Injured Baton Rouge Hero Sues Black Lives Matter Leaders

An injured deputy is suing Black Lives Matter.

An injured deputy is suing Black Lives Matter.

East Baton Rouge Deputy Sues Black Lives Matter

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – An East Baton Rouge Parish Deputy who was injured during a Black Lives Matter inspired terrorist attack last year, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter leaders for inciting violence.

Black Lives Matter leaders DeRay Mckesson, Johnetta “Netta” Elzie, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi are all named in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed by attorneys for “Officer John Doe Smith,” was shot by a person “violently protesting against police,” which was caused or contributed to by the leaders of Black Lives Matter, according to WAFB.

The lawsuit states that the Black Lives Matter leaders organized a “Summer of Chaos,” and “Weekend of Rage,” to stage and orchestrate protests which devolved into violent rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore, McKinney, and Dallas.

The lawsuit doesn’t mention the officer by name, but states that he is a East Baton Rouge Parish Deputy. The attorneys representing the injured officer had previously sued Black Lives Matter behalf of an injured Baton Rouge police officer.

The newly filed lawsuit states:

At least eleven (11) police have been shot dead and at least nine (9) more wounded by BLM protesters, activists, and/or supporters. The leaders of BLM and Defendants, not only, incited the violence against police in retaliation for the death of black men shot by police, but also did nothing to dissuade the ongoing violence and injury to police. In fact, they justified the violence as necessary to the movement and war.

The shooter who shot JOHN DOE POLICE OFFICER was from Kansas City. The shooter left Kansas City and went to Dallas following the BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTEST and police shooting there. From Dallas, he went to Baton Rouge to extract revenge for killing and acting out in violence, as BLM leaders had directed its followers as to how to react to killing of black men by police, and that retaliation against police was proper behavior in warfare and revolution.

The lawsuit requests a jury trial; no date is set.