VIDEO: Texas Sheriff Tells Criminals To Stay Out, ‘You Could Leave This County In A Bag’

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls issued a warning to would-be looters.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls issued a warning to would-be looters.

Sheriff Troy Nehls Warns Looters

Booth, TX – Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls issued a warning to any criminals who might want to come prey on people during the flood, saying “…you could leave this county in a bag.” (Video below.)

Fox News was interviewing Sheriff Nehls when they asked him what his county was doing about looters. The sheriff responded with with strong words for any would-be looters trying to come into Fort Bend County.

The sheriff responded, “I’ve heard some horrific stories in Harris County and others, and I’ll tell you right now the residents of Fort Bend County, they support the 2nd Amendment. Many of them are armed.

“My caution to the looters out there, those that want to rob our people that are suffering: You may want to stay out of Fort Bend County, because there’s a possibility you could leave this county in a bag.”

Hurricane Harvey has dumped an estimated 27 trillion gallons of water in Texas and Louisiana. Tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate.

Current damage estimated from Accuweather are that the total losses from the hurricane could reach $190 billion.

“This is the costliest and worst natural disaster in American history,” Dr. Joel N. Myers said.

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You can see the video of Sheriff Tehls’ warning below:


    Tell it like it needs to be told Sheriff, don’t hold anything back or sugar coat it………..My kinda Sheriff……Kudos, Sir..!

    • Tonya Parnell


  • Anton_Zilwicki

    Bag Hell. Feed em to the Feral Hogs.

  • Reta Lane

    Love it! Criminals that rob people that work hard should be shot!

  • Grog618

    Damn straight! Right to the point! Nothing like the police chief in PA who told his officers to stop issuing traffic tickets because people are complaining.

    • ChiefD

      Difference between some liberal “want to make everyone feel good” and a LEO who doesn’t care how criminals feel, as long as they are locked up or dead.

  • Quaze

    Time for ordinary citizens to start shooting back at the Blue Meanies. Blue Lives Matter is a terrorist organization.