BREAKING VIDEO: Graphic Video Shows Suspect Pull Object Off Of Officer’s Belt, Gets Shot Down

Video shows a Huntington Beach Officer-Involved Shooting

Video shows a Huntington Beach Officer-Involved Shooting

Huntington Beach Shooting Video

Huntington Beach, CA – Video was captured of an officer-involved shooting where a Huntington Beach police officer fatally shot a suspect on Friday morning. The video is below (WARNING: GRAPHIC.)

The incident happened at around 9:30 AM Friday morning when an officer made contact with a man at the 7-Eleven at 6012 Edinger Ave, according to LA Times.

The suspect and officer ended up in a ground-fight, the tail-end of which was captured on video.

In the video, you can see the officer on top of the suspect and the officer appears to be trying to get control of the suspect’s left arm.

The suspect then uses his right hand to grab something off of the officer’s belt.

The officer then glances down and sees the suspect holding the object. The officer then jumps off the suspect, creates space, and opens fire. The suspect was transported to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

At this point in time we do not know what led to up the shooting or what object was pulled from the officer’s belt.

At this point we can only speculate, and we will need to wait until more facts come out on this shooting.

An unconfirmed witness report states that they believe the suspect pulled out the officer’s magazine. Initial witness reports are often unreliable and this should be taken with a grain of salt.

If this is the case, it’s possible that the officer was not aware that the magazine had come from his belt. When he looked down he would have only seen that the suspect he was fighting with was suddenly in possession of a loaded magazine, indicating he had a gun.

The suspect also could have removed a knife, baton, or pepper spray from the officer’s belt. However, at this time none of this information has been confirmed.

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There are multiple videos below which show the incident. WARNING: Very graphic content.

  • Mariaca

    Justified or not, this shooting has now made this officer’s life extremely complicated from now on. #BlueLivesMatter

    • Spencer456789

      i hate all this fucking stupid “Insertcolorhere Lives matter.” every life matters. stop classifying by race or role or whatever the fuck it is. every life matters. all these fuckers in the Black lives Matter movement are just idiots trying to get special treatment for shit that happened in that past. they need to fuck off, same with the feminazis. it’s equal rights, not women’s rights and black rights and white rights and cop rights. america is a shithole nowadays that should just burn

  • CJ Spencer

    Looked like he got hold of the Officer’s OC canister. Looked too round to be a magazine and I doubt that he would have used deadly force over a suspect holding a mag The OC would have definitely incapacitated the Officer, I say good job.

    • Michael Craig


  • A. Ferguson

    Well if you fight the police, you get what you ask for. Comply and live….fight and die. Pretty simple.

    • JuiceMan37

      amen to that. A.Ferguson.

    • Nay Halsey

      No its not that simple. You have the right to protect yourself against false arrest.

      • hdsbomber

        That right is protected by a court of law, tough to exercise that right if you’re dead!!

      • Gil Vietor

        I was under arrest, for something I didn’t do, where I looked like the guy who did it. Know what I did? I complied. I lived. The officers looked like idiots by their peers which was more than enough.

        I went to the gym the next day and said to my black buddy, DWAYNE I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL (pounding on my chest with my fist) (he starts laughing) What happened? I WAS ARRESTED CAUSE OF THE COLOR OF MY SKIN (i start making MLK jr voice doing speech, loudly) THEY WERE LOOKING FOR A WHITE GUY WHO HAD BLUE EYES AND A RED BEARD I WAS HELD FOR 3 HOURS MAN!

        Guess what, they apologized, his upper management, which was enough. Nobody got shot, nothing bad happened, and they eventually got the correct guy.

        Stop being stupid, stop hitting cops, stop assuming they’re Waffen SS soldiers out to rape people.

        • Noel

          Still, the cop should’t have shot the kid. Just my opinion.

          • discobiskit


          • Neda Bauer

            you know something we all don’t??please then contact the court and say you are willing to testify. (mr. bauer)

          • Peekin-In

            you weren’t there.

          • Gfrischmann

            OK, what if the “kid” got to use the taser on the officer, would he have been nice? Would he have just walked away from the incapacitated officer or would he have disarmed and killed him? Would you take that chance?

          • laughing tyger

            See my post above, it shows what happened before – the man was VERY aggressive. And because he took an item off the officer’s belt after being highly aggressive, the officer had every reason to believe the man could have attacked and potentially incapacitated him and killed him.

      • Harrison7973

        No, you don’t because the law assumes the likely fact that you know nothing about the law. Just because you don’t know why your being arrested or don’t agree with it, you do not have the “right” to resist. If it turns out to be a false arrest you have the “right” to a lawsuit to address grievances at a later time, but if you resist orders given by an officer, the only right you have is to an ass kicking.

      • Phillip

        No you do not.. Dumbass moron. you have the right to defend yourself in court. Nothing more. Stupid people like yourself is the problem with this country.

      • Memphomaniac

        ..and you can be Dead Right. Don’t be a dumb azz.

      • Neda Bauer

        yes it called comply, hire an attorney and then sue. you do not have a right to attack.

      • Peekin-In

        So says someone who might die if she follows her own advise.

      • ZuZu’sPetals

        No, you do not have a right to resist arrest. You go with the cops and take your arguments to court.

      • Gfrischmann

        No you don’t. The law says that you comply with the officer and that after the arrest is shown to be false the person arrested improperly can sue the officer and the department. The officer also faces internal discipline as well as termination. These punks need to learn that the liberal rhetoric spewed by the schmucks of BLM and Antifa will get you killed and rightfully so.

      • laughing tyger

        Here is more video … the guy was VERY aggressively going after the officer and then grabbed and punched the officer before what we see above. It looks like the officer even attempted to use a taser.

      • Gina

        No you don’t. It’s BS thinking like that, that will get you killed.

      • Mblock

        You have the right to fight it within the legal system not on the street. You might want to read the laws before you speak.

    • Jesse Cole

      Completely aree… but coming from a town close to STL the irony of your name and your comment is not lost on me lol.

  • Mblock

    I am good with it. The criminal took 6 shots to the core and stayed on his feet, It was not until the last shot which hit either the back his neck or head that he went down. Once again lead is cheaper then a court and when you fight you endanger everyone and if something you do is seen as life threatening to the cop then well you die. Guess what? He dead.

    • Noel

      Twelve thumbs up for the police state!

      • Mblock

        So says the person who grew up in America. Child I have been abroad about a third of my life and police and military in other countries would make those fake shit stains in your panties real. You are an idiot that is just spouting liberal rhetoric like a good little lemming.


  • allbuss84

    Totally unjustified! This was all a big misunderstanding! He was on his way to college and was a good kid that just noticed the officer’s belt was way too heavy and offered to help carry some stuff for him. The officer should have just said, “no thank you!”

    • Mblock

      No the officer understood what he was asking and offering. Do you know how heavy lead is? The officer was just transferring some to him the old fashioned way.

    • Tony Nichols

      This isn’t a joking matter man. That kid had parents. Do you think they need to hear shit like that. Yeah the kid fucked up and from the looks of it got what was coming. Just have a little respect for that kids family.

      • ms4130

        Well said but don’t get too troubled about those types of comments. It’s gallows humor, old as humanity and Freud was writing about it almost 100 years ago.

      • avgjoe

        All is just using the analogy the far left & its media always uses like they did with other POS thugs like treyvon martin, mike brown, eric garner youve seen it as they continue to call the antifa marxisrt thugs “peaceful protesters”

      • Randall Flagg

        His POS parents are probably the number one reason he is dead now.

  • Ralph Bregant

    Looked to me like a tazer.

  • Terry

    Looks like a bad shooting to me unless the guy had something lethal the guy was turned away from the officer when the cop opened up.

    • avgjoe

      did you watch the video wit open eyes or was your head up your rectum? So If I have a gun I can just turn to the side & police cant shoot?Do you realize how dumb you sound?

    • Jerremy Leach

      shut up troll!

    • True School

      He grabbed the officers pepper spray dummy! If you think that can’t be dangerous PLEASE go jump off of a cliff!

    • NYCFiredog

      A pepper sprayed cop is a blinded cop who is then vulnerable to a beating and grabbing his service weapon. and using it on him. He was OBVIOUSLY not adverse to lethal confrontation to the Nth degree. And by the number or rounds it took to drop him, who knows what he was on?

    • LilD_in_big_D

      Please dont reproduce, even with the ability to review it several times you still have no clue what you saw…

  • Dirk Daring

    Kid looked to be white, nobody is going to burn down a city over it.

    • Nay Halsey

      Nope because yal dont care if one of your own gets murdered while being unarmed.

      • Dirk Daring

        We don’t reflexively defend our shitbags like”Ya’ll” do.

        • hdsbomber

          Well said, Dirk, well said!!!

      • Peekin-In

        Wow………….look at all the blacks being killed by their own and nothing happens. No one will say who did it, they spread out like cockroaches and no on saw nothin. A police officer shoots an armed black suspect and you’re all in a dither claiming he’s a racist. Look at what your own community is doing to each other. Look at the gang murders, little ones being killed in their beds by thugs outside and you saw nothin,. Shame on BLM, shame on the people who saw nothin but riot, loot and burn because they don’t have anything to make themselves productive members of society. Shame on you for your racist comments. Please, don’t have kids and pass on that prejudiced gene……….

  • avgjoe

    Looks like another antifa POS thinking they dont have to follow rules.

  • Michael Stadtler

    video wont play on my computer.

  • chuck334

    Keeping the gene pool clean one moron at a time.

  • Pushed to the limit

    One less democrat. Hoo-Ya!

  • wagonwheeldc

    Yep and hope the mommy is a leftist. Funny not worried about my kids cause I was an adult and raised my kids right. If that makes you mad oh well my kids are alive. Going to dinner

  • James Ripley

    a full mag in a closed fist is a deadly weapon…. just sayin MSM ……

  • Gennette Strickland

    He got what he deserved!

  • Brady Louis

    Looks like a flashlight to me. However the officer may not have known what was pulled out and he may have had a knife on his belt near it or he could have thought it was his OC. Suspects back was turned to him at the time and he wasn’t taking any chances with what was taken from him. Amount of shots fired was fine too because he didn’t drop till his blood pressure bottomed out.

  • Jeff Muirhead

    It looks like he had pepper spray. He wasn’t advancing on the officer…….completely excessive force.

    • Gregory Kesner

      Ahh HELLO MCFLY.. Anyone in there. You do know that Pepper spray as you call it can reach out and touch you from a distance right?? From 5-10 feet away he could have sprayed the officer and incapacitated him. Then taken his service weapon and killed the officer.

      • LilD_in_big_D

        McFly is just another Troll.


        Great point that people don’t think about……By the way, I watched it slowed down and it was definitely a mag from his mag pouch…Which sticking out of the suspects hand, could be construed by the Police Officer as him having a weapon…..Moral To The Story……Don’t try to steal from a Police Officer…..!

    • Liberals are dipshits

      Jeff you moron. Shut Up and please stay off juries

    • laughing tyger

      Here is video of what happened before what we see above. He had already assaulted the officer

  • Rich

    Great job Officer. One less thug to worry about!

  • Deny

    No great loss to society! Besides he was white so nobody will care.

    • ms4130

      It’s sad that you’re correct. Actually some of the protestor types will actually care, but it wouldn’t get them out of bed on it’s own. They’d have to already be protesting probably and they’d mention this other guy as a side grievance.

      • Deny

        Besides Soros won’t pay whitey to protest whitey. No news in that!

  • Liberals are dipshits

    Looky like Good solid Po Po work in a dangerous environment. A dead liberal is a good liberal.

  • pete480

    Don’t expect any protests or riots after this one.

  • Barry Emmons

    Me personally, I would upgrade that firearm to something with more stopping power. Too many shots wasted.

    • Mike Norris

      I figure he left a round in the mag. He must have miscounted his shots, another shot would have definitely sealed the deal on this Puke…

    • nohyphenamerican

      Could have been on drugs.

  • Frank

    This is a perfect example of if you get shot with a pistol, unless it is in the head or spine your still in the fight. I feel bad for the officer having to do it but as they say better him than me!

  • genetracy

    The punk does a great rendition of the Curly Shuffle.

  • Bluedog

    took his Streamlight or Kubaton …either way you dont try and make it look like a weapon….hes was a dumbass.

  • Rob Stevens

    Sure I might be a sick bastage, but I do enjoy videos of the police delivering well deserved instant justice. OUTSTANDING JOB OFFICER!!!!

  • John Hajicek

    That looks to me like a small LED flashlight, kept on the back of the belt where there should be no weapon. The police don’t have any more right to fear than any another citizen — they don’t have a right to shoot people just because they are nervous. They don’t have a right to have zero risk. For some reason society has accepted that the police can shoot any suspect if there is any mere possibility that a suspect is holding a weapon. The police believe they have no obligation to move backward and wait for help.

    • Lanayru

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! They don’t have the right to zero risk? The fuck they don’t! The job is dangerous, yes. That doesn’t mean the police have to allow themselves to be hurt. Honestly I don’t give a fuck what people are doing when the police take them out. DON’T FIGHT THE POLICE!!! If this guy would have complied he would still be alive, end of story. Even if the police officer makes a wrong arrest or anything, you deal with it in court like a civilized human being. You fight the cop, you are taking your life into your hands.

      • John Hajicek

        Why don’t citizens have a right to zero risk? Why can’t I shoot people who make me nervous because I can’t see their hands?

  • Joseph Nizzari Sr.

    If you want to get ventilated, go hands on with a uniformed police officer and start ripping shit off his belt. Because that’s how you get ventilated. Good shoot.

  • Chris .

    Die fukstick Good guys 1 losers 0

  • ms4130

    It LOOKs like he grabbed a revolver from the officer. I can’t make it out very well. This is just plain stupid. People have got some balls scrapping with police. Hard to imagine. 9:30 in the morning too.

  • Dos Maximus

    Black lives matter !!! … oh he’s white , never mind .

  • makiling_sa_cubao

    replayed the vid 5 times….I like it when the bad guys get shot dead…7 shots in all…the dumbass must be high on something. no looting on this one, no mass media on this one…after all, the dead guy doesn’t seem to have the right color for a looting or burning or marching or a f**k the pow-lice march…

  • Chad Blair

    Just obey just obey Che, and Stalin would have loved you guys! Kim Jun loves blind obedience to. Maybe instead of restoring what our fore fathers built we should continue on course with the ideals of Carl Marx.

    With that said I don’t think he did a smart thing. I don’t know what he did, but was it worth being killed over? Grabbing OC spray? That cop could have taken that kid without any assistance. He jumped the gun. If I was this kids father you better bet your ass that this act would have been the end of this cop. His mom would have to make some funeral arrangements too.

  • Noel

    I just don’t see any reason for the cop to shoot him. Even if the kid was black or brown, no reason that is obvious. The cop is just scared. It’s shootings like this that cause me concern. Most cops are good people and would keep a cool head. Yeah, the kid shouldn’t have been fighting with the cop and shouldn’t have grabbed the flashlight, but still no reason to shoot him in my opinion. Shot him way too many times too.

  • RPJ

    As I used to tell my kids, comply & keep your mouth shut. You will always be able to get your day in court. DON’T screw with people that are allowed to carry guns & have an ability with their discretion to use them.
    That being said, I get the feeling that was his pepper spray. That can incapacitate him & would have given due cause to shoot.

  • Bob Singer

    Cops have guns in California? The left will change that soon.

  • William Griffith

    Interesting little dance he did…

  • Neda Bauer

    i am sure BLM and antifa already have all the answers and are ready to loot, burn and riot. mr. bauer)


    Eight bullets?….they need .45’s…one should do.

  • shadowmane20

    It was his baton, flash light, or pepper spray. Whichever it was, it authorized the use of deadly force. You don’t touch an Officer or his equipment.

  • ZuZu’sPetals

    Don’t fight the police and you don’t end up dead! Anyone else remember the day when resisting arrest would put you “under the jailhouse”?

  • James

    That’s murder…. Officer secured the gun already and he chose to fire unarmed citizen. Grand Jury should indict this murderer and max penalty on this murderer.

    • Rusty Blake

      Video clearly shows the gun in his hand before he fell…stupid.

  • dattebayo

    Im trying really hard to figure out why he shot him after he stood up, “straightened his hair” and made no offensive moves towards anyone or attempted to run?
    This was a bad shooting and this needs to go to the grand jury.

  • dsstrainer

    I usually lean towards the police with these, but this one’s going to the victim here. 6 rounds into him while he brushes his emo hair out of his face, showing no intent to even point the object he took off the belt (mini flashlight?).