Gary Johnson Supports Black Lives Matter

Gary Johnson supports Black Lives Matter.

Gary Johnson supports Black Lives Matter.

Gary Johnson Supports Black Lives Matter

Election time is just around the corner, and a lot of people are looking to show their distaste for the two major presidential candidates by voting for third-party candidate, Gary Johnson. Before you jump to team Gary Johnson, be aware that he supports Black Lives Matter and apparently thinks that police are racist.

After announcing his support for Black Lives Matter, Johnson went on to defend his support by citing statistics of black men getting disproportionally shot and arrested. Like just about everybody else who cites these statistics it completely ignores the reasons that police shoot people (threatening their lives) and arrest people (committing crime.) It’s somehow the fault of police officers that a disproportionate amount of black men are entering a life of crime.

It may be hard to believe that a libertarian candidate can go around supporting a marxist political movement like Black Lives Matter, which is, you know, basically the opposite of libertarianism. However, Johnson doesn’t appear to see any contradiction there.

It’s little surprise that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld both happen to be big fans of the most anti-police candidate ever, Hillary Clinton:

And then there was the time that Johnson completely lost it over the use of the term “illegal immigrant”:

Do you think that Gary Johnson would have more support if he didn’t cater to the Black Lives Matter crowd? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

  • Gary

    This is ridiculous. Cops should be allowed to shoot every nigger on site. #Trump #grabthembythepussy

    • Rebecca Groves

      You bring shame to the BLUE!

      • Naw, he’s the same sort of racist shit-stain that make up the majority of police forces in this country.

  • Lisa

    Whites are disproportionately killed by the p.d. and who gives 2 shits about this idiot, he didn’t know what Allepo was. He’s so stupid the secret service wouldn’t take a bullet for him. I hope he goes out and protests and loots with them

  • Rebecca Groves

    due to vile comments, I will not be sharing this.

    • You go to a racist site that supports police who lynch black folks, and complain about vile comments? Well aren’t you special.

      • Rebecca Groves

        Blue lives Matter is NOT a racist site, but some of the people that comment here are! I was referring to Gary’s remark above, you fool! You piece of trash show me where one cop lynched a black person, I can show you where many many black people have killed the BLUE! Yes I am special, I respect and admire the police!

        • Anytime a pig kills an unarmed person of color because they claimed (s)he was ‘resisting’ and got paid vacation as their only punishment, you have a lynching. Every time a pig shot someone, and all the cops there agreed he was a menace, but cameras or witnesses show they were lying, you have a lynching. The list of black folks lynched by pigs in the past two years in long, and public. Any organization that tries to justify murder by saying pigs should not face judgement when they fire their guns is racist at heart.

          • Rebecca Groves

            Take your lying BLM ass somewhere else and feed them your false narratives. Blacks kill more blacks, more whites are killed by the police! PRIDE, GUTS AND INTEGRITY – BLUE LIVES MATTER!

          • I prefer taunting racist pig-loving scum like you. It is time for police to face a criminal investigation every time they shoot a civilian, an investigation done by an outside agency whose performance is evaluated solely on how many convictions they get, and who are in turn investigated if they don’t produce enough convictions of killer pigs.

          • Rebecca Groves

            You definitely have a comprehension problem, you attacked me because I did not want to share a post with racist hateful comments, now I am the racist..Grow up and take responsibility, all you do is regurgitate lies, the real statistics are out there, educate yourself, go to school, take law, become a lawyer and fight the system the right way.

          • If you oppose Black Live Matter, you are a racist. If “Blue Live Matter” is your response to repeated and consistent complaints of police racism and excessive force, you are a fucking sick racist, and a waste of genetic material. Blue Lives Matter was started by a racist hate group, and anyone who supports it is racist. Fuck The Police! And fuck the pig-loving scum who support them.

          • Rebecca Groves

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          • Rebecca Groves


          • Thank you for making your racism, and the racism of everyone who responds to complaints of police brutality with the obviously racist slogan “Blue Lives Matter”.

            Keep sucking those pig-dicks, small that they are.

          • Black Lives Matter! Blues lives only matter when they are getting life without parole for their racist crimes. If I saw a pig shot in the street, I would not even bother to call for an ambulance, and if I the shooter was black, would refuse to identify him. Now, if the shooter was white, and especially if he looked like a Republican, I’d gladly testify against him.

          • Rebecca Groves

            You are the problem , TRASH!! Hope you die son, bye bye

        • Gary

          This is definitely a racist site. Evey article is propaganda and shows everything about African Americans in a negative light and acts like every cop is a hero and can do no wrong.

          I’ll keep posting the most vile and fucked up shit on every article to prove the point that majority of readers are racist and create so much traffic to expose how out of touch you are.

          Also, to become a police officer, one doesn’t need much education either.


  • mjoinsd

    You sheeple need to stop sucking in the press and one-sided opinion pages and just do some research on your own. There is a Netflix documentary called “13th” which goes into this topic. It is very well presented, and very compelling, and assuming factual, it gives credence to the BLM motives, but not to their methods. What Gary Johnson said here is actually reflected in that documentary.

    I am a white male Christian, married to a Filipina. I had been married to a white girl and a Chinese girl in the past. From the beginning when BLM first became known and an ‘organization’, I was dead-set opposed to the group, period. Until I watched that video.

    I am a reasonable man, who can listen to well presented arguments based in fact. This is a level of integrity I do not see in any of these asinine comments, nor to the article here. Every comment prior to mine is useless and does not contribute anything but violent intent. I used to be like you, but am struggling to not be a racist ass like many here clearly are. I find my own racially charged responses to BLM in the past to be abhorrent. I’ve even been banned by places like Washington Times because of it.

    What I cannot tolerate, and will continue to rail against with racially charged words, is the violence BLM uses.

    And, what Gary Johnson said here is not that he supports BLM. What he said was that there is a disproportionate killing and incarceration of blacks over whites. Watch the documentary and you will find, if you are being honest about learning the issue, the reason why. It is actually quite appalling.

    And before any of you comment on my post here, watch that documentary and include something talks about as evidence that you are honorable enough to engage in a reasonable debate. If you are going to just go hating – you can shove that hate up your orifice of choice. I find that as violent as BLM riots, and it makes you no better.