Handcuffed Suspect, Isaac Vigil, Hid Gun In Butt Then Shot At Denver Police

Isaac Vigil opened fire on Denver Police after concealing a gun in his butt cheeks

Isaac Vigil opened fire on Denver Police after concealing a gun in his butt cheeks

Handcuffed Suspect, Isaac Vigil, Hid Gun In Butt Then Shot At Denver Police

Denver Police searched Isaac Vigil multiple times before he pulled out a gun and opened fire at them. The officers checked everywhere except for the seemingly unlikely place the gun was hidden.

The suspect, 32-year-old Isaac Vigil, was arrested by Denver Police Narcotics Detectives on May 14th, 2014 after they observed him smoking meth in a McDonald’s parking lot. During Vigil’s arrest he became “violent and aggressive” prompting detectives to request a patrol unit with a cage for transport.

Furthermore, after a 3-day-meth smoking binge, Isaac Vigil made it clear he did not want to go back to jail. Vigil told police several times that he wanted to shoot them and that he wanted to die. Due to Vigil being “highly agitated” officers did a search the best they could noting in the report how difficult it was to search him. It was even listed in the DA’s report that officers searched Vigil 3 separate times before being transported.

Detectives transported vigil to the police station and then Vigil somehow managed to pull out a handgun which was stored in his butt. Once they arrived at the station Vigil refused to exit the car and ultimately fired two shots at Denver Police Officers from behind his back. Vigil was able to get two shots off before his gun jammed. Officers fired back hitting Vigil in the stomach, thankfully no officers were injured.

A more extensive search of Isaac Vigil also revealed he was hiding two baggies of meth in his “rectal area.” Vigil’s prior jail time could explain why he was so effective at carrying and concealing a gun and drugs in his butt crack.

Not surprisingly, the Denver District Attorney’s investigation determined that Corporal Sisneros would not be facing any criminal charges for shooting and injuring Vigil. A statement released from the DA’s office stated, “I conclude that under applicable Colorado law no criminal charges are fillable against Corporal Sisneros.”

Isaac Vigil was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia along with assault, felony menacing and illegal possession of a weapon.

Vigil is also being charged with attempted murder for firing at Denver Police. After recovering from his injuries in the hospital, Vigil was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Vigil, who has an extensive record, is a convicted felon and is not allowed to be in possession of a fireman. The gun fired by Vigil that day was a P25 Auto .25 handgun with the serial number filed off.

This should come as a wake up call to officers, make sure you are being through and meticulous with your pat downs or searches. Never underestimate a handcuffed suspect. We can never be too careful

  • John J Rouse

    He will,get plenty of butt action for awhile now,

    • Rachel Chappell

      Maybe the doctor could sort of..sew it partway shut just so he doesn’t spend all his prison time smuggling large appliances around.

  • Kservatius

    Arriving at the jail with an obese female prisoner, arrested for armed robbery a State Trooper turned her over to me for a complete search. Located in the folds of her stomach fat was a .25 auto pistol, had she not been so obese it could have been possible for her to maneuver her cuffed hands to the front, retrieve the gun and shoot the Trooper….I was lucky as well, once uncuffed there was a brief scuffle, which again due to her obesity she was not able to retrieve the gun from her fat rolls and shoot me…..Wasn’t our time….

    • Rachel Chappell

      You all have my respect, but never, ever my envy…because ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Thomas Mc

    Somebody flunked frisking 101

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        Would you want to search his butt? Unless a strip search was done, it couldn’t be found.

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    To bad the gun didn’t go off while it was still stuck up his Azz!

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    The McMeth head is probably wondering if he could fit a shotgun next time, so he doesn’t miss.