Group of 5 Opens Fire on Police in DC

Group shot at police in DC

Group shot at police in DC (Fox5DC)

A group of five people opened fire at Washington D.C. police officers. The suspects were all in the same SUV when the shots at officers began.

Fox News reports:

Police arrested five people for allegedly shooting at officers in Washington, D.C., early Tuesday, officials said. No injuries were reported.

The group allegedly fired at police to avoid arrest, not as part of a targeted attack on cops, a police official told The Washington Post.

Officers in marked police cruisers were responding to reports of gunshots just after midnight in southeast Washington, D.C., near Martin Luther King Elementary School, when the cops were shot at by people inside an SUV, police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said.

Police returned fire at the suspects, who barricaded themselves in the vehicle, Sternbeck said. Officers ordered the group to come out, but they refused.

After about 30 minutes, three women and two men in the SUV surrendered to authorities. None of the five had been publicly identified as of Tuesday morning.

The investigation will include whether the individuals who were arrested may have been involved in any other crimes before police arrived.

Thankfully, the officers are all OK and the suspects are all in custody. It’s not being reported that any officers or suspects have been shot, so we are currently assuming that nobody was hit. If any of the suspects were shot, then hopefully these thugs will live long enough to stand before judge and be prosecuted for their attack on our police officers.

We need to remain prepared for the possibility of additional violence in the coming weeks as Black Lives Matter spreads their false narrative. There may be more people who are angry at the police and decide to fight rather than just run.

Here’s to hoping that this group gets locked up for the rest of their lives.