Grand Canyon University Professor Suspended For Comments Critical Of Black Lives Matter

Grand Canyon University has suspended Professor Toby Jennings for his comments on Black Lives Matter.

Grand Canyon University has suspended Professor Toby Jennings for his comments on Black Lives Matter.

Grand Canyon University Suspends Professor Toby Jennings

Phoenix, AZ – A Grand Canyon University professor who spoke critically about Black Lives Matter in a public forum has been suspended from the University after Black Lives Matter activists complained.

Toby Jennings, who is a black professor at GCU, made the comments almost a year ago, according to Fox10Phoenix. The comments came shortly after the assassinations of police officers by Black Lives Matter radical terrorists in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

University officials were not made aware of the comments until recently, when Black Lives Matter complained. Jennings has since apologized, and the university investigation is ongoing.  He has been suspended for the rest of the semester.

In September, 2016, GCU posted a link on its website to a ministry forum called “God’s concern for the poor:  What’s missing in social justice”.  The forum participants had a beneficial and positive discussion, and Jennings’ comments most likely were made as a result of the passion which he has for his subject.

In the forum, Jennings said that Black Lives Matter has many voices, and that some are good, some are not so good.

He said, “You have folks that participate in it on one side that are very thoughtful about the matter and then on the other side, you have people on the opposite side of that who frankly should be hung and I did say that on video.. they are saying things that are not helpful in any shape or form or human dignity or flourishing.”

The phrase ‘should be hung’ is controversial and inappropriate, especially when taken out of context, which is what the group did when they complained.

According to GCU, officials from its School of Theology talked with Jennings after he made the comments, and told him that his remarks were offensive.  The matter appeared to be handled, as other university officials were not made aware of the comments or the incident.

But some Black Lives Matter members in Phoenix have now responded and said that the University has not done enough, while not saying what exactly is enough.  Brian Mueller, GCU President, said in response, “Yes, it was wrong, but it is an isolated incident and it does not represent who our faculty is and it does not represent who our students are.”

Perhaps Black Lives Matter is angry that another black person has called them out for what they truly are.  It’s a shame that an otherwise good professor, with no apparent previous history of inappropriate remarks, gets called out and made an example of.  But it’s par for the course for Black Lives Matter.

  • gunslinger97

    Speak out against anything from the left and you will be vilified.

    • Just1Name

      Pathetically Sad, isn’t it.
      The Dumbed Down, brainwashed Ignorant, will bring this country to a new low, each week.
      Carrying on the BO legacy.
      Funded by Soros.

    • Robert Hughes

      When will the majority take back the country.

      • gunslinger97

        Very soon I hope. Not sure how much more of this we can tolerate before it’s too late.

  • Shauna Hernandez

    I attend school at GCU via online. HE NEEDS to be REINSTATED and the stupid movement ignored! Grow up BLM people are going to say things that might hurt your feelings!!

  • Von Hincher

    Black lives Matter group are the ones that need to be suspended from society along with their MONEY from the meanest man in the world, Socialist George Soros. It is so hard to believe that this country has let Soros feed $millions into the BLM foundation in his attempt to destroy the USA, or all the good in the USA.

    • Tonya Parnell


    • Les Landers


    • proteus

      “suspended” as in “hung” … i can see that ….. blm just doesn’t realize that they are slaves to the established government of the soros gang and those inner city dwellers who suck on the welfare and snap teat are slaves (by their own making) to the federal government … now whose fault is that?

  • Marc Burcham


  • Janice Peacock

    Why is this professor not allowed an opinion or free speech

    • Barrustio

      He’s not a liberal and he speaks the truth, that’s why.

  • Yvonne Dorris Shepherd.

    Although the comment was inappropriate, if he said it, but have yet to see anyone from BLM do anything, but cause trouble, riot, burn down towns and beat people to death so if one black professor made a rude a comment that was racist about his own race then maybe people should open there eyes and take a good look at what what BLM really is. A racist hate group. No better than the white racist hate group’s.

  • Will Draughon

    This is total BS! Had he called for the hanging of POTUS, he would have been glorified and given tenure. ANOTHER leftest, so called institution of learning. They, as so many others, are a joke!

  • William Black

    More folks need to participate in the pro USA demonstrations. Overwhelming force will drive them underground. Our level of violence will depend on their actions.

    • CraxyD

      Better be armed then. Need to have a few piles of Antifa bodies in order to make them stop their sh*t when they start it.

  • David E Brown

    The truth hurts ? Doesn’t it Grand Canyon?

    • proteus

      Grand Canyon is pulling their jockeys up so tight to protect their reputation .. it is a fact, that they have lost … once antifa gets their sights on your university … you are toast …let us let blm run the country … in 3 years, when there is nothing left, the survivors can take over and rebuild

  • Deplorable Charles

    The black professor made his comments at a PUBLIC FORUM, which means he was on his own time, not the school’s time. The school caved in to the Black Thugs Matter Alt-Left terrorists.

  • Irredeemable OC5150

    Leftists hate when a critical thinking and independent minority, especially a black person, speaks in opposition to the leftist agenda.

  • Tony Cheri Koelsch

    I hope the University will reconsider it’s action against this professor. For one, he is right on the money. BLM needs to be called down for their deplorable behavior. And yes, they do some good things. Are these poor children unable to be scolded without making it a federal case? Apparently so, and the U unfortunately caved to a bully group.

  • Robert Hughes

    He was and is correct.

  • PhantomVirus

    Look – everyone was all excited about the asshat that stated that Texas was being hit by Harvey for voting for POTUS – people cheered his removal.

    Now we are upset that someone speaking out about BLM gets removed from their job and it’s all boo-hoo 1st amendment.

    It cuts both ways not just when it fits your agenda. If you are a teacher / public figure or other – your words MATTER. I am not condoning or condemning either result just pointing out the lunacy.

  • Clows

    Black Lives Matter is not a terror organization. If they are, then the confederacy deserves to be erased from history. You can’t blame an organization based movement for radicals who are lone acting and unsupported, just like you cant blame the confederacy for motivating and rallying white supremacists and the KKK. This article is biased as expected from the Blue Lives Thugs.