Trevor Noah And The Media Continue To Incite People With False Information On Charlotte

Trevor Noah and the media mislead people about officer-involved shootings.

Trevor Noah and the media mislead people about officer-involved shootings.

Trevor Noah And The Media Continue To Incite People With False Information On Charlotte

Satirical comedian news anchor, Trevor Noah, openly criticized police in a rant on the Comedy Central show “The Daily News.”  His false and irresponsible statements, made during the thick of the Charlotte rioting and chaos, only adds to the fire.  Other media sources, besides Trevor Noah, are also getting this wrong.

During Wednesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah took aim at police stating, “It seems extremely easy to get shot by police in America, which is not right.”  He continued in his anti-police rant and attempted to make light of police involved shootings.  He said, “When a white officer shoots a black person, the first accusation is racism.  The police officer’s first defense is, ‘But what about all the black people I haven’t shot?’”

While Noah, a native of South Africa, is afforded his American right to free speech, its important that we understand the impact of uninformed and inflammatory statements have in such volatile times.  As the perfect example, just look at the uninformed and inflammatory statements which kicked off the Charlotte riots in the first place.

In separate stories ran today by “legitimate” news outlets, we see their devious and inflammatory side too.

Early media attention was focused on the Charlotte criminal shot and killed, with news outlets reporting false information that he only possessed a book, not a gun. That narrative has been proven false with hard evidence. Its seems that they will do anything to make exciting news at the expense of the police officers.  One media outlet, The Charlotte Observer, reports that Keith Scott did have a gun, BUT there is no evidence that he was POINTING it at the police.

The media pressed Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney for answers about the “pointing of the gun”.  Putney’s honest response simply stated that he could not see the gun pointed at the officers.  Please note: An armed person can point a gun at officers and fire before officers have time to react.  These legitimate reporter either don’t care to find that information out, or they know and they are just ignoring it because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Even the New York Times took a plunge at fanning the flames of this riot.  Their headline, “Charlotte Police Shooting Video Not ‘Definitive,’ Chief Says”.  Now that is out of context.

Whether its a longtime “respectable” news outlet like the New York Times, or a glorified comedian like Trevor Noah pandering tasteless jokes on a cable network – one thing is for certain, the media has become a reckless source hyping the anti-American causes at the expense of the American way. I pray that, as tonight may be another night of rioting in Charlotte, it is not at the expense of an officer’s life.

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    The operative word in “The Corrupt Liberal Media” is “Corrupt”.

    Liberalism has killed journalism.

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    We need a bill to criminalize the slander and lies against police

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      slander is already illegal. liberals are above the law these days

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      Well they CAN get him for inciting violence.

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    police need to be held accountable for their actions. this website and all of its contents are a steamy pile of BS

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    At least Jon Stewart was funny.

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    People like this belong in jail for inciting a riot with false information.

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    You suck at grammar AND facts. GG, trump and chumps