Here’s What We Know About Hero Officer Horujko Who Stopped OSU Terrorist Attack

Officer horujko stopped a terrorist

Officer Horujko

Officer Horujko Is The Hero Who Stopped A Terrorist Attack On OSU Campus

Columbus, OH –   A planned terrorist attack on innocent people occurred at Ohio State University on Monday shortly before 10 AM.  Multiple victims were injured and some remain hospitalized today. The attacker, Abdul Razan Ali Artan, was shot and killed by OSU Officer Alan Horujko.

OSU Officer Horujko joined the Ohio State University Police Department in January, 2015.  According to news sources, he was responding to reports of a gas leak at a campus lab when Artan drove his car into a crowd of people outside of Watts hall, got out of the car, and began stabbing people.  Officer Horujko ordered the attacker, Abdul Razan Ali Artan, to drop his weapon (a butcher’s knife) and shot him when he refused.  Artan died at the scene.  Police reports indicate that Officer Horujko had kept OSU dispatchers updated during the incident, including that there was a victim lying on the ground, before he shot Artan.

Officer Horujko was placed on administrative leave Monday and the investigation was turned over to Columbus police, which is standard procedure for police shootings. However, if NFL player had their way, this hero would be placed on unpaid leave and be unable to pay for his rent or groceries.

Alan Horujko, 28, is an avid runner, and has completed several half-marathons.  He began studying Engineering at Ohio State University after graduating from high school but changed his degree to Security and Intelligence.  Officer Horujko graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University in 2012.  While he was a student at OSU, he worked with Student Safety Services and said that “by working (at Student Safety Services) and seeing what the police do, and what Student Safety does on the campus, the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff really led me to a law enforcement career.”   He is engaged to be married to a fellow OSU graduate in October, 2017.

Officer Horujko had earned his Peace Officer certification after his OSU graduation and had previously worked as a Police Officer for Ohio Health for a year.  A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, he graduated from Fairfield High School in 2007 and was an outstanding student.  According to Fairfield High School sources, Ohio State University Officer Horujko participated in drama and computer courses, music, track & field, band, drama club, foreign language club, computer club, and science club.  He was also a Cub Scout.

OSU Officer Horujko was part of Surviving An Active Shooter training video made by Ohio State University administration about a year ago.  In this training video, Officer Horujko and other officers can be seen in the video in various scenarios including confrontations with violent, armed individuals.

Parents of OSU students praised Officer Horujko as a hero.  One parent said “I am a OSU parent of a Freshman that lives close to where all this happened. I want to thank you, you are a hero.” Ohio State University students also thanked Officer Horujko for his heroic actions.  One graduate student said “THANK YOU Officer Horujiko!!! We appreciate your service and bravery”.

The terror this morning was cut short by the heroic actions of Officer Alan Horujko.  We thank you Officer Horujko for being a Hero.

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