Indiana State Trooper Joseph Malone Saves Woman From Kidnapping and Rape

Jung Bik Cem was arrested by Trooper Joseph Malone for attempted rape after a bizarre plot to force a girl to marry him.

Jung Bik Cem was arrested by Trooper Joseph Malone for attempted rape after a bizarre plot to force a girl to marry him.

Trooper Joseph Malone Arrested Jung Bik Cem For Bizarre Rape/Kidnapping Plot

Johnson County, IN –  Jung Bik Cem, age 19, drove all the way to Indianapolis from Georgia to kidnap a woman, impregnate her, and force her to marry him.

According to IndyStar,  he met the unidentified victim on Facebook a few weeks ago and had been trying to court her on social media.  She had tried to break off the online relationship repeatedly.

They had never met in person but Cem learned through social media that the victim was going to her cousin’s wedding at a church in Southport.  He showed up at the wedding on March 25th and sat next to the victim.

During the wedding service, Cem stole the victim’s cell phone.  He refused to give her phone back, walked to his car, and ordered her to get in.  The victim got in after he told her that he would give her the cell phone back; instead, he drove off.

The victim told Cem repeatedly that she did not want to go with him.  He refused to let her go and continued driving.  He was driving south on I-65 toward his home in Tucker, Georgia when she yanked the steering wheel and tried to put the steering wheel in park.

Cem pulled over south of the Whiteland Road exit in Johnson County.  The victim tried to escape but Cem held her down.  She then took the keys out of the ignition and threw them out of the passenger window.

Cem forced the victim into the back seat and got on top of her.  He got on top of the victim, held her down, and was trying to rape her, when Indiana State Trooper Joseph Malone showed up.

Trooper Joseph Malone had responded to a report of a disturbance.  Upon arrival, he approached Cem’s vehicle and observed Cem in the back seat, on top of the victim, with his pants down.  In his own words, Trooper Malone said that the victim was struggling with Cem and screaming, and that he “forcibly removed” Cem from the victim. Cem was placed in custody.

The victim was not injured.  Cem has been charged with attempted rape and criminal confinement, both felonies, and misdemeanor theft in connection with the attack.  He is already out of jail after posting bond of $19,000.  His next scheduled court date is May 11th.

Thank you hero Trooper Malone for a job well done.

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