Children Harassed Over Cop Halloween Costumes – “Look! He’s a cop! Let’s shoot HIM!”

Caden, left, Julian, right, both dressed as their favorite hero for Halloween, only to face backlash from their communities.

Caden, left, Julian, right, both dressed as their favorite hero for Halloween, only to face backlash from their communities.

Children Harassed Over Cop Halloween Costumes – “Look! He’s a cop! Let’s shoot HIM!”

Children in some communities faced harassment over their choice of Halloween costume this year after they dressed up as police officers.

Many children decided to dress up this Halloween as their favorite heroes. Thankfully, some of those children still view police as heroes. Julian, 5, of Sunnyvale, CA and Caden, 7, of Elkton, MD are two kids who admire police officers and wanted nothing more than to be one for Halloween. Only problem is, their communities didn’t have the same feelings towards police.

Andy, Julian’s stepfather, gave the following statement to Blue Lives Matter:

Julian couldn’t  wait  to be a police officer for Halloween…too bad most of the neighborhood gave the impression they didn’t like cops. Most of the houses I took him for trick or treating said dumb  remarks. My son was so happy to go out there in uniform,  he’s  5 years old so he didn’t understand but I DID. And for the kids to make fun of him because he was in uniform right in front of their parents was a sad thing to see. Not going to say all the houses we went to were like that but a lot were. My son did get lots of candy, they didn’t ruin Halloween for him but, he might not want to become a police officer when he grows up anymore because of the hate…very sad…

When we first received this story we thought hopefully this was an isolated incident, but across the country in Maryland, Amanda, the mother of Caden, would tell us a very similar story:

We live in Elkton, Maryland, where there was a recent police involved shooting on October 25, 2016 involving 2 suspect fatalities at a Motel on Route 40 very near our home. There are very polarizing opinions on our local LE since the event. Both my husband and I are volunteer firefighters, and our 7 year old son is the County Little Fire Chief. Back in September, when we took our son to find a Halloween costume, he quickly chose to be a Police Officer. He told us he wanted to be like his late Great-Grandfather, who retired as a Lieutenant in the Maryland State Police. Once things became increasingly hostile towards LE in our hometown, he remained determined to dress as a Police Officer. His costume included a toy gun and holster, which we decided to exclude in light of the recent events in Elkton. I wondered how our evening would go. He turned out to be the only one dressed as a Police Officer in the entire neighborhood. Most of the people we encountered just complimented how professional and nice his costume was. Unfortunately, as I feared, a child about 9 or 10 years old made a comment about 10 minutes into trick or treating. He said, “Look! He’s a cop! Let’s shoot HIM!”. By the time we turned around, that child and his friends were running away. Others made comments throughout the night, such as, “I don’t want to walk next to a cop!” And “Watch out, there’s a cop over there!” However, as expected, our son continued to impress everyone by not paying attention to the negative remarks and keeping his head held high. We were absolutely disgusted that there are people that have such disdain and hatred for the police, and that these people would take it out on our 7 year old son. He made us all proud by showing his support for LE last night.

Blue Lives Matter made certain to let these children know how proud we are that they chose to honor our profession despite all the hatred and criticism. Its sad that when a child dresses up as a cop in the United States of America, they have to face some of the the same treatment we get on the job everyday.

No child should have to experience something like this just for dressing up as their favorite hero. Share Julian and Caden’s story to show your support for these brave children.

Do you think that children should avoid police officer Halloween costumes? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

  • akatom3565

    Keep the faith “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke. Here is to all those who join the best profession in the world and those to come. Keep Safe

  • pfreedomland

    I want to stand up for Elkton / Cecil County. As the Sergeant for the Sheriff’s Office Community Resources Unit I interacted with more than 2,000 children at two different Trunk or Treats this past weekend. One in Elkton, the other in the southern portion of our county. I saw a few kids dressed as Cops and made sure to high five them and noted ZERO hostility towards them. I then shared a photo on our agency Facebook page on Halloween night on our agency page of a little boy in a great cop costume. It got over 1,000 Likes. Not sure where the little boy in Elkton saw this hostility but based on personal experience I want to say that WAS NOT THE NORM.

    • amanda

      We could tell you our story and the details if you would like, Sgt. The large group we were walking with all heard the exchange.

  • nickyn

    It is disgusting they would do that to a child & LEOs but unfortunately we as LEOs are treated that way Daily!! We use the word disdain they have for us, here at work too, it’s mind blowing! I was brought up to Respect Police, the law & people in general! I never knew how much DISDAIN there was for LE until I got on the job!! Your son is already conducting himself like an LEO, By IGNORING ALL THAT GARBAGE!!! Sad that it’s that way but it has only gotten worse with every passing year!! No surprise they RAN AWAY, All These Cop Haters, Killers Etc are the Biggest COWARDS you’ll ever come by!! Sad ppl teach their children to hate period, especially the police!! Both little Boys Should be very Proud of Themselves!!! That’s a True Leader that doesn’t worry about the consensus!!! A True Leader is a Molder of consensus!!! Don’t be so sure negative remarks will detoure him from wanting to be a cop…He’s been Hearing it in Recent Times, wether u realize it or not, believe me And He Still CHOOSE to Dress as a Cop!! With Shows Respect & Honor for the Police!! Shows that These Are The Guys He Looks up too, They are His Heroes!!! AND WITH THAT…GREAT JOB TO YOU ALL FOR TEACHING YOUR BABIES TO RESPECT & HONOR THE POLICE, NOT TO DISRESPECT & FEAR THEM!!! YOUS HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB TEACHING YOUR KIDS WHO THE GOOD GUYS ARE!!! AND FROM AN LEO WHO GOES TO WORK DAILY AND DEALS WITH THAT AND THEN SOME ???? THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!! IM SURE ANY LEO THAT SAW THEM APPRECIATED THAT AND WAS MOVED BY IT!!! KEEP TEACHING OUR CHILDREN TO HONOR THOSE WHO PROTECT AND SERVE!!! THAT IS OUR FUTURE!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • amanda

      Thank you for your kind words and your service! Our family is a family of first responders, and we are so proud to stand by law enforcement! If everyone just started showing a little bit of respect, this would be a much nicer world!

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Sad that any kid wearing any costume should be harassed. Children should be off limits to a-holes. Unfortunately some people have no moral compass.

  • tekwrite

    Sounds a LOT like ISIS which starts children off at an early age HATING law and order.

  • Jim McGuire

    Not on the job, so may comments are from a citizen. I fully support LE 99% of the time, every now and then like any profession someone should have chosen a different path. That being said, as a citizen I cannot fault slowed response times in high risk areas. In fact I support it. Sometimes it is best to allow nature to solve its problems. When wolves have a problem within there pack, they solve it normally by ridding the pack of that toxic wolf. I cannot for a minute expect any LE to take on additional unprovoked risk based on a phony narrative parroted by the likes of racists like Obama, Holder, Lynch & The Clintons along with the entire plantation owners of the democratic party. No, intelligent person could ask that of people who willfully sign over their lives with a blank check for the common good. So to all LE’s be careful and be slow, keep your heads on a swivel. Your lives have a higher value then most. Just know that in my opinion the majority of citizens support you. I would gladly fight along side our LE if they ever needed the help.