He Claimed An Officer Drew a Gun On Him, Forgot About Dash Cam, Gets Charged With False Reporting

Franchize Baby McWright was arrested for making false allegations about a police officer.

Franchize Baby McWright was arrested for making false allegations about a police officer.

He Claimed An Officer Drew a Gun On Him, Forgot About Dash Cam, Gets Charged With False Reporting

On Wednesday, a Minneapolis man with the unlikely name of Franchize Baby McWright, 27, accused an officer of pulling a gun on him, stealing his cell phone, illegally searching his cell phone, and illegally searching his car. The incident stemmed from a traffic stop in April when Franchize Baby McWright was stopped for a cracked windshield.

Video from the officer’s dash camera showed a very different event than what was described by Franchize Baby McWright. The officer never actually pulled his gun on Franchize Baby McWright, and when asked for his proof of insurance, McWright handed the officer his phone, which had a picture of his insurance card on it because he didn’t have a paper insurance card with him.

On the traffic stop, Franchize Baby McWright demanded to see the officer’s supervisor and medics because “he was having a panic attack and experiencing PTSD from the traffic stop.” McWright was evaluated by medics on scene, and then he filed complaints with two supervisors.

After a full investigation of McWright’s complaints, which included a review of the dash cam video, it was determined that Franchize Baby McWright was making everything up. Somebody apparently didn’t tell him that manufacturing a false narrative of events only works with Black Lives Matter protesters.

Ramsey County District Court is now charging Franchize Baby McWright with four counts of falsely reporting police misconduct.

We expect that over time, people who once called for dash and body cameras will soon start protesting them because the video has a police-bias. Rather than catch police behaving badly, these cameras are showing that the problems usually originate with the suspects.

Hopefully with the cameras becoming more widespread, we will see some more people charged when they make false allegations against police officers.

  • Pamelita243

    I know most cops don’t like body cams, but in cases like this they’re worth it. The public needs to see and hear what cops have to deal with every day.

  • Common Man

    Just one more reason why I could never be a cop. I have no idea how cops can put up with idiots like this guy.

    • ChiefD

      We just do, or in my case, did.

  • Usedtowearblue

    Every person that make false accusations needs to be criminally CHARGED. I had a guy make a false complaint against me and did so in writing. He later admitted it was FALSE and I wanted charges but the DA wasn’t interested. Thanks DA for your support.

    • Photo-guy

      DA’s go where the votes are. Not where the needs of the cops on the street are.

      • Man, if that isn’t hitting the nail on the head……… Most DA’s are now “how can it benefit me??”… it can’t ,so they don’t

      • paramore309

        well, but criminals don’t vote….the D.A was just a pussy 🙂

    • LL

      Has anyone ever tried to sue fools like this in civil court. Yes I know many do not have a dime or at least they claim not to have a dime but who knows they could come in money someday and they should have to pay one way or another in not criminally then civilly. They need to face consequences if the DA is to freaking lazy to do his job the file a suit against lying dumbasses yourself. They are putting officers careers in jeopardy when they lie their asses off like this brainless fool. Then they just walk away when they are caught and face no consequences for their actions. They must face some type of punishment for trying to destroy an officers career over stupid lies.

      • JBo

        Yes they have been sued in civil court and the officers won. One case was even shown on “Judge Judy” and the officer won easily.

        • BGills

          Unfortunately many of these false allegations are motivated by the belief in a windfall court settlement, just like ‘winning the lottery…’ Some are so financially, and morally poor, they feel they have nothing to loose.
          If the accuser is unable to pay due to being on welfare, or some sort of assistance, the sentence should include revoking such safety-net privileges. Make a false allegation, loose your govt. money, and have to find a job, and then those wages are garnished to pay for your abuse of the courts, and the accused.

  • RoccoCapone

    I like your comment about the people that wanted the cameras will eventually protest them. I think you are right on. It’s only a matter of time.

    • David F Mayer

      Rocco: I am sure that you are correct.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      if only the TRUTH matters, no one will hate the cameras. ONLY CRIMINALS who fear evidence of their wrongdoing have any call to fear the cameras. So, if logic prevails, only criminals will eventually protest cameras… actually the already do for the most part.

  • ChiefD

    Can’t fix stupid.

  • GhettoBoyz

    quit pullin over brothers over for no reason. Quit shootin us . . . cause BLMs wachin . . .

    • David F Mayer

      It was a cracked windshield, which is a safety violation.

      Cop was right for making the stop. Jerk was wrong for complaining.

    • Ken Andrews

      A black man has much more to fear from another black man than from the Police. Who kills more of who? Many , many more !

    • paramore309

      Ridiculous, you think you are better than the rest of us and deserve special privileges..Go fuck yourself.

  • David F Mayer

    This is why I like body cameras. They protect everybody.

    They protect the police from false accusations.

    They protect the public from the (rare) abuse by police.

    They are a WIN-WIN for everyone.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    2016 South Florida Cop Proven to be Liar by Surveillance Camera in Shooting of Unarmed Man
    Yeah, sure, cops never lie, murder, cheat or steal… and get away with it. Good cops are becoming rare, more and more there is the prevailing attitude of ‘kill em all and let God sort it out’… cops are either liifeguards or hired gunslingers. I salute the lifeguards… but #allmurdersmatter. Color does not.

    • hardresetamericadotcom

      Why don’t we start with all the black on black murders in places like Chicago, Oakland, Atlanta, Detroit and Baltimore?

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        nice attempt at deflection, or whatever that was. Lemme see, just because illegal murders, which are actually being dealt with as much as is possible, we should ignore all the legalised crime by police until all that is cleared up. Then what. we hire the criminals to control the insane cops? #allmurdersmatter

        • paramore309

          We as a society make social contracts on how we are going to behave across the board, these contracts are called Laws….if people begin to take the law into their own hands then we have chaos and the break down of civilization. please educate yourself so you do not look so vapid.

    • paramore309

      No one said never, are you unable to comprehend simple sentences ?

  • hardresetamericadotcom

    Give your kid a name like that he’s bound to grow up bitter and resentful. Has the black community never heard of names like Steve or Mary? LOL It’s always been funny to me how a group of people can do everything possible to separate themselves from mainstream society and then will bitch that they don’t feel like they are part of mainstream society and demand reparations.

  • They are already calling for the elimination of body cams and dash cams. Take a look at #7 on this list. This whole website is a pile of anti-cop racist drivel.


  • pcontiman

    This one story is used to dismiss the entire BLM movement. Are you suggesting there hasn’t been mistreatment of persons of color at the hands of our police ? That mistreatment shouldn’t be addressed ? Stop protecting your bad actors and you will gain the full trust and respect of all law abiding people, of color or otherwise.

  • BGills

    Clearly false reports against Law Enforcement Officers take on a life of their own, and particularly in light of repeated false allegations hyped-up by a Left leaning mainstream media determined to find racism, and bigotry, in every police interaction with the public.
    Such false allegations should be met with an example-making prosecution of anyone so ‘extremely careless’ in an effort to deter any future malicious behavior.
    The accountability of responsibility is a two way street, and no one should ever be exempt.

  • Deborah Mathers

    Jawari Porter was shot while stabbing at an officer, and BLM still insists that “the police-orchestrated escalation led to an avoidable killing. No efforts were made to get mental health professionals on the scene and no serious effort was made to subdue/contain, rather than kill Jawari Porter. We insist that mental illness is not a crime, and “belligerent behavior,” which television news witnesses allege, should not be punishable by death.” So, while Jawari is brandishing a knife and threatening the officer, he should take out his cell phone and call mental health professionals to stop by? I just can’t with these people.

    • Griff63

      The omama phone only shows you where to vote and where the welfare office is .

  • Griff63

    Damn Racist cameras.