These Are The Four Heroes Shot On Sunday


These Are The Four Heroes Shot On Sunday

Four Heroes were shot in one day, all across America on Sunday, November 20, 2016.  A family is grieving the loss of one pf these heroes, who will never return home from his shift, as we begin this week of Thanksgiving.  Three other officers are alive and recovering from their injuries. Law Enforcement across our Nation is once again reminded of the climate we are in.  It is abundantly clear that the uniform has become a target.


Det. Marconi

San Antonio, Texas 11:45 AM – According to news sources, in what we now know to be a targeted attack, veteran Detective Benjamin Marconi was ambushed as he sat in his patrol car on Sunday morning near the front of the police headquarters writing a ticket while on a traffic stop. Detective Marconi lost his life for no other reason than the uniform he wore.  San Antonio Police have learned that the attacker entered Police Department headquarters downtown early Sunday morning around 7:45 a.m.  The nature of his visit has not been disclosed but what we do know is that within hours, he hunted down one of our heroes, ambushed, and executed him.  SAPD Chief William McManus said, “I think the uniform was the target…We consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous to the police and the public.”

Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, was a 20-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department.  He was the son of the late James Marconi, a 32 year veteran of SAPD who retired after 32 years of service.  Benjamin Marconi was also a father of two and had recently become a grandfather.  He is the seventh officer to be killed in the line of duty this year in Texas. According to news sources, Detective Marconi’s family has asked for privacy so they could “mourn the loss of a wonderful father, brother, grandfather, friend, and last but not least, a peace officer.”

San Antonio PD officers have been ordered to work in pairs.  The suspect, Otis Tyrone McCain, was arrested late this afternoon.  The motive behind this cowardly ambush that took the life of this Hero is unknown at this time.


Scene at St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri 7:45 PM- A 46-year-old St. Louis Police Department Sergeant in a marked vehicle was ambushed by a cowardly attacker who pulled up beside him as he drove down the road.  St. Louis PD Chief Sam Dotson said that “the Sergeant was not trying to stop the other vehicle, looked left, saw the muzzle flash from the gun, and felt the window glass shatter against him.”  The wounded Sergeant was able to call for help using his radio as the attacker fled.  After a massive manhunt, the 20-year-old assailant was found as a passenger in a vehicle and exchanged gunfire with police when confronted.  Police returned fire and the man was killed.  The 20-year old is believed to be tied to a string of crimes that occurred earlier in the day.

According to news sources, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said that the Sergeant was “targeted because he was a police officer”. The 20-year veteran and father of three, whose name has not been released, is in critical but stable condition after the attack with two bullets lodged in his face.

 Officer Jarred Ciccone

Officer Jarred Ciccone

Sanibel, Florida 7:55 PM- Sanibel Police Department Officer Jarred Ciccone was shot during a drive by shooting while conducting a traffic stop.  In what was another intentional targeting of our Peace Keepers, Officer Ciccone was struck in the shoulder while sitting in his vehicle completing paperwork for the traffic stop. The suspect fled, was later shot after exchanging gunfire with police officers, and was later taken into custody after barricading himself in his home.

Officer Ciccone was taken to a local hospital and later released.  This police officer is a Senior Officer with the Sanibel PD and began his career with them in 2007. According to SPD Chief Bill Tomlinson, “the incident is the first officer-involved shooting ever on Sanibel.”

The attacker responsible for shooting Officer Ciccone, Jon Webster Hay,  was arrested on Monday afternoon November 21.  According to news sources, Hay has had 15 incidents with the Sanibel Police Department since 2006.  He was shot by officers during the manhunt but os expected to survive.

Gladstone, Missouri 10:34 PM – A Gladstone police officer who stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation was shot in the hand during the incident.  According to news sources, the vehicle stopped and the driver remained in the vehicle.  The vehicle’s passenger, Jacob Stevens, fled the scene.  Officers chased Stevens, a struggle ensued, and gunfire was exchanged.  The suspect was shot during the struggle and later died.

The Gladstone Police Officer, 33, has been with the agency for two and one-half years.  His name has not been released and his injuries were not life-threatening.  A second GPD officer, age 34, who assisted with the pursuit and attempted apprehension of the suspect, was not injured during the incident.  According to news sources, one of the suspect’s friends stated “I don’t agree with his actions that he did try to shoot at a police officer, at law enforcement. They’re risking their lives everyday,”

According to news sources, “these shootings occurred four months after eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge were gunned down in separate ambushes just days apart.”

Earlier this month:

  • Two Heroes lost their lives in Iowa after they were ambushed while sitting in their patrol car
  • An Anchorage Police Department Peacekeeper was ambushed and shot multiple times; he is expected to survive after a lengthy recovery.
  • A Deputy Sheriff Hero in California responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle was fatally shot..
  • A New York Police Department Peacekeeper was killed and a second NYPD Peacekeeper was wounded while responding to a home invasion.
  • A United States Marshall hero was killed in Georgia by a wanted suspect that he was attempting to arrest.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 60 Heroes have been fatally shot so far this year, up from 39 law enforcement officers last year at this time.  The total number of Heroes who have died so far in the line of duty this year now is at 126, up from 109 last year at this time. When will these attacks on our Heroes, our Peacekeepers stop?

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