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters made it clear that this was an obviously justified shooting, and it would not be going to a grand jury to review.

“This is a justified shooting. After threatening a Kroger store employee with a knife, he did not hesitate to try to stab a Cincinnati Police officer who did not even have an opportunity to get out of his vehicle,” Deters said.

Black Lives Matter Cincinnati immediately condemned the officer-involved shooting as an “avoidable” situation where Jawari Porter was just walking up to talk to the officer. They made this announcement:

“We contend the police-orchestrated escalation led to an avoidable killing. No efforts were made to get mental health professionals on the scene and no serious effort was made to subdue/contain, rather than kill Jawari Porter. We insist that mental illness is not a crime, and “belligerent behavior,” which television news witnesses allege, should not be punishable by death.”

The Black Lives Matter group, Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition made this announcement:

“The video of Mr. Porter being killed has been released. Please view it. The police officer had his gun drawn as soon as he opened the door. Inevitably this escalated the situation. This officer could have instead chosen a method of interaction meant to deescalate. After escalating the situation, and struggle ensued, the officer chose to shoot Mr. Porter.”

This incident just goes to show that in the minds of Black Lives Matter zealots, there is no such thing as a justified shooting. They will try to alter the reported facts on an incident to match their narrative, even when there’s overwhelming evidence that they are wrong. Officer Brucato and the security guard were the victims her, not Jawari Porter.

A hero almost lost his life on Sunday, and he will now have to live with knowing that he had to shoot somebody.

Black Lives Matter has no regard for this officer’s life or facts. Please share this story to counter their twisted version of this event.

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  • David F Mayer

    The police did the RIGHT thing. There was NO CHOICE whatsoever.

    The probate court should have COMMITTED this guy to a mental hospital after his previous crimes.

    We have cut back on mental hospitals to “save money”, which then gets spent on the destruction done by these persons.

    The cop was right. The probate court was WRONG in letting him out after his previous arrests.

    • James Robinson

      Please don’t refer to “we” as to the reason for mental hospital closures. Most were caused by liberal politicians and mental health professionals who in the 80’s started the process of closing secure facilities and allowing those needing help to live in neighborhood community homes with drastically reduced professional oversight. During my police career I handled multiple murders, assaults, rapes, and other offenses committed by the very people they let out.

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