Fake Bomb Tossed in Police Car; Rather Than Flee, Officers Drive Bomb Away From People

Sergeant Hameed Armani and Officer Peter Cybulski. Hero police officers drove suspect bomb away from public.

Sergeant Hameed Armani and Officer Peter Cybulski. Hero police officers drove suspect bomb away from public. (New York Daily News)

Fake Bomb Tossed in Police Car; Rather Than Flee, Sergeant Hameed Armani and Officer Peter Cybulski Drive Bomb Away From People

Late night on July 20th, two NYPD officers were on patrol in Times Square when somebody in an SUV pulled by beside their police van. The person inside of the SUV tossed a device on the van’s dashboard. The device started to flash and make a clicking sound; it appeared to be a bomb. Sergeant Hameed Armani and Officer Peter Cybulski didn’t run away though; they made the immediate decision to drive the bomb to a less populated area where the bomb would be unable to harm others in the area.

The van was no doubt slowed down by the weight of these heroes’ brass balls.

PIX11 reports:

“I look around, saw a lot of kids, a lot of young people,” said Armani, a 10-year NYPD veteran and father to a young daughter. “We both look at each other and I go, ‘We’re going to go, but I’m not going to have anyone else go with us.'”

Armani drove their van, sirens flashing, eastbound to 46th Street and Sixth Avenue, the officer said. The two officers spent the drive saying their prayers with the intention of getting the device out of harms way, Armani said.

Once they stopped, Cybulski proceeded to pick it up and hand it to Armani who took it from the van and put it on the sidewalk away from the public and buildings.

When both NYPD members were a safe distance away, they requested bomb squad.

The man suspected of throwing the device at the patrol van was later spotted at Columbus Circle, where police engaged in a six-hour standoff Thursday, according to police.

Officers arrested 52-year-old Hector Meneses of Queens around 8 a.m. after he barricaded himself in his vehicle and negotiated with police for several hours. Police closed off the area around Columbus Circle for hours, disrupting traffic and public transit throughout Manhattan.

The bomb turned out to be fake, but the officers had no way to know that. These heroes did something that very few people would do in a similar situation. They decided to sacrifice their lives for a chance to minimize the risk to other lives in the area.

Spread the word that heroes like this exist.

  • Dan Kelly

    Thank you Officers. I could not have done this. You demonstrated bravery, and concern for fellow citizens. That took some huevos.I’ll buy you both a Guinness if I meet you.

  • Adam

    This type of action of our police officers is very honorable and should be national news. But the liberal anti cop media is not interested because no cops were killed and nobody was killed by the cops. Thats disgusting that our great nation has become like this.
    I also think that we need to send a message to the idiots at BLM and other Anti Cop groups that all attacks like this on police will not be tolerated just like the news reporters that only report law enforcement stories that are negative towards law enforcement agencies and officers. These punks that did this should be charged with all crimes possible as they would have been if it was a real bomb . Such as attempted murder of police officers, manufacturing of a bomb to kill police, illeagle possession of explosives or a hoax device, inciting mass panic, criminal conspiracy, and anything else that could apply.
    I also think that anyone who is promoting attacks on law enforcement should be held accountable and face all charges that the individual who attacks law enforcement gets charged with. As well as a big increase in the sentencing for the various offences and crimes. After all officers are just trying to do their jobs just like everyone else does.

  • Teresa White

    thank god you are safe and thank you for being so brave

  • Robert Travis

    I bet that would have cleared any BLM protestors out of the street.

    • Great Scott

      What do you mean?

      • Robert Travis

        I mean It would be highly unlikely that they would continue to block the roadway, even for an emergency vehicle,( like they did with the ambulance in Tn.), if they believed there was a bomb in the vehicle.

    • idget

      Perhaps you should invest in a teleprompter like Trump, since using it minimal crassness leaves his piehole. In your case, it obviously would be the investment of a lifetime. Keyword being life, as in obtaining one.

      • Robert Travis

        What do you mean?

      • Jeff Klein

        Your username is appropriate.

      • John Rustic

        Look what I found, an internet tough guy!

      • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

        Figures tyat the down arrow isn’t working. Use your ACA coverage for mental health therapy asap!

  • Bill Fold

    I tip my hat to my brothers.

  • Rich-D

    I would be honored to shake hands with and give these officers congratulations for acting beyond the call of duty!

    • Đ₳VɆ ₮ⱧɆ ł₦₣łĐɆⱠ

      I’d buy them a gift card to Dunkin Donuts! I don’t know if I would have the intestinal fortitude to actually pick the thing up and put it on the sidewalk. Having driven it to a safer place would have been enough for me. But the officers probably knew that if that bomb had gone off in their van it would have created a much more devastating explosion. It would have created shrapnel and the fuel in the tank would have increased the level of the explosion. These guys deserve a HUGE commendation. But Deblasio probably tried to find a way to charge them with something.

  • Melanie

    Hand salute!

  • Hefailed

    Perhaps it was a practice run…a demonstration to see how easily it could be done…..

  • chuy verdugo

    BLM are just a bunch of useless welfare niggers.

    • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

      Misled and many seem to have a lot of time on their hands. Messages are tainted because they defend criminals.

    • Chris Blaze

      The media puts out skewed stories to turn us against each other. Black Lives Matter is simply a bunch of people who are scared of what they are seeing every day on the news and in the papers. Yes, it’s true that many of these people are poor and undereducated, and the media loves to pick the worst of them to publicly represent the entirety of the group. (I mean, how interesting would a calm, well educated, well spoken person be compared to an ignorant, filth spewing, violent, hate monger?) The media constantly feeds these people horror stories that give them the idea that they will become victims of the people who are supposed to protect them. This makes the more ” “normal” people mistrustful and defensive when dealing with police. Unfortunately, it also makes the insane and stupid ones to become aggressive, much like scared animals, swelling up, growling and barking to try to intimidate the scary bad guy. Eventually, even a rabbit will attack when cornered and frightened! How often do you see stories about Black people doing positive things?

      Isn’t it fascinating how rarely you see that? Have you ever thought that maybe there’s a reason behind that. Maybe they want police and White people to believe that these people are ,as you so eloquently worded it in your statement above, a bunch of useless welfare n****s instead of a group of human beings trying to live life, take care of their loved ones and maybe get ahead a little and enjoy their time on this planet.

      On the other side of the story, Police are getting the same raw deal. Blue Lives Matter is a bunch of people who know that many Black people out there are scared and angry and some twisted, crazy ones want to do them harm. The media constantly feeds these people horror stories that give them the idea that they will become victims of the people who they are supposed to be protecting. This makes the more “normal” individuals more likely to be more defensive when dealing with these people. Unfortunately, some of the more insane and stupid ones become aggressive like scared animals swelling up, growling and barking, trying to intimidate the scary bad guy. Again, even the most timid creature will attack when cornered! How often are stories like this one about good police officers protecting people potentially at the cost of their own lives to protect others treated as front page news?

      Isn’t it fascinating how we are still hearing dramatic updates on horror stories from both sides of the Black VS Blue battle years ago in the daily headlines, yet positive stories like this one will likely be forgotten before the press cools?

      Have you ever thought that maybe there’s a reason behind that. Maybe they want Black people to think that the police are a bunch of rabid, racist, serial killers who can’t wait to put a Black body in the ground instead of a group of human beings, trying to live their lives, take care of their loved ones and maybe get ahead a little and enjoy their time on this planet.

      The media doesn’t put this kind of thing out there because it isn’t sensational! It doesn’t cause knee jerk reactions of hatred and mistrust that serve to lock our attentions firmly on our screens and papers indulging in a massive binge on hate and fear. People who trust and are at peace with each other don’t act out and create sensational stories to sell newspapers or raise ratings, do they?

      Have you noticed that different neighborhoods often have their own, distinct and separate newspapers? If you look at reports of the same incident in several of these papers side by side, you may notice that, though they narrate the exact same facts, they actually tell vastly different stories! The word choices and phrasing used in each media source are deliberately selected to elicit the specific emotional reactions in it’s target market. If we take the information we are bottle fed by the media and suck it up, as is, without looking outside of that toxic little dish for mental sustenance, our minds and hearts will become buried in suspicion and apprehension against our fellow human beings and our hearts will atrophy and wither into dried, blackened husks. This type of emotional manipulation is rampant in today’s media. They take our minds and hearts on a ride, and we let them choose the direction and destination instead of taking the wheel and directing ourselves. We buy what they tell us to, live where they tell us to, eat what they tell us to, go where they tell us to and, yes, we even hate who they tell us to.

      The media deliberately stirs up the insane and stupid members of any group inciting them to act out in ways that can be used to strengthen their “facts” while simultaneously burying actions that don’t fit them and when they’re through, they blend it up into an all-you-can-eat hate buffet, available 24 hours a day in easily digestible chunks for your convenience. Whether or not to partake of the toxic feast is a choice each individual has to make on his or her own. As for me, I choose to abstain and instead use critical thinking to pick and choose the dishes that are worth ingesting. I would rather not have my brain become the under-informed and over-opinionated diseased cesspool that the majority of that garbage would create

  • Someone

    Isn’t the job of the police to do something like this? It is their job after all right? I don’t see what’s so heroic about doing the job you signed up to do

    • Alan Brooks

      Your going with the it’s their job argument? Where the FUCK do you think they signed up for have someone toss a bomb in my car so I can sacrifice my life trying to drive it to a less populated area? Get the hell outta here, no police officers, contrary to popular anti-police folks beliefs, do not sign some magic form automatically signing their right to life away when they put on a uniform. They have just as much of a right to go home at the end of the day as you or I. The difference is that they are often more willing to put themselves in harms way when confronted with dangerous situations to protect the public even if it does cost them their lives. Good examples of this being this article as well as the recent Dallas shooting where there were many reports from citizens of officers using their own bodies as shields to protect them and to get them to safety. So please stop using this assanine comment.

    • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

      Someone. What is your job? Bet you want a pat on your back if you accomplish anything.

  • Michelle Wells

    Those are a couple of crazy wonderful men!

  • David

    These people who do this, the police should of never of done anything other then execute him on the spot. They knew that he did it, no question about it. They should of just ended his life right there. No trial, nothing. The police officers didn’t know it wasn’t real, they are real hero’s. But just what if it was, and it blew up as they were trying to get the bomb out of harms way. They would both be dead. Doesn’t matter if you pretend to do something or you really do it. Just take these…Mother..F…er’s out.

  • Chris Blaze

    I’m glad to see the good ones finally getting some publicity!! All to often we see nothing more than the bad things people do and it makes it easy to forget that there are many Police men on the force who aren’t crooked or racists just like there are many poor Black people who aren’t druggies or dangerous criminals, Muslims who aren’t terrorists, Immigrants who aren’t illegal, etcetera. It’s just sad that we only hear about the few, twisted, disturbed members of any group and it skews our viewpoints so that we think they are all that way. These two gentlemen are heroes and deserve awards and raises and a vacation with pay for their willingness to trade their lives for the safety and well-being of strangers!

  • Tacticalterry

    Wonder if the bomb squad had to handle the bomb they dropped in their pants