WATCH: Protesters Block Street Get Hit by Car While Protesting Police Shooting Of Isaiah Hammett

One man showed up to the Isaiah Hammett shooting protest open-carrying a rifle, as protesters blocked the road.

One man showed up to the Isaiah Hammett shooting protest open-carrying a rifle, as protesters blocked the road.

Isaiah Hammett Shooting Prompts Protests

St. Louis, MO – Protesters in St. Louis took to blocking the streets Wednesday night to protest the fatal police shooting of Isaiah Hammett. Video of the protest shows a car hitting protesters (below.)

Isaiah Hammett was shot by SWAT officers on Wednesday after he opened fire on them with an AK-47.

The shooting happened at around 11:20 AM. Eight St. Louis SWAT officers were executing a search warrant in the 5400 block of South Kingshighway because Isaiah Hammett was suspected of dealing drugs and guns out of the residence.

Officers knocked and announced, then broke down the door, followed by tossing a flashbang into the house.

Isaiah Hammett had security cameras around the property, knew the officers were coming, and appeared to be waiting for them to come inside.

When officers made entry, Hammett opened fire on them with an AK-47. The SWAT officers returned fire, immediately relieving him of his duty to appear in court.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

As far as shootings go, it seemed unlikely that this shooting would prompt protests. A white guy, suspected of dealing guns, opened fire on officers with an AK-47, got smoked, end of story, right?


Hammett’s mother, Gina Torres claims that the police are “making up lies,” about her son, according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Hammett’s grandfather, Dennis Torres, was present during the shooting and claimed that they had no idea who was coming into their house and that Hammett was just pulling him to the floor to protect him.

“A bunch of shots were going on. My grandson was trying to protect me on the floor. He went into the dining room then I hear screaming and I see my grandson lying dead on the dining room floor,” said Torres, according to KMOV.

Acting police chief, Lt. Colonel Lawrence O’Toole, is calling that a bunch of nonsense, “I can tell you this suspect fired numerous shots at police officers,” O’Toole said. “I can describe it only as being a firefight that was inside the residence.”

However, because Isaiah Hammett’s friends and family say he did nothing wrong, protesters gathered to block the road at Kingshighway and Chippewa.

“We want justice,” A woman shrieked over the sound of traffic. “Fuck the police!”

At one point, a car tried to drive through the intersection as a heavyset woman attempted to block the vehicle, pushing back against it. The crowd then surrounded the vehicle yelling, “Fuck you, Justice for Isaiah!”

The car then sped through, knocking the large woman to the ground, and outraging the crowd, who then called the police for help.

Law enforcement said that after sitting in the road, the downed protester was transported the the hospital with non-life-threatening injures.

You can see the video of the protest below. The showdown with the car is about 1:30 in.

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        • Jim Southerland

          Looking at that face, No, I don’t think ISIS fighters would touch that.

      • African RockFish

        Let’s be PC…the correct term is “couch bison.”

        • Jose

          Lol, spit up my coffee, thanks for the laugh.

        • Agape Smiles

          African RockFish – Let’s be PC…the correct term is “bully, mean spirited, fat shaming, attacking a person for a physical trait instead of their action or the actual issue at hand.” It makes you seem small and petty and lowers you to their level.

          • African RockFish

            So how fat are you, gravy dumpster? I’ll “shame” self inflicted “conditions” like being a lard barge any time I want to, so keep those buttery tears flowing.

          • Agape Smiles

            My self inflicted condition started when I was born with an incurable disease that caused physical developmental disabilities and my parents to have to take me in for blood transfusions and have to deal with sickle cell disease as well. Yeah, I know, I look light for having it, but I am proud to say that my Scandinavian roots included a paternal great grandfather of African ancestry. So I guess it must be hard for you to imagine what it’s like, all the years of being in and out of the hospital and being bullied by people like you who decide that my life is self inflicted. You must be one of the beautiful people that I have always dreamed of one day waking up and magically turned into, but if that is what is on the inside, I don’t think I want that after all.
            TRUTH – My value will always be based on what God was willing to pay on my behalf. One drop of Jesus precious blood that he shed on that wooden cross for my sins and yours. And no matter what you write, it will never change my value, ever. So go ahead and hurl insults, I was just trying to encourage you to step back and possibly show a little kindness in a world where ugly words and violence are what lead to dumb protests like the ones in this article. I will pray that the hate in your heart will be replaced by God’s love and that you will ask yourself if eternity is worth losing for cheap laughs at the expense of others?
            Have a nice life. Sorry for interrupting your day.

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  • Tigerlady

    The consequences of being stupid.

  • kenneth wise

    And didn’t these idiots went to the police afterwards ?LOL

  • biker02

    Surround my car and I would do the same thing.

    • SBaker2

      When a wild hog threatens to bring the rest of the monkeys down on you, it’s do or die.

    • Chris G

      I’m not able to drive anymore, but the right of way still belongs to the DRIVER if he is on the road, doesn’t it? The laws haven’t changed in the last 10 yrs, have they?

      • Some states have pedestrian right-of-way, but that presumes the pedestrian is making the effort to cross the street, not stand in it.

        • Kothlim

          Isn’t that also only if the pedestrian is in a crosswalk?

          • Pat Patrix

            They don’t have the same legal protections but drivers are still expected not to intentionally run people over, I mean that’s pretty obvious. But in this instance the case can also be argued that they had to drive off for self-defense once the car became surrounded. It’s not legal for a mob to impede your ability to extract yourself from a situation, that could be argued as attempted kidnapping in some courts.

            Either way I’m fine with seeing a fatty get hit by a car.

          • Charles Mitchell

            If there had been any flame involved, I think that fat burns rather easily. She would have gone off like a roman candle!

          • Steve V

            Not in California. They could be cited for jaywalking, but a pedestrian has the right of way, crosswalk or mid block. It makes no difference.

          • Kothlim

            Well Commiefornia needs to sink into the ocean.

          • chucky2a

            Well, of course, you’re in califreakia, the granola bar state, you have nuts, flakes, and fruits running that state, and most of the citizens are granola bars as well.

          • AAA

            read CA vehicle code 21950 (b)

          • J. Starr

            A crowd surrounding a vehicle shouting protest slogans is not exactly a “pedestrian”, By illegally detaining a person, they are committing kidnapping, and several other felonious crimes…

          • Jim Glass

            the pedestrian always has the right of way; always; HOWEVER in this kind of incident I consider this KIDNAPPING and ENDANGERING the lifes of the vehicles occupants; Lethal Force is DEMANDED; fuck that shit.

          • squishy

            They do not–are you saying if some jackass is going down a freeway on foot he has the right of way? That road was built for vehicles NOT LARD!!

          • nighthawk

            No the pedestrian does NOT always have the right of way. 1) It is against the law , in every state, to impede traffic. 2) It is against the law for pedestrians to be on the interstate. It is against the law, in most places, to “Jaywalk” . It is against the law for a pedestrian to cross a road against the Pedestrian Light. It is against the law to put people in “fear for their lives”, whether you are a pedestrian or driving a tank. Please do not make assumptions without thinking

          • Siegfried Kaos

            No but this incident has nothing to do with Right of Way.

          • SrAgri

            Exactly! When a person illegally, intentionally, and aggressively blocks the road, they are not a pedestrian any longer and this has nothing to do with normal rules of driver conduct.

        • Chris G

          Thank you for the info.

        • Steve V

          No such presumption exists in California. The pedestrian has the right of way.

          • Wardo5757

            The pedestrian has the “right of way” when traveling across a street, not impeding the flow of traffic. In most states that act (impeding the flow of traffic) is a felony, clearly she was not run over while walking across the street.

          • jules2u

            Exactly Eddie, impeding traffic flow is ILLEGAL every where in the US. What they were doing was impeding traffic which can result in things like people being hit by a car when they become threatening as this group did. The pedestrian only has the legal right to cross a road at a legal cross walk, if you step in front of a car stepping off a sidewalk and you are hit, it is usually NOT the driver’s fault.

          • Innocent Bystander

            (a) The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.
            (b) This section does not relieve a pedestrian from the duty of using due care for his or her safety. No pedestrian may suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle that is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard. No pedestrian may unnecessarily stop or delay traffic while in a marked or unmarked crosswalk.
            (c) The driver of a vehicle approaching a pedestrian within any marked or unmarked crosswalk shall exercise all due care and shall reduce the speed of the vehicle or take any other action relating to the operation of the vehicle as necessary to safeguard the safety of the pedestrian.
            (d) Subdivision (b) does not relieve a driver of a vehicle from the duty of exercising due care for the safety of any pedestrian within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.

        • Lucien J. de Calonne

          As i t should be…Tennessee bill would make drivers immune from civil liability if they hit protesters in street

          • These are revolutionary and fabulous =)

        • squishy

          Obstruction of traffic is an offense punishable by imprisonment!! Get out of the road–sidewalks are built for people and roads for cars

        • Chris Rabolli

          Pedestrian right of way applies to crosswalks, hence why jaywalking is ticketable/illegal. Also on highways even walking on the side of an interstate highway is not legal, which would include on the highway as well. Prorest or otherwise, the act of touching a vehicle while in opperation can and usually is considered a assualt and battery on the operator of said vehicle. Food for thought.

        • lm_a_dope

          It is also illegal to impede someone’s right to movement

      • Kseniya Cholock

        No They haven’t Chris and that was a good point you brought up! Also JAY WALKING! Pedestrians belong “CROSSING at PEDESTRIAN Cross Walks” and it’s at their risk if they go out into the street!

      • Honesty

        Pedestrians have the right away. Lol

        • Jeffrey Kuhl

          *of way

          • Honesty


        • In most states that rule only applies if said pedestrian is in a marked crosswalk or walkway.

        • Huskergram

          Sadly, a lot of people believe that but it’s not true. Pedestrians only have the “right of way” in a pedestrian crossing and also have the Walk light. They also do not have the right to impede traffic.

    • Miguel526

      100% supportive of the car driver!

      • Kseniya Cholock

        I think ALL MOTORISTS would agree we are SICK AND TIRED of these BS of protestors BLOCKING Streets & Roads preventing us from using OUR RIGHT to them. And Heaven Forbid! If we are on our way to take a sick child or other family member to the doctor or emergency room! They belong on SIDEWALKS , they are not MOTORISTS in cars! Everyone can SEE them protesting well enough on sidewalks! There is NO FUCKING NEED to get their fuccking asses into the streets!

    • Kseniya Cholock

      DAMN RIGHT! You can exersise your RIGHT To Free Speech but your right doesn’t mean you can prevent me or impede me from using OUR PUBLIC ROADS which I’m entitled to! And you can take your FAT ASSES and protest where “PEDESTRIAN: PROTESTORS belong! ON THE SIDEWALK! Your ASSES got No Business in the STREETS meant for cars! I’m not referring just to these protestors but ALL PROTESTORS! And heaven forbid if I am en route to the hospital with my SICK KID, family member, or on my way to work and you get in my way! I’ll MOWW your ass down! I think all of us MOTORIST have had about enough of this type of BS off protestors, like BLOCK US AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  • Fully justified – they were being swarmed by hostile and threatening idiots and she was blocking their escape…

    • Chris G

      The car wasn’t damaged, was it?

      • Justin Richards

        Hey I would hope my car was damaged. It’d be good when telling people the story. Besides that, my car would wear that damage like a WWF champion belt.

        • jules2u

          If the car was damaged the woman blocking the car could be charged for those damages. Her actions were illegal and therefore does not provide her with any protection from the law.

          • Justin Richards

            If only it worked like that. If a guy robbed a gas station and the attendant punches him to while trying to restrain him it is okay, If he then gets him restrained and butt rapes the robber the attendant is still going to be liable for it despite the fact the robber was breaking the law.

          • jules2u

            What exactly does you comment have to do with anything? The person blocking the vehicle could quickly become liable for any damages to the vehicle. This is in no way similar to your assumed story line, the damages to the vehicle would have happened during the commission of a crime, similar to the attendant punching the robber while attempt to restrain him. What you are referring to would have required the driver to get out of the vehicle and do something unrelated to the incident.

          • Teresa Johnson

            Missouri law is now in favor of the vehicle owner and whomever the human barricade may be, they are liable for the damage to the vehicle

        • Chris G

          Maybe so but the damage to your vehicle could be used against you in court. After all, the Progressive protestor was a victim (a la Kathy Griffin) of your driving into them, correct?

          No damage, little evidence.

          • Justin Richards

            Yeah I hear you but the DA is (likely) going to start with your criminal record and traffic history which is all good if you ain’t got nothing bad on it but otherwise it is bad. It was digitally recorded by more then one person and homegirl in the car hanging out the window like that didn’t help. They should have had the windows up, tried to back up, then gone forward. I just watched the video all the way and that is the biggest group of disorganized scumbags. Fucking hookers and druggies and their moms, and their mom’s mom. The white people out there are an embarrassment. The black guy open carry dumbass needs to get killed next, dumbass out there flexing his rights when there is no reason for that shit and it’s dumbasses like that are going to be the ones to flex there rights until we got no rights

          • 1Forced_Registration

            I dealt with him last weekend trying to menace people at Forest Park. He is antifa, but one of the slightly more intelligent antifas. Given their reputation for violence and multiple attempts at it over the weekend — I am absolutely convinced this lady did the right thing.

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  • Chris

    If you watch closely, it looked there was some rapid movement from outside the vehicle near the driver’s window. The driver may have been hit.

  • Scott Kuli

    They got around the car and got threatening to the people in it. What did they think would happen? I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to do the same thing, and I’d laugh pretty loudly when they do 🙂

  • EyeNevaKnew

    Hope the car wasn’t damaged.

    • Fedup

      Or the road!

    • Justin Richards

      Hey I would hope my car was damaged. It’d be good when telling
      people the story. Besides that, my car would wear that damage like a WWF
      champion belt

  • George

    car hits truck……..truck hits the ground…… wins…..

  • George

    they hate the cops…..but run right to them for help……..idiots…

    • Sgt PHT

      I know right? One guy complained the cops didn’t even chase the car.
      Yelling “F” the police. And then want their help.

      • Claire Robbins Thomas

        “F” the protesters!

      • jules2u

        The officer probably told the driver to keep going as the group was chasing them down the street.

        • Sgt PHT

          Hope so. That’s what I would have done.

    • Molakelover

      I agree!!!!!! I would not hold the police officer sitting up the street responsible if he were to, get lost going to help them. Ya know things do happen

    • jules2u

      I wonder what they expected the officer to do exactly, arrest the woman who was hit for illegally blocking the flow of traffic? Too stupid to understand what she was doing was illegal, then complains when the car does what is legally their right based on the group’s actions. I am sure the officer saw what happened, and probably contacted dispatch to send medical personnel, but notice he made no attempt to stop the car. This is even though the driver slowed down near the officer with the group chasing the car. The officer probably told them to get out of the area for their own safety.

  • Old School

    Play in the street, get hurt.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Good for that cow. Justice for a white drug dealer who was killed upon a shootout with cops. F__ the police. Blocking traffic. I thought only BLM did this. Not a nice predominantly white crowd like this.

  • That sucks when the police are asked to stand down hugh….

  • Gary ONeill

    That is NOT a Service dog…

    • Lisa

      I agree with you Gary. That is NOT a service dog. Service dogs do not growl at people or jump up on people.

  • Dude

    cry you fat pig cry

  • Theresa Jensen

    The absolute rejects of society at their finest.

  • Rollo

    The fat woman provoked and placed herself in front of the car. Got exactly what she deserved. She had more than enough warning.

    • Lawrence Martin

      No she didn’t. She should have been scooped off the road with a front-end loader and buried in a ditch.

      • jmdaniel

        What did the ditch do, to deserve that?

        • Mary

          She was in the road, blocking traffic, which is AGAINST THE LAW!!

          • FrankTucson

            Can’t you realize it was a joke, a very common joke at that.

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    Stupid bitch got what she deserved. I’d have flattened the lot of them. Looked just like an attempted car jacking.

  • duder1897

    Isaiah did get justice. He got dead.

  • Mike Moffat

    So, was the lady in the white shirt cited for jaywalking?

    • jules2u

      Make it illegally blocking the flow of traffic, little worse than jaywalking fines, may actually be a true criminal offense with potential time.

  • dwaynechamberlain

    Like I say,,, no matter how big you are a car is bigger! At least give her trophy for trying!

    • C.A.

      Tonnage has the right of way! Might be a close battle with this one though.

    • Sheryl SC

      She got a chrome trophy, right up the ass.

  • mary


  • Heather Durheim

    fucking retarded people, when we had protesters block a highway in Colorado drivers were given the ok to hit them

  • Charlie Russell

    Should have just tossed out a couple boxes of twinkies and fried chicken and watch the idiots fight amongst themselves .

  • Jim Potter

    they are lucky I wasn’t driving there… I wouldn’t have slowed down and ran their asses over

  • FlameonMe

    At 3:40, 6:32 and the end there is someone wandering around with an AK type rifle. Great. Just what a crowd of low IQ people needs. Guns.

  • ModdKenwood

    mow’em all down…F the Protesters…

  • 1TSMommy

    Poor dog…

    • Edward Croy

      My thought, exactly.

  • Bill Cosner

    That would have made one Hell of a grease spot if the car had went over her. Hell of a big grease spot.

  • John Clabo

    This is why I’m glad I live in a place like Tennessee…here it’s completely legal to drive on through. I also love how, when something “bad” happens they instantly look to the police car and try to get help. Bunch of a pathetic hypocrites.

    • Ward Dorrity

      They don’t pull this crap in Idaho. Here’s one of the reasons why. Title 18, Chapter 40, subsection 4 (justifiable homicide): “When necessarily committed in attempting, by lawful ways and means, to apprehend any person for any felony committed, or in lawfully suppressing any riot, or in lawfully keeping and preserving the peace. “

  • Tony MMA

    Obama’s Misguided Children.

  • laserblast92

    Dam she rolled….

  • Russell Mac Culloch


  • laserblast92

    St Louis is open carry?

  • Byte187

    The article says the police shot Isaiah to death. That sounds like “justice for Isaiah” to me. What are they complaining about?

  • Tony DePaul Sr.

    I believe the rest of us are getting tired of these idiots and their so called peaceful protest and holding people against their will. The police killed a THUG!!! Thank you. As far as the fat pig , she got what she deserved.

    • Robert Taylor

      She should pay for the dent on the car!

  • Lynn B


  • Earl Goodrich


  • Teddy

    Thank Goodness the dog didn’t get hit.


    koodo to the drivers i hope the car was not hurt

  • Paul Campbell

    play stupid games win stupid prizes… That’s what I love about Tennessee perfectly legal without liability if you end up running over dumbass protesters blocking trafic…. drivers are protected by law here…

  • AngleCynn937

    I saw a lard arse hog go flying. Oops!! You might have an issue, but deliberately provoking others when they want nothing to do with it, is stupid.

  • Frank Stevens

    why aren’t the police out arresting these people for obstruction?

  • Crafty9556

    Bumbles Bounce!

    • Scott O. I

      Damn Crafty, why would you want to taint good Ole Bumble with this hog?

  • Julie Smith

    Completely justified, you cannot block traffic, I would have ran you over much faster than this person did.

  • Redskin Love

    The whole crowd does not have the IQ of a frog!

  • Chris Jeraco

    Fuck these goofs. Roads are for cars. Implement laws that protect drivers from sociopaths who block the road.
    The driver was in the right.

  • Chris Jeraco

    By the way that black kid that died shot at cops. he deserves death.

  • Ginny Harrold

    standing in the road to protest is moronic.
    standing in front of a car at a light is idiotic
    stand in front of my car and I won’t argue. I will run over you.

  • ElectricBathDuck

    justice for the driver!..justice for the driver!..LMAO!!

  • Fred

    blahahahahahaah. the fatter they are , the fatter they fall


    Hahahahahaha… It’s just too bad it didn’t kill that fat sow, anyone protesting in the streets deserves to be run over. I wouldn’t have waited so long to do it. They don’t belong in the street, streets are for motor vehicles not people…..

  • zz377zz .

    I hope they didn’t dent their car.

  • Nohiros

    Dipshits. Blocking cars is a form of unlawful restraint. 15 MPH, and if you cant get out of the way, you are getting what you’re asking for.

  • Robert Moreno

    The driver yelled hurry push her back in the water she’s dying

  • disappointed

    F**K the police…oh wait, one of ours just got ran over by a car? Call the police!

  • Cindy Gale Helton Gilland

    Why are some people surprised that if you are in the street, cars are going to run you over? I learned that at 5 years old.

    • Boommach

      Hmm, strange coincidence. My mom too… Look both ways is what my mother always said.

  • Robert Travis

    Obviously the ambulance was in a real hurry to get there lol! May e another set of protestors blocked it somewhe along the way.

  • Beauregard76

    This is what happens when you try to play Frogger in real life.

    • Zane Lohman

      You must suck at Frogger, you do know how to move right

      • Beauregard76

        LOL never could get the little bastard to cooperate.

  • TxPoor

    “Fuck da police” followed shortly by “call the cops… hit and run!”… Oh the irony …

  • damanifesto .

    How ’bout posting the video somewhere less communist than Facebook? It looks like they took it down.

  • allbuss84

    If ISIS were smart, their guys would wait for these “protests,” rent a dump truck and do what ISIS does. Then claim the Reginald Denny defense. Until the next time… Fortunately, none of them appear to be very intelligent or creative.

  • Gargamel

    So.. you attempt suicide while shouting F the police.. the car gives several warnings, the crowd threatens the driver, the driver escapes in a way with minimal harm to the suicidal snowflake, then you want the police, who you have been insulting the whole time, to help you. I don’t understand these people.

  • Mickawber

    Sounds like another good reason to have drivecams installed in your vehicles. Sounds like another good reason to fully brief all family members on such an expected eventuality–especially if you live near or in major US urban areas. We need this codified—-laws to protect the motoring public from street mobs attacking motorists and their vehicles while blocking highways, byways and streets.

  • A-Benton Edmons

    So many obliviously ignorant people are becoming ever more lawless in acting out under the allegations against police, but totally devoid of any evidence of police malpractice – – – nothing momre than accuastions. It is apparent in this video that those in the vehilce were in fear of violence against them when they accelerated the car and moved on. It appears that the driver was 100% justified in his retreat from probable attack. – Cuz’n Ben

  • JeninFortWorth

    Ppfft they yell fuck the police then when fatty-fat gets run over, they bitch because the police didn’t even chase them. Well, I wonder why! Smh

  • steve-o

    haha even the person recording knew instantly it was a bad idea to stand in front of that car.

  • Bobloblaw67


  • Elias Touma

    Shame she didn’t die. Where i am from, if people are blocking your way for illegitimate reasons (which this is), you are authorized to run them over. If they die, they die. In the middle east we refer to it as survival of the fittest, and the fittest does not include retarded self-centered morons.

    • Chris G

      Probably a Hillary voter. DUH!

      All’s well that ends well…

      • Elias Touma

        Probably. I don’t miss arab politics, but you guys have no shortage of idiots in charge and on the streets here either.

        • Chris G

          Really? We’re not the ones who get in the right of way of moving motor vehicles. We’re not the ones who decapitate the heads of those we disagree w/ politically & then say that we are the victims. We’re not the ones who burn down property & riot over a speaker visiting a college.

          • Elias Touma

            No, you are not. And that is why i am no longer there. I have lost everyone i love and care for to the terrorists and rage-inducing retards you are describing, and i am NOT one of them. You do not have that here, very true, for which i am very thankful. My statement was simply “you guys have your own brand of stupidity to deal with too”. That is all i said. Undeniably a lower brand, but a brand nonetheless.

      • Elias Touma

        Probably. I don’t miss Arab politics, but you guys have no shortage of idiots here, both in charge and on the streets, either.

  • Roger L. Perkins

    No sympathy.

  • Bob C

    Movies with a happy ending make me Giddy! hahahahaha

  • Why do people with the smallest brains have the biggest mouths? Credit to the cops for a job well done.

  • The Ghost of Obama Past

    Soros’ mercenaries.

  • jp

    hahaha play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  • Sgt PHT

    I noticed they didn’t try to block cars anymore. LOL

  • Rich

    I would have done the exact same thing. Only she may not have ever got up again. You want to block traffic, pay the consequences!

  • Nancy Gayle West

    If protesters surround your car, and you fear for your safety and that of your passengers, you have every right to get away. In the event you can’t back up, you can go forward. Anyone stupid enough to argue with a 2,000lb. vehicle deserves whatever they get. Surround my car, you will lose.

    • Jim Trent

      Yep, I have said many times that I have seen enough times where these idiots have harmed the drivers by smashing windows and dragging them out that if they surround my car I will take what actions I needed for my family and my safety. I will keep going and stop a few blocks later and call it in as car jacking.

  • baldon

    Kind of funny in a way. Protesting Police action, then calling them for help.


    That was a woman? I thought they found a water buffalo and stuck it in the road.

  • M Derleth

    I can’t see the video. I really wanna see it? Any help?

  • Shaun Morris

    cops fail to do ther ejob’s ? #runthefucks over

  • Robert Madley

    I hope the fat b*tch didn’t dent the car too bad !

  • Ray Peters

    I guarantee that fat cow got in that condition with food stamps. “Everyone meet at city hall at 9:00 a.m.!” Ya right, like anyone it that group gets up before noon.

  • Ed Price

    He should have backed up and finished the matter !!

  • ibcyn

    I would have done the same thing. Self defense!

  • Kris

    Good, they all should be ran over and it should be legal to do when someone blocks the road…especially when they do it like this.

  • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

    Every protestor that tries to block traffic should be run over..sooner or later this crap from these animals will stop

  • Marcos Duarte

    And guess who they’re gonna call? 😀


  • Thomas Kain

    cow got what she deserved

  • disqus_jiTlY7Joct

    Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

  • Stupid people! treating it like it’s a neighborhood social or something! Kids out there where shooting could start?? Please! Idiots! I can’t say I’d have done any different. That gal had enough padding that she didn’t get hurt!

  • Jule Westcott

    If you block my car and people surround my car, I will fear for my life and I will run over you to get away from the threat

  • Doug Packer

    I hope the grease comes off the car.

  • Charles Oliver

    dumb asses. Dude shoots at cops, gets killed. That IS justice.
    Block a road with a GIANT hog, get run over.

  • ntxokie

    And that kids is why you don’t play in the traffic.

  • Derrick Howard

    Idiots! Your right to whine and complain does not supersede the rights of others to move about as they please. FYI it is particularly stupid to do so in a place designated for vehicles and not pedestrians.

  • Vic

    The police need to be sued for not cleaing the street of these terrorist. The driver of the car took care of the situation. lol

  • Lorraine Rosen

    Don’t want to get hit? Stay the hell on the sidewalk you idiots!!!

  • Greg Johnson

    Entirely justified IMHO – as soon as the crowd gathered you can be justifiably in fear for your life.

  • Lory Thibodeaux

    After her big ass gets out of the hospital they need to put it in jail!! I learned at a young age if you play in traffic you’ll get hit by a car.

  • pghjr62

    SSooo, They chant “Fuck The Police”, Then they call the police for help hhmmmm, what’s wrong with this picture?

  • Gordon Harvey

    run their snowflake asses down…

  • Jerry Bumstead

    Fuck the police!!!! Help me me police this gut tried to run me over

  • Jalters

    Sooo they are protesting because a man open fired at Police and they retaliated and killed him? They are getting dumber and dumber… edit: They are also saying ” F the police ” but when the whale gets run over they are like ” GET THE POLICE ON HER ” Dude i’m done with society

  • JeannieJ

    I’m confused…were these all Isaiah’s customers?

  • FlameonMe

    What are those wedges on the front of locomotives called? Cow catchers? I think it should be a new – car option.

  • Soldier

    Another crazy white feminist stirring shit up because they’re upset because their horrible candidate Hillary lost the election for a crappy political party that has done nothing but divide Americans non-stop. If people think screaming racism and sexism all the time brings people together than they must be living on a different planet. Usually the people screaming this the loudest are the ones with the race and gender issues.

  • Jim Niven

    Now that’s a road bump

  • William Bruso

    Face it that fat dumb heifer got what she deserved. A protest does not involve taking up streets where cars are supposed to drive on. When protesters begin to obstruct the flow of traffic meant for vehicle pathway, they become rioters and rioting is illegal. It should be legal and Justified to plow over protesters who obstruct the flow of traffic. Of course people have the right to protest but they do not have the right to obstruct traffic. Plow over all of them.
    All lives splatter!

  • Curtis Johnese

    She got what she deserved. People are sick and tired of these thugs stupidity. If you stand in the road you will get run over. Bunch of dumbass idiots.

  • Billyb3233

    I don’t get it! They stand there yelling fuck the Police, fuck the police, block traffic. Then when a car knocks one on there ass what do they do, Call the police! Lunatic hypocrites. Punks. All they do is turn people against what there standing up for! Fools!

  • LibertyDwells

    The driver failed in one crucial regard: He did not back up and hit that cow again.

  • Stryder51

    They yell “fuck the police” and then want the police to help them when one of their idiots gets hit by a car? lmfao!

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    So where were the police? Donut shop?

  • Mary

    Did I read that right–the crowd was yelling “F” the Police, but then called the police for help?? Are these morons serious?? I’m afraid our country is getting dumber by the minute!! Unfortunately, these people get to vote. Wow!!!!

  • Finkley

    Cant you guys be a little more sensitive? She is not a fat pig—she is big boned. She is not a smelly hog—-she is big boned. She is not a beached whale—she is big boned.

  • tiredwhitie

    I would have done the same thing!

  • Jo

    Protesters better get used to this happening. I would do the same thing. Fat skinny, big small, old or young. You have no right to stop my freedom of movement. The best is they are screaming F the police but are now pissed when the police don’t help them. They make no sense at all.

  • Brad Scott

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  • gz1234z

    If they are blocking the streets and sidewalks preventing people to freely move about their business they are a MOB and the police need to start arresting the mob. Any criminal behavior should be dealt with immediately and the perpetrators arrested and taken away.

  • SoulSeekerUSA

    GOOD JOB, to bad the fucker is still alive.

  • gz1234z

    WHERE were the police? This nonsense needs to stop.I guess they might be busy at the Monument in Forest Park that the new Bitch Mayor wants taken down and she wasted no time in doing it. Yet, she is complaining the city has no money for the police.The monument has been there over a hundred years and there were no complaints about it till now.
    Nevertheless, if they are blocking the streets and sidewalks preventing people to freely move about their business they are a MOB and the police need to start arresting the mob. Any criminal behavior should be dealt with immediately and the perpetrators arrested and taken away.

  • Larry Johnstone

    “We want justice” all the while being unjust

  • Duane Kipp


  • Dodged5

    Did she really think that her 300+++ pounds of flesh would win against 3000+ pounds of steel on wheels powered by several hundred horsepower? If I was surrounded by a threatening crowd and feared for the safety of myself and my passengers I would probably switch into 4×4 mode and hit the accelerator. I would hate to hurt anyone but it’s self and family first.

  • Dan Kane

    All those cell phone and no one called for an ambulance.

  • Ragman69

    Weebles wobble and they do fall down? I knew it was a scam!

  • Patrick Greene

    lmfao when they run her over anyway

  • Pat Patrix

    Even if it hadn’t been justified, which I think it was, she’s so disgustingly fat I honestly wouldn’t care either way. Damn near the same size as the car.

  • I rock, you suck…

    Tubby speed bump didn’t want her horrific face filmed at the end…

  • Steve V

    Break the law to protest the Police, and then call the police when things go (predictably) wrong…smh Worldwide, bad things happen at the site of illegal roadblocks. People are afraid to stop for violent crowds. If this is allowed to continue, it is only a matter of time until there is some great tragedy. These anarchists will cause someone to lose control of a vehicle and drive through a crowd at speed. Or they may back up traffic and cause an accident with fatalities, miles from the scene of their disturbance. Either way it is their fault. Needlessly endangering Americans to make a point is a very bad idea. It should be a crime to intentionally disrupt traffic, a crime with penalties sufficiently severe as to be an extremely effective deterrent. Ten years in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine for the first offense. 25 years and 25 thousand dollar fine for the second offense, etc!

  • Rick Drew

    Blocking the vehicle, threatening the driver. Pancake time.

  • Sal Gaytan

    don’t play in the road way.


    The fat pig squealed for justice, & she got some! That should teach them not to play in the street.

  • cheryl

    Modern day Trash. Worthless on this Earth.
    (Yes, I mean the protesters) Idiots walking around with a phone like it makes their actions right. Love it that this is on camera though. People stupid enough to stand in front of cars deserve to get run over. A few months ago a group blocked an ambulance causing the emt to do a procedure on a patient because they could not get to the hospital fast enough. Time to support new laws to allow people to run over idiots like this. Plus remove their welfare assistance if they have it.

  • cheryl

    They act out because they think they can get away with it. Start pushing for laws that make this kind of action illegal.They are infringing on our rights to use the roads as they were intended.

  • Molakelover

    It is illegal to block the road for protesting without a permit and if you feel threatened you can take what ever measures you need to protect yourself including running them down.

  • Colt

    Let me get this straight….they are chanting F#$# THE POLICE bt yet they want the police to help? LOL….poor little snowflakes.

  • Pippiagain
  • PatriotNavy

    I love it. They block the streets in protest of the police, someone gets injured as a result of illegally blocking the streets, then they want the police to arrest the people who feared for their safety and attempted to disengage with the only means at their disposal. I hope that stupid cow keeps this in mind next time she attempts to block traffic. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes (like a trip to the ER).

  • Kris Thomson

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Ed Brown

    it was passed that you can bump protesters out of the way with an automobile if they are blocking the roadway.

  • Gary Lancaster

    I would sue for structural damage to my car!

  • luckysnap

    no video

  • Geoff Miller

    * There are a lot of fat, stupid people in St Louis. *

  • Butch Nowak

    Go get jobs you poor excuse for human beings

  • Jeffery Fizer

    Serves her right.

  • BobM001

    Notice how “fast” the LEA came to the scene? NOT!

  • chucky2a

    This beast got what she deserved. As for why the neighbors were so upset? Simple, their drug supply had been narrowed down. You’ve got to protect your provider.

  • LesPaulTeleStrat

    Blocking the street, acting like a bad ass, telling people to fuck off, this is what you get, its too bad that the fat ass didn’t get both her legs crushed.
    You dont want run over, dont block the road. What do they attempt to accomplish by blocking people from going home or going to work, fuck them. We should be allowed to run over anyone who blocks the street, with no repercussions.

  • David Fisher

    People need to realize a 400 lb human will never win against a 4100 lb Chrysler.

  • LakeEffectSnow

    And, what do the protesters do? Call the police for help. Sigh.

  • Perry E Edenfield

    I wonder if the idiots learned anything … like … don’t stand in the streets …lol …

  • Steve Walden

    Oh and that dog is as much of a service dog as that big who got hit is.

  • papa58

    Got what you deserved fat ass. Hope they keep getting run over.

  • Meathead

    Block the pavement in front of me and I’ll slow down a little, but never stop. You are going to meet the pavement in a unpleasant manner. Notice I said, “A little, but never stop”.

  • SmallT0wngrl

    Does anyone else see the irony in them yelling Eff the police all through the beginning and then calling the POLICE to report the incident after they illegally block traffic???🤣😂

  • Dean Gilbert

    Guess her folks never told her to watch out for cars. Hope it didn’t dent that car very bad. You don’t block a roadway and not expect to get run over.

  • Larry Crawfgord

    Very good! Get the hell out of the way!

  • Michael from Randolph

    I must admit that she’s nearly as big as the car the difference is she’s made up mostly of McD’s french fries and double burgers and the car is made of metal and other much sturdier materials. She loses.

  • AAA

    she was pretty fluffy, I am worried she damage the car and traumatized the dog

  • Vito tito

    Quick to scream for the cops when they need them but just a minute before that they were screaming fuck the police. Fat pig got what she deserves.

  • SoCalCop

    LOL I’m guessing she probably ran straight to the police after that.

  • Teufelhunde

    Read these sentences again. Really. Slowly.

    “We want justice,” A woman shrieked over the sound of traffic. “Fuck the police!”

    The car then sped through, knocking the large woman to the ground, and outraging the crowd, who then called the police for help.

  • Justin Richards

    The police already killed the bad guy… How much more JUSTICE can you ask for? Bring him back to life then kill him again! Then kill his mom for having him when she damn sure knew that she was a sack of sh*t before she ever had him.

  • fishydude

    Rioters only looking for an excuse. Don’t care what the truth is.
    Run the fat boat anchor out of the way.

    • Charles Mitchell

      Boat anchor!?!?!? Don’t forget, fat floats! LOL!


    WTF, now the hoosiers are misbehaving. Call Lyda to handle it in a progressive manner. Oh wait, she’s too busy fucking with the Confederate statue in Forest Park and renaming a nearby street, “Hood Rat Way”.

    While I couldn’t find any entries on MO Casenet for Isaiah, gramp has a few civil court ones.


    Move if you hate St Louis


    Did she scratch the car ?


    Stay out of the street!

    • Jonas Blane ll

      Your rant is pointless. This was a white drug dealing gun runner killed by white cops. Whose death is being protested by a predominately white crowd shouting F– the police and blocking traffic. As a matter of fact the 1st person to say Justice for Isaiah was a black man. No anti white racism here.

  • Sharon Vance Craft

    Have a bunch of idiots standing in the street blocking you, intimidating and stopping me would scare me…… I would probably do the same thing .If your that stupid you need your ass ran over. Learn to demonstrate the right way.

  • Hank Citti Jr

    I would do the same thing. Car was being surrounded and the driver felt a threat. It was a wise move.

  • William Mcmurtry

    I hope that her baby was okay…oh wait she’s not pregnant.

  • jules2u

    Wonder if the fool claiming it is assault understand that the woman has no right to block traffic for any reason. The driver was within their rights when she called others to surround the car making that person feel threatened. The woman was not on the legal side of this issue.

  • Bob

    Protestors do not have a right to terrorize the innocent citizens of a community by blocking traffic and threatening the police.
    Nor do they have the right to incite violence or riotous behavior. If you are standing in the middle of a street you should expect to get hurt.
    Endangering your life, and the lives of others, is NOT JUSTICE, it is JUST STUPID!

  • Aaron Cissell

    The car needed a cow pitcher like the old trains use to have for when cows would wander onto the tracks so they didn’t derail them

  • Andre

    “Fuck da pohlice!” whale gets ran over “where da pohlice!?”

  • tjmorgan

    Why are pigs allowed to roam the streets? They are a hazard to the public streets.

  • Heywood

    I hope the car that ran over the blimp is ok

  • Frank Castle

    SCREW THAT WOMAN… then an ANGRY CHANTING MOB shows up? SELF DEFENSE… next case !!

  • DefiantDeity

    HAHAHA, too bad more of them didn’t get hit by vehicles going through the intersection at 40+MPH.

  • Rusty

    I hope the car is OK.

  • Alex McIntyre

    Block my right of way, I’ll run your stupid ass over!… Fucking retards need to get jobs and stop protesting shit that has nothing to do with them!… If in a state with open carry… I’d probably shoot the fuckers if they touched my vehicle!…

  • George Godwin

    She got just what she ask for!

  • lflick

    Why is everyone so shocked? Block road get hit by car.

  • Verbal Bomb Chucker

    Bawahahahahaha. Love It. The cops didn’t even move to chase the Chrysler. Too busy laughing at the scene.

    I can hear the Cop calling this one in.

    “Ummm, dispatch, this Car 46 we have a Water Buffalo jack-knifed at the corner of 5th & Main. We’re gonna need a large crane to get the Water Buffalo back on her hooves. There’s a large crowd of Pavement Apes milling about send out the Animal Control units. Car 46….out.”

  • note to protesters…. if you see a white ford f350 pulling a 24′ trailer… might wanna clear the intersection…. 5 tons empty… 9 tons if I got freight…. gonna leave a mess in the roadway. Don’t be a moron and get outta the street.

  • Haha!! 😂 It’s totally LEGAL in my state to run over dumb-ass protesters in the street!!

  • PreD_Falcon

    You have no right to try and stop traffic, at least he pushed her outta the way first then went thru but she should have let them thru they don’t care about your silly protest thats what sidewalks are for. She deserved it period. I said it! Getting injured after being stupid is your own fault. Right of way or not remember your in charge of your life if you wanna cross the road and not pay attention go ahead, wanna block traffic and protest go ahead but you leave people that are innocent of your cause out of it should never have touched the car she should have just walked back with it no sympathy for her she is damn luck the driver knew how to push her out of the way first instead of just going right over.

  • those criminals wanted justice, looks like they got served.

  • sharon nye

    Good for them. These protesters if they are in the road deserve to get run over. How stupid!!

  • Katie Lou

    dang, hope the car is ok

  • vickie

    you cannot fix stupid.. What did she think was going to happen? Idiot .. There is a law against protesting that interfers with peoples normal daily life. It is to be away from all transportation

  • Mark Webb

    They all need to be run over. Screw those protesters. Shame on the people who bring their children to these mobs.

  • lynn

    Hahah😂😂😂😂😂. Drivers, be good to your cars and sideswipe the cows. So your car can live to drive another day.

  • Mark Webb

    What have we learned from this video? When approaching snowflakes at an intersection, speed up. End of lesson.

  • Michael Maynard

    Fat bitch played Frogger and lost.

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    Wow clearly the people in the car feared for their lives. I’m glad they were able to get to safety. I think these people assaulting the car should be thrown in jail.

  • Carl Campbell

    I wonder if it was the dude with an AR and full battle rattle that spooked the car into GTFO mode?

  • Sens Spradah


  • Brojohnm

    Seriously!?!? R.U. kidding me?
    F….. the Police ! F… the Police ! Blah, blah, blah….
    Oh, No !! owchy wowwy! I got hurt …
    Police!! Police!! Come help me!!!
    AND, guess what? They did come help…
    Now, what… ? Anybody Wanna apologize?

    • non_fiction

      Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds

  • devildoc

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Don’t want to get ran over? Stay your fat ass off the damn road!

  • TJ

    “F*** the police we want justice!”

    Immediately start crying and calling for the police when their dumbass fellow protestor gets run over.

    just lol @ these white guilt millenial liberal wastes of oxygen.

  • Stand in the road trying to intimidate people inside a 1-ton+ mobile weapon and you are going to lose.

  • Perdition2

    Now that there is FUNNY!!!!!!

  • Russell Rainey

    I can’t believe the audacity of people who think it’s OK to block traffic and then scare passersby into submission without thinking they may scare them into flight or maybe into fighting back. Trapping people in a car is hostage taking in my opinion and I’m glad I have not had to confront the situation because I don’t want my car dented and would rather not hurt anyone. Authorities should detour traffic several blocks around the protest so innocent travelers won’t have a problem and the protest may be dealt with without escalation. It isn’t right for a person trying to drive home to be forced into hurting a fool who tries to stop a car with their body – how afraid for your family might you be if your children were in the car with you – if the kids were screaming and crying and afraid you might be run over very quickly.

  • hsmom3

    So it’s ‘F* the police’ …. until the POS needs help, then they want to call the police to help? Does this surprise anyone that things would be like this in the heroin capital of the midwest???

  • Jerry L. Gelder

    That’s not a fucking service dog. If it was it would have something on it saying it was. Also NO ONE is allowed to touch a service dog.

  • Jerry L. Gelder

    Love how these idiots have nothing better to do with their lives then to protest about someone that got killed by police. Someone that fired on police with an AK47. Then they block the roads. You really think that is going to get people to sympathize with your cause?

  • J. Starr

    Get your fat ignorant self OUT of the road!

  • Barry

    “F. the police!”
    “OMG they ran her over! Somebody call the police!”

    F-ing hypocrites.

  • Pipeman

    I hope the car doesn’t have any damage.

  • looneytoonsindville

    Call the police!!!! Oh yeah, F the police!!! Call the police!!!! Oh yeah, F the police! Well, maybe we should just call the police!!!

  • squishy

    Why did they wait so long I have a short fuse-better not stick a toe in front of my car on a public road!! You just might end up a grease spot!

  • Beaker

    Give them Justice – the next time they call for Police, don’t show up. You either are for the Rule of Law and support them, or you aren’t. Assuming he had cameras and knew they were coming – he would/should have disarmed himself before they entered. And if I’m surrounded by protestors that look like they are going to drag me from my car – I’m driving through, or, if they would rather I open fire when they smash my window – either way, I’m surviving any threat to my life.

  • Paul Jacobson

    you illegally block my free movement screw you.

  • Paul Jacobson

    It’s called unlawful imprisonment and that turd should be arrested.

  • What a bunch of idiots. They need some jail time. Standing in the street for no valid reason is beyond stupid. Not a brain cell active among them.

  • GyMack

    Pretty soon the groups that sponser these road blocks will have to issue these dummies that get run over, Rainbow Heart Certificates.

    Cities need to start taking the agitators to jail instead of ignoring the snowflakes ❄️.

  • Carroll Towns

    Is it just me, or was that dog laughing at the woman? who thought she could overpower a car? He looked like he was having a good time there.

  • After they removed the dead guy, did the officers find drugs and weapons in the home?

  • Michael Taylor

    Interesting how they’re screaming, “F— the police,” until they need help. Then who do they call?

  • Jeff Dwyer

    The Fat-Ass deserved it and the rest of the cellphone waiving animals .


    “We want justice,” A woman shrieked over the sound of traffic. “Fuck the police!”
    “who then called the police for help.”
    Irony at it’s best.lolololol

  • Richard Cline

    Car 1, fat ass bitch 0! That should happen to every one of these a-holes that get out in the middle of the road or highway blocking traffic! Put the pedal to the metal and help clear out the gene pool!

  • GRAY

    >Last name Torres
    >Says he is white
    Ya ok, whatever you say lol.

  • Jody Ohmart

    lol fuck the police then they call the police wow

  • Amy Harrison

    When we protested against dog fighter, Mike Vick we were told that we were not allowed to block streets or sidewalks! Get out of the street!

  • Siegfried Kaos

    Nice gunt…

  • Angel Eyes

    Non-life-threatening injures.Damn it the driver could have done a better job.

  • Huskergram

    Looks to me like the driver saw an opening and went for it. He may have bumped her, but you can tell it wasn’t hard enough to hurt her badly. Looks to me like she’s milking it for attention. Besides, the police car a few yards away didn’t move to help her or pursue the driver. (If there was an officer in it.)

  • Flava in ya EAR

    Get her big fat ass out of the street

  • Jim Southerland

    Almost a ‘nuther goodun’ I hope the car didn’t get damaged.

  • disqus_SWe1pH5gM2

    F the police. Quick Call the police!

  • George GeorgeL

    I’ve never seen so many fat people in my life!

  • Tammy

    It’s not kidnapping.

  • Barb Ordell

    She’s going to need an extra large portion of cake tonight.

  • vickiepowell

    (1) You screaming “F*** the Police”, then threaten someone with th epolice (as in “that’s assault and we filming” comment) – WTF??? and (2) later on “we just want to make sure she safe” – then get your butts out of the street and (3) everyone one of them deserved to be done the same way.

  • Robert Johnson

    Hope the car was not damaged

  • Neal Hyde

    Tard in front of a car is a splatter waiting to happen on the pavement.

  • Larissa Thomas

    I would have run then over too, (possibly also reversed if i didnt care about the damage to the car I was in and how much the maggot has got in my innocent passing by face).. They had no rite to touch Innocent peoples cars whom where just driving by.. Stupid is as stupid does and the stupid big fat chick and the idiot whom joins her trying to take on by passers in cars, is the one who should be charged with assault and threatening behavior towards innocent people just trying to drive past on a public street !!! These protesters are acting like inbreed morons

  • Mark Whitley

    Aw hell, who left the door open again at the ‘mental health ward’ aka the funny farm?

  • Jim

    you surround my car and are yelling, I will drive over you, you are forcing the situation. sorry that just the facts, this family was not involved with this shooting but you are illegally blocking an intersection and then stopping them and making threats. the mass of people involved make it a life threatening situation, so using a car or any other weapon to protect themselves or/and family is only common sense. Find out the facts before you protest, I am sure the officers were wearing body cams, it sort of hard to argue with what was filmed, see film first then if they (officers) were in the wrong, file a legal complaint.

  • Pat Patrix

    Not everything is about you fatty. If the word fat is so “harsh” and “lethal” for you then you should probably just stay off the internet.

    • Agape Smiles

      I think I was just a little shocked because you sounded quite smart and then you just ended with such a nasty thought. Hopefully you may have realized that it wasn’t the words “fatty, fat, obese, lard” whatever you may want to use, that was “upsetting” it was the sentiment behind it. The fact that you would take pleasure in wishing violence upon people simply because they have a physical characteristic that is something you don’t have to deal with or suffer from shows how shallow you are as a person. To say it would give you pleasure to see fat people run over, burned alive or to just use them for a cheap laugh is just really sad. I just thought your comments made you seem smarter. That’s all. Hope you have a good life. Sorry for interrupting. 🙂