Inmates Made Defective Combat Helmets For US Troops

Federal inmates manufactured defective helmets for the U.S. Army and Marines.

Federal inmates manufactured defective helmets for the U.S. Army and Marines.

Inmates Made Defective Combat Helmets For US Troops.

When you think about who should be trusted in making the armor that protects our U.S. soldiers, you probably don’t think of anti-government federal inmates. However, one armor manufacturing company did, and our troops are dealing with the fallout.

A government contractor decided to take the proceeds of a lucrative military contract and hire inmates to fabricate helmets for the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps.  The helmets, proven faulty, are dangerous and defective.  This astounding news is now revealing a corrupt system which endangers the lives of our combat troops.

In 2006, ArmorSource LLC accepted a bank blowing $30 million contract to manufacture the Advanced Combat Helmet for the Army and Marine Corps.  With the fat check in hand, they did the most irresponsible thing that a manufacturer of body armor and kevlar helmets can do – they entrusted the job to federal inmates.

That year, production started at the Beaumont Federal Prison in Beaumont Texas under the sub-contractor Federal Prison Industries (FPI).  The same prison that houses the likes of Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, who had fired 8 gunshots at the White House in an attempt to kill President Obama. it also houses Oscar Wyatt, the Texas man who paid Saddam Hussein kickbacks to secure oil contracts.  Clearly, this place is not filled with patriots like you and I.

So what happened when we entrusted these degenerates with the brain-buckets of our armed forces?  Between 2006 and 2009 they pumped out nearly 126,052 helmets that were found to contain unauthorized materials and degraded armor according to Department of Defense tallies.  And due to their tampering of serial numbers and the measures that they used to thwart quality control, many of these ended up on the front line.

These issues were brought to light by two employees of FPI who sued ArmorSource in 2010 on behalf of the government.  In total, the government lost $19.1 million in the deal gone bad.  ArmorSource, whose original contract granted them $30 million, was only forced to pay back $3 million. The two whistle-blowing employees walked away with $450,000, a reward for their insider info.  Each inmate was paid between $0.23 – $1.15 per hour for their crap work.

But the real cost here isn’t the monetary loss the taxpaying citizens will eat.  The toll taken here is that the lives of our brave men and women holding the line abroad were treated as invaluable garbage.  Their safety was given over to the hands of criminal degenerates responsible for attacking our nation from within.  Two companies were caught playing games with our heroes lives, and they walked away virtually unscathed.

But why would anyone start taking responsibility now?  Their pockets remained intact and the prisoners were given a shot at “rehabilitation”.  In a deflecting statement, the Bureau of Prisons said that they reviewed the matter “did not develop any information” that the shoddy helmets caused harm to any soldier; this in spite of the tampered serial numbers.  Which begs the question – who is running the asylum these days?

  • Gio

    I’m not sure what the expectations where with $0.23 – $1.15 per hour wages LOL… not crap work?. the inmates here are besides the point, they are in jail paying for what they did and have no control over this, the company with the contract holds all the blame, of course inmates will half ass their job at best, the contractor is to blame here 100%… also I would like for that contractor to return the rest of my tax dollars or provide quality gear.