BREAKING: I-85 On Fire, Collapsed From Flames

I-85 is on fire in Atlanta.

I-85 is on fire in Atlanta.

Massive I-85 Fire In Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – I-85 collapsed near Piedmont Road after a massive fireball overtook the interstate during rush hour traffic.

The roadway has now been shut down, but prior to the shutdown, people were driving into the massive fireball.

The fire started at around 6 PM near a MARTA train barn.

The fire is believed to have be fueled by giant spools of plastic utility conduits being stored under the overpass, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Firefighters fought the fire for hours and appeared to be having trouble putting out the flames from the plastic chemicals.

The smoke plume from the blaze can be seen for miles.

We don’t know at this time if there have been any injuries. Especially with people who ignored their eyes and drove through the inferno. So far there have been no injuries reported.

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A Fox 5 Camera crew is on scene and you can see their coverage here:

  • Lawman49

    Since when do we store FLAMMABLE materials UNDER an elevated highway? Surely we have “rules” against that? Question #2… How was the fire started?

  • kpow