The Legend Of Hugh Mungus Continues As A Meme

hugh mungus

The man. The myth. The legend. Mr. Hugh Mungus. (YouTube)

The Legend Of Hugh Mungus Continues As A Meme

Seattle, WA – A different angle showing Mr. Hugh Mungus’ antics has been released. He is now a meme.

A little bit of a back story behind Hugh Mungus:

Social justice warrior Zarna Joshi is an anti police protester. Joshi and her fellow social justice warriors are protesting the city building a new police station. One guy who is in support of building this police station had just finished an interview with a local news crew. Joshi tried to stir up trouble with him and asked him his name. He drops the biggest dad joke ever by saying “Hugh Mungus”. Joshi is triggered, loses her mind, and starts screaming that he sexually harassed her.

As Youtuber “thatistheplan” puts it:

If your ideology can just crumble at the hand of a single dad joke, you probably need to re-access your priorities in life.

Part of Joshi’s account as to what happened:

I was sexually harassed and then criminalized because I wouldn’t shut up about being sexually harassed. And the city wants to give these cops $160 million dollars to build a military bunker to “protect us”. The cops didn’t protect me. They didn’t look out for me. They didn’t give a damn. Why would they? They’re part of a gang that molests and criminalizes innocent people all the time.

Since we posted the original video showing just how crazy she is, a new angle from a different camera has been released:

Just when everyone thought that the Hugh Mungus incident was over and social justice warriors everywhere were sighing with relief, the internet turned Mr. Mungus into a meme. Popular meme wizard and comedian Ethan Klein released a hilarious video on his YouTube channel h3h3productions that breaks down the entire incident. H3h3’s video breakdown of the the whole situation gained 1.2 million views in 48 hours. Watch Ethan’s account of what happened below.

Read our earlier post about the whole incident HERE.

  • Sam Sewal

    Sadly I think all of this negative press will only fuel Zarna’s sense of victimhood. I doubt she’ll see any error in her ways.

    • mal35m

      Sadly, I think you are right. It is positively surrealistic to see the video and then read her blog and her friend’s comments. I wonder if anyone in her clique had the common sense to tell her that maybe she shouldn’t upload the video because if a guy went after a woman the way she went after Hugh Mungus, security would have restrained him for the police who would then have charged him with anything from disturbing the peace to sexual harassment.

    • BoomBoom252

      If reason fails, then ridicule is the answer. Might as well humiliate the archetype she represents to un-popularize it from the younger generations.

    • Zap Rowsdower

      Victimhood is the soil where the seeds of fascism are sown

  • Gentlemanandscholar

    I saw this as an original story. I’m really glad somebody broke this down and made it into the joke it really is.

  • Dan Hikamly

    She harassed him by not leaving him alone and letting the law deal with it. If anyone sexually harassed anyone, she sexually harassed him by assuming his intent was sexual and seeing him in a sexual way.

    • Well, she knew that the “law” wouldn’t do anything because no law was broken. She’s a provocateur, what we used to call a “shit disturber” back in the 1960’s. It’s all about stirring the pot and also nowadays cashing in on Patreon.

  • Daniel Albano

    You know how bad that one security guard wanted to say it, Respect amount of restraint shown.

  • Flint, MI

    I think the guy should press charges. This sick a**hole needs her community service: a week of cleaning highways or cleaning toilets in a hospital – that would be suitable. (BTW, is her US visa current?)

  • Flint, MI

    Now I see how these BLM protesters may provoke cops to respond and then start screaming about “harasement”, “BLM!”, etc. I think wearable cameras is a good idea to protect cops from dangerously sick a**holes.

  • Rudy

    I would like to thank those who donated to Hope Soldiers in helping get two women in programs for there addictions. By working with law enforcement and recovery programs maybe the best way is a partnership amongst us. I thank you… Humungus from Ballard WA

    • Hey, you’re the real Hugh Mungus? I’m honored to read your comments, sir, and I assure you my prayers are with you and your family. I pray that the Good Lord blesses you all, and I also pray that He does something to help that poor demented Zarna Joshi person. No way can your problems be worse than her problems, if you know what I mean.

  • Rudy

    I went to hearing to save my daughter’s life and or prison. I’m a Seattle dad that wanted to work with the Council to try to help get other women off the streets in Seattle if picked up by Police these young women had a safety net to get clean. It is impossible to get a word in without chaos to be a Mexican American dad in the Seattle City Council Chambers that support law enforcement and then Recovery. I do want to thank Seattle,Shoreline,Edmonds Police and Snohomish CO Sheriff Dept. For getting my daughter arrested and off the Streets.Hope Soldiers in Everett for getting her in treatment. Commander Pat Slack for encouraging me to get Sober from alcohol. This is an Important matter between my daughter and I and Zarna had no business questioning our family matter. I never once wished her harm I met with our Seattle City Council to exercise my right as a dad to support law enforcement and community programs.

  • Rudy

    Please if you can or know someone who can please share my experience and donate to Hope Soldiers so we can save someone like my kid from this powerful addiction

  • Matigari

    Zarna and Hugh might as well be one person according to google

  • Rudy

    I am grateful for the support and many friends I have gotten to know here in the United States and around the world. I stand by the men and women in uniform that protects and preserve our streets and neighborhoods across the country. One bad apple doesn’t make the tree a bad tree that provides the wealth and welfare in our country. Zarna would be better served taking her energy and diverting it into something that truly helps women in discontent. I’ve reached out to King CO Councilwoman Jean Kohl-Welles. I’d like to see a Domestic Violence Dating Violence handbook distributed to our local community centers,libraries, coffee shops schools and areas re

  • Rudy

    There are laws that protect our women and being a dad with a daughter I want her to know her rights of fact not myth and know that when she calls for help that the handbook may have given her the education that calling law enforcement is the right thing to do. And she knows and I know she may not be alive today had it not been for our law enforcement. Law enforcement stood by her and protected regardless of how shitty she was acting out. Zarna was not there to protect and to save her life from the dirt bags both men and women who abused her. Thank God for Blue lives matter because the feminist movement tuned their backs on my daughters who life does matter. Dad and grandpa Rudy from Ballard or known as Hugh. God bless and be safe

  • Rudy
  • Rudy

    I am going to run for Seattle City Council win or lose someone needs to start a dialogue in Seattle and I am already getting support from our young people in the city. I will seek out the finest talent the city has to offer. I’m going to wait until I have surgery on Tuesday and see if I will be able to yalk

  • Rudy