Jamie Brock Is The Hero Who Stopped The Townville School Shooter

Jamie Brock, a firefighter, stopped the shooter at Townville Elementary.

Jamie Brock, a firefighter, stopped the shooter at Townville Elementary.

Jamie Brock Is The Hero Who Stopped The Townville School Shooter

Townville, South Carolina – On Wednesday there was a terrible shooting at Townville Elementary School, the school that my daughter attends. It would have been much worse had hero Jamie Brock not stopped the shooter.

A 14-year-old killed his father, drove over to the elementary school, and opened fire on a playground. Two children were injured, one still in critical condition. One teacher was injured.

The gunman could have continued his rampage if it wasn’t for the actions of a firefighter by the name of Jamie Brock. Jamie took the shooter down and held him until first responders arrived on scene.

Jamie Brock was the first on scene. He didn’t hesitate to put his life on the line in order to ensure no more students or teachers were shot. Jamie has been a firefighter in Townville for more than 30 years.

I posted this earlier on Facebook for my friends, but I feel everyone should read it.

My fiance and I got a call today and heard “There has been a shooting at your daughters school, meet at Oakdale Baptist church”. That’s it, that’s all they told us.

At about the same exact time, I was looking for articles to write for Blue Lives and the shooting flashed across my screen “2 kids shot”. I grabbed my med bag and gun and shot out the door (I knew there were already 100 officers on scene but hey whatever). I have been in a dozen or more life or death situations, but I’ve never felt this hopeless feeling in my stomach like I did then.

The ride to my daughter’s school was the worst 25 minutes of my life. We couldn’t find anyone that knew anything about who was shot, what was going on, or the conditions of the victims. I was calling old police buddies, the hospital, the school district, but we couldn’t reach anyone with solid information.

I was flying down I-85 in a Honda Civic (Highway Patrol buddies thanks for not pulling me over). We got there and found her safe and sound, just a little shook up.

Now I’m not telling you this for prayers, likes, or pity. But I’ve turned many chances down to play with my kids lately due to a new job. There are some legitimate times when you have to say no, I understand. But you know as well as I do there are times that you could have just taken 10 minutes and entertained whatever crazy ass silly idea that they have. I’m guilty of saying no too much, never again though. Don’t ever ever ever ever take those moments for granted. Give your thoughts and prayers to the two kids injured, one still in critical condition.

Jamie Brock, thank you for putting your life on the line to save all of those children.

  • Terry in GA

    Great job, Jamie Brock. When someone hurts our children, our heroes move heaven and earth to protect them.

  • gm5425

    Jamie Brock…thanks for your service and your bravery.

  • Roger Culver

    God will bless this guy. Thank you Jamie Brock!

  • MikeinMDman

    And yet actual police officers are constantly shooting unarmed people due to “fearing for their lives,” while this actual hero stopped an armed and active shooter without being armed and without shooting anyone. Remind me, who are the real heroes? Mr. Jamie Brock, that is who.

    • TexasEMTParamedic

      Action is faster than reaction. There is no way you can compare this incident to that of any of the police shootings that have gone on. If Jaime had the advantage of surprise then the shooter could not have reacted. However, all of the police shootings that have gone on, the suspect has had the advantage of putting the officers in reaction mode. They react to what is going on. If someone makes a grab for their waist, they’re going to react accordingly. Had Jaime not had the surprise advantage, this could have ended entirely differently. This man made a choice to act and did so with positive results and is truly a hero. But this cannot be compared to all police shootings.

    • Dave Zavistoski

      Why couldn’t you just say great job Mr brock? Instead of pulling police shootings into it.

  • jaques dawkins

    It’s great he stopped the shooter, but this article was terribly written