Four Police Officers Set On Fire, French President Responds, Why Can’t Our President…

Four French police officers were set on fire.

Four French police officers were set on fire.

Four Police Officers Set On Fire, French President Responds, Why Can’t Our President Respond Like This?

It is being called a coordinated attack on police. Four officers were struck with Molotov cocktails critically wounding two and sending all 4 to the hospital. A gang of thugs, most wearing masks, pelted the two patrol cars with gasoline-filled bombs in a notoriously crime-ridden area near Paris. The Grande Borne housing complex is known for drug dealing, thievery, and general lawlessness, despite the fact that it is just outside of Paris.

The police were riding in two-man cars and working a detail in the housing project, monitoring surveillance cameras that have been installed to quell the crime problem.  Sources say that as many as a dozen assailants threw gasoline bombs from all sides and effectively trapped the police in a large swath of burning gasoline. The injured officers were able to call for reinforcements and were rescued when reinforcements arrived. The assailants had fled the area prior to the backup units arriving.

The officers were watching a set of cameras that monitor a stretch of road prone to street-level robberies. Anti-government protests have resulted in a growing number of random attacks on police. The rioters view police as the front line of government and lash out in response to economic and labor policies that they feel are unfair.

This latest incident is probably not linked to anti-government protestors but rather, drug gangs in the area. Grande Borne is a housing project built in the 1960s and in recent years has succumbed to drug gangs and ever-rising crime.

French President, Francois Hollande, vowed to find the perpetrators of the attack and bring them to justice. He went on to call the event intolerable as it endangered the lives of officers who protect the population.

The French Prime Minister called the attack cowardly and extremely serious.

The mayor of the area where Grande Borne said there needs to be an end to drug dealing in the complex because that is what the cameras interfere with.

Whether this attack stems from street-level drug dealers or anti-government protestors, it is unacceptable. Whether these were French police or American, it is unacceptable. Refusal to accept accountability for one’s actions has led to a fracture between citizens and police that must be addressed in order to move forward in the future.

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  • Morning Jolt

    Maybe it’s because French policemen aren’t constantly covering for their bigoted fellow officers. The lives of policemen matter. They have a horrible job. The problem is that they won’t even acknowledge that they have quite a few officers who have no business carrying a badge and a gun. That’s why people don’t trust the police anymore. Maybe you guys should be asking what the police can do to earn the public’s trust again.

    • John J Rouse

      Quit calling the police then, call BLM or some other racist thug loving organization

      • Morning Jolt

        That’s your reply? I notice that you didn’t argue with my assessment. You’re only suggesting that the police forces in this nation shouldn’t be accountable, and if people don’t like it, then they should look elsewhere for help. You realize that the police are public servants, don’t you? What do think of the words “Protect and Serve”? Should they just take them off of their badges? This is why people don’t trust the police anymore. They won’t even admit they have some bad cops on the force. It’s really quite pathetic. BTW, when you say “racist thug loving organization”, don’t you mean the police?

        • John J Rouse

          I don’t argue with BLM thugs. Don’t take them seriously, no one does except other blmer thugs.

        • Patrick Revard

          Funny thing, one of our local PD officers is behind bars. But would that not require his fellow officer arresting him? Admitting he is bad? Your argument is invalid just as every other blm argumentative troll that comes on this page. Go be a part of your terrorist organization and see where that gets you.

    • Robert W Butler

      In Paris this is a little different they’re having problem with Muslims over running the place because they’re politicians won’t do anything about it

    • joeusa72

      You want police to earn your trust? How about when police comes out, puts their lives on the line to save your sorry a$$? Because like most beta males and liberal girly men, you will be first one to call 911 when going gets tough. Unappreciative, spoiled little liberal $hit.

  • Robert W Butler

    Paris needs to stop the madness and just start fighting back instead of just taking their tail and going the other direction they need to bring the guillotine back

  • Ken Janulewicz

    So what did they actually do, as the headline insinuates?

  • TM

    Anytime an officer faces a dirtball carrying a molotov cocktail who is prrparing to throw it, it should be considered a lethal force issue and the dirtball should be shot…..preferably causing the fire bomb to engulf the dirtball in flames.

  • NewWest 123

    Yep, but this guy in France insists on letting the refugees keep flowing in. So is it for optics? The one we have never cared as he is the one who creates the chaos..


    they should shoot back last i check petrol in a glass bottle with a wik is is a weapon of mas destruction. they should have shot the ones tossing the molotovs.