Firefighter In Baton Rouge Shot By Another Firefighter

A firefighter in Baton Rouge was shot by another firefighter.

A firefighter in Baton Rouge was shot by another firefighter. (REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman)

Firefighter Shot In Baton Rouge By Another Firefighter

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – A firefighter from northern Louisiana Benton Fire District #4 traveled to Baton Rouge to help with the flood efforts and he brought his firearm.

On Monday night, the unnamed firefighter accidentally discharged his firearm and shot the boat that they were riding in. After the discharge, the firefighter then again accidentally discharged his firearm, shooting another firefighter.

The firefighter that was shot is in serious, but stable condition. He came from South Bossier Fire District #2 to assist with the flood efforts.

Neither firefighter has been identified.

The circumstances on the incident have not been released, but we have witnessed that multiple accidental discharges are not as uncommon as they may initially seem.

When somebody accidentally discharges a firearm, which they absolutely did not expect to fire, they are often in a state of shock immediately afterwards. Sometimes, while in this state of shock, they tell themselves that there’s no way that the gun should have fired. To prove to themselves that the gun shouldn’t have fired, they may repeat the action which caused the gun to fire, resulting in a second discharge.

While many people may be inclined to comment on the shooting firefighter’s negligent handling of a firearm, please keep in mind that both of these firefighters were away from their family to try to help save people in the flooding.

Emergency crews have rescued more than 20,000 people and continue to search for more after a storm dumped than 2 feet of rain in three days in some places. Water has begun to slowly recede.

The injured firefighter and the firefighter’s family needs well-wishes at this time, not negativity. Please provide messages of support in the comments on our Facebook page.

  • ladywriter24

    hoping the firefighter is okay and makes a speedy recovery. as for the firefighter that shot him accidentally, don’t beat yourself up. stay focused.