Hillary Clinton Meets With Black Lives Matter In Cleveland But Refuses Request By Police

Hillary Clinton met with Black Lives Matter leaders but refused to meet with Cleveland police officers.

Hillary Clinton met with Black Lives Matter leaders but refused to meet with Cleveland police officers.

Hillary Clinton Meets With Black Lives Matter In Cleveland But Refuses Request By Police

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to meet with members of Black Lives Matter prior to a speech professing inclusion and communication, just after contradicting herself by refusing a request to meet with Cleveland police officers.

Clinton made a campaign stop on in Cleveland on Friday, speaking to about 1,600 people gathered at the Cuyahoga Community College, metro campus. Clinton, while standing behind a podium bearing a sign that read, “Stronger Together,” spoke about a “unifying vision, bringing us together, not tearing us apart,” and declaring, “I want to be every American’s president.”

Her “unifying vision” however doesn’t appear to include law enforcement, and many believe that it never has. However her vision does include Black Lives Matter and aligning herself with their dangerous, dividing, false rhetoric based on misinformation. Case in point:

Prior to her speech, Clinton met with Black Lives Matter leaders DeRay Mckesson and Brittany Packnett to continue “the discussion of how they can advance equity and opportunity in the African American community.” Coincidentally, or maybe not so, Packnett recently announced her endorsement of Clinton for president.

Considering that Black Lives Matter alleges systemic racism in law enforcement, and are proponents of defunding police departments that fight crime in black communities, the police weren’t invited to the discussion.

Local law enforcement officers reached out to Hillary Clinton and asked to meet with her to discuss their concerns. Clinton could have taken the opportunity and proven her claims of inclusion and the desire to be “every American’s president” by accepting an offer to meet with members of law enforcement in Cleveland. Instead, she refused.

Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, said in a statement released by the Donald Trump campaign, “Hillary Clinton shows where her priorities lie when she meets with radicals from Black Lives Matters but refuses requests to meet with our local police officers here in Cleveland, Ohio, and across the nation. By accepting this meeting with this racially exclusive and divisive group that has incited attacks against police officers, she sets back our efforts to restore trust with the law abiding citizens we serve in the neighborhoods where our presence is needed the most.”

Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation President Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, said in a statement, “Hillary Clinton disrespects the sacrifice of law enforcement officers across America by meeting with a group like Black Lives Matter, which has advocated for violence against police officers. Hillary Clinton’s affirmation of this group just weeks before the election reflects the worst kind of pandering by politicians in this country who will stoke racial tensions to promote their political agenda.” 

In her claims of inclusion and to become “every American’s president”, Hillary Clinton has decided to exclude the men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives protecting both those who respect what their sacrifices, and equally, those who do not.

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  • Hillary would burst into flames if she spoke the truth.

  • Lucy Day

    To Quote a fb comment “If you can not work with all parties involved then you can not get the intelligent people’s vote! Smh” So the only ones voting for her are stupid people lol.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    HRC meets with thugs and refuses to meet with those who are heroes. Anyone who votes for HRC is a complete and utter moron who cannot see how corrupt she is.

    • Knotalibby

      Or they can see and don’t care. They are as lawless as she is.

      • sidearm45 .

        That’s impossible.

  • Tressa

    By doing what she did it will just incite more violence because she gave them a bigger platform with her backing, Hillary the Criminal and Obama the Divider.

  • Dorothy Kansas

    She is such a scum

  • CarolinaCries

    Disgusting self serving bitch. She KNOWS the police have a target on their backs because of Black Lies Matter, yet she meets with them and not police. Please do not help protect her when she comes to your city. Police should refuse. She cares NOTHING about officers’ lives. She’s pandering for the black vote, any officer killed because of her political aspirations results in their BLOOD on her nasty hands again. She has called blacks the N word, super predators, thugs. Yet they vote for her anyway. Hard to understand unless it’s just for the free stuff she promises. They scream racism for everything yet she gets a pass because she gives free shit out.

    • MoodyRed

      Don’t hold it in. Say what you mean ????

  • C rizzo

    I have tried to control my hatred for this woman, but today I am beside myself between the DNC and Hillary paying people to invoke violence at Trump rally’s to her giving the finger to law enforcement. She is an evil, evil person and if you vote for her just remember she could not even get a job at the FBI as a janitor or a secretary because of the crimes she has committed.

    • MoodyRed

      I hear ya. I won’t be able to breathe until Nov. 9 when Trump wins the nomination!

  • teach them young!!!!!!!

    Hillary for prison 2016!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck BLM

    • Nigel Jenkins

      Is that blue lives matter or black lives when referring to the fucking

      • Gracie’s Girl

        Blue Lives Matter has never went by BLM

  • MikeAT_ACW

    What’s really bad. I know very good cops who will vote for this, and I use the term rarely but it’s justified her, cunt.

  • patssoxfan

    Trump was right – she IS an evil! woman!!!

    • usmc2008

      And nasty woman. But that’s obvious.

  • Nigel Jenkins

    So when she ignores police it’s a big deal politicians ignore black communities all the time I don’t see you guys writing a story about that

    • Robert Travis

      The worst poliicians about ignoring the black community, are black themselves. Look at the worst places in America, all run by black mayors, black city councils, etc…..and the blacks that live there suffer worse than anywhere else.

      • Erik Black

        Rob, it’s sad, but SO TRUE!

      • Nigel Jenkins

        You guys making it seems like I like kiliary. Don’t speak on blacks like everyone of them are thugs don’t paint them with a broad brush you wouldn’t want them same to be done with law enforcement. I respect all people as long as they respect me# Gary Johnson for prez!# interraciallivesmatter

    • Erik Black

      Yes niggel, blacks control the mostly black neighborhoods(sheriff, mayor, councilmen), but still blame whites for their problems, even with a black president. It’s a “big deal” because police brake{sic} crime while black communities make crime!!

    • MoodyRed

      Those politicians are democrats that promise you the moon, and after you vote for them they could care less. That’s how Hillary is. She don’t care about you, but Trump does!

      • Nigel Jenkins

        Trump doesn’t care about me either lets set the record straight none of these candidates give a good shit it’s a battle of the less evil which is Gary Johnson

        • bannedbymotherjones✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

          No career politician gives a flying f**k about anyone but themselves and those who can benefit them. I don’t trust Trump, I trust Hillary far less… I’d like to see Gary Johnson and even Jill Stein taken seriously as candidates but I don’t see any candidate that is independent of the two major parties being taken seriously.

  • Edward Sion

    Hillary Clinton once again shows how much she really cares about the law and those who have the responsibility to enforce in. By meeting with the BLM all law enforcement officers should be ready for what this means. It will no longer matters if officers follow the law or department guide lines. For her it will be any time an officer is involved in a shooting or other use of force when making an arrest he/she is guilty until proven otherwise. Instead of encouraging people to resist arrest it would help if she would tell people that in the street is not the place to fight the police about an arrest but to do it in court. If people were to follow that simple rule use of force against people wouldn’t be a problem.

  • MoodyRed

    We cannot let this corrupt woman lead this country into her sewer! Period!

  • Elaine Powell

    She will make it so difficult for state and local police that she will invoke Marshall law or call in the un “peace keepers” you vote her in you get what you deserve and will be the first crying for the police to help you asses.

  • Teri Brackett

    Hillery is only trying to get the black vote….She will never be every American’s president because she hates us all. We are just a vote to make her queen. It would please me to no end if she would just dry up and blow away…maybe to Russia, yeah…Russia would be good.

  • David F. Podesta

    She CANNOT be “everyone’s president”, because she owes her soul to her owners-the Arab Sheiks and all those other big donors, like Soros. Anyone who could vote for Hillary must understand that she is a criminal, and bought and paid for.

  • RJL

    She can’t “live up to her message of inclusion.” There isn’t enough money coming out of the law enforcement groups to make it worth her while! She talks out of both sides of her mouth; someday someone will shut it for her! Trump 2016!

  • Barbara Lyons

    http://joeforamerica.com/2016/10/watch-hillary-calls-black-waiter-n-word/ check thi
    s out because It appears once again she appeased the masses of BLM and behind close doors treats black lives differently ! You are backing the usual hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton ! Do not let this kind of manipulation continue !!

  • stop crying

    She has to be sure to get that vote from her puppets.

    • Boss_E

      I bet you smell just like Trump’s balls as you spend so much time on those marbles

  • Jennifer DogRescuer

    BLM wants defunding of police depts who fight crime in black neighborhoods? We don’t have to defund them,let’s just pull the cops out and let BLM police black neighborhoods. Why should good people risk their lives for ungrateful and divisive people?

  • Harleyrose

    May God bless and watch over all our officers in these horrible times!
    Our American law enforcement needs to know there are still many, many more who stand with them than against them!

  • cardnut

    Given the despicable verbal abuse that Clinton has heaped upon her Secret Service guardians — the very people who are tasked with keeping her safe, even at the risk of their own lives — her disrespect for our police officers is sadly not surprising. Forget “bringing us together.” Hillary is for Hillary, and she has decided that pandering to BLM will win her votes.

  • Robert W Butler

    Hillary Clinton does not give a shit about black lives matter she only wants to use it to forward her agenda

  • KDogg

    Absolutely disgusting. Engineered propaganda at its finest.

  • Lisa Farmer

    This article fails to mention that Hillary has already met with police leaders and formed a comprehensive reform plan, including a $1-billion commitment in her budget for police training. Here’s a link to a brief overview, but more comprehensive policies are outlined in her web site. I’m not saying to vote for her, but her plans are a lot more comprehensive and laid out than Trump saying that now’s the time for police to get serious and crack down on drug dealers and gangs. Sorry, but that’s insulting to the hard work already being done by the police. They are already serious. And Trump is intending on shrinking federal support in his budget as he cuts taxes.


  • bluedye33139

    The police groups are part of the Trump campaign. Why would she meet with them?