FBI: No Criminal Charges Against Hillary

FBI says no charges against Hillary Clinton

FBI says no criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.

FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday that he will not recommend that the DOJ charge Hillary Clinton criminally for the use of her personal e-mail server while she was Secretary of State. With the FBI saying no to charges, the President’s Department Of Justice would never charge Hillary. You can all but guarantee that Hillary will never see a courtroom over this.

Fox News reports:

The decision helps remove what was arguably the biggest threat to her presidential campaign going forward – a criminal referral that could have led to an indictment – just weeks before her party’s national convention in Philadelphia where she is set to seal her nomination as the Democrat standard bearer.

Clinton consistently had downplayed the FBI investigation, even calling it a “security review,” and as recently as June 3 said there was “absolutely no possibility” she’d be indicted. Weeks ago, a scathing State Department inspector general report directly countered her long-running claim that her personal email use was allowed, though her campaign continued to defend the candidate’s actions.

In the wake of that report, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump stepped up his criticism of her email actions and said she belongs in “jail.”

The DOJ decision does not strip the email controversy as a campaign issue – Trump and the Republicans are sure to keep hammering it as the campaign lurches into full general election mode post-conventions – but shows the federal investigation did not determine the actions to be criminal, even if they were ill-advised and potentially damaging to national security.

The decision comes more than a year after knowledge of Clinton’s use of a personal email and server first became public. Clinton responded at the time with a point-by-point written explanation and a press conference in which she said she had opted to use her personal server for “convenience.”

Incompetence isn’t necessarily criminal, although it’s scary that somebody who has demonstrated such poor judgement has the Democratic Party nomination.

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  • Garth

    From sources I’ve read, it appears the entire purpose for Hillary to have had her own computer servers running her own private email software was to keep her information out of the grasp of the “Freedom Of Information Act”.

    Had she used only the authorized Government email systems, all of that chat would be subject to anyone to eventually read. Hello? Does that spark a warning sign ? She could be the core source of how Bill Clinton got into trouble or maybe it was just him but in either scenario, if Hillary is in office, Bill will be in the background and both of them will be raiding the coffers, forming tactics against those in congress they hate and want to be rid of, creating schemes for money and while doing all of the above, casting disgrace on the USA, White House, our Flag, the Military and most other branches of Government. They are out for themselves and all they can take without permission !