Facebook Live Killer, Steve Stephens, Pre-Murder Live-Streams (Non-Violent Video)

Steve Stephens live-streamed himself before murdering a random man on Facebook Live.

Steve Stephens live-streamed himself before murdering a random man on Facebook Live.

Non-Violent Facebook Live-Stream Videos From Steve Stephens

Cleveland, OH –  Steve Stephens, the killer who live-streamed a murder on Facebook Live, also live-streamed himself blaming his girlfriend for making him gamble, leading to the killings. He also blamed other people for not believing him when he said that he was suicidal and was going to kill people. The videos are believed to have been made just moments before he murdered Robert Godwin, Sr.

Stephens’s girlfriend is now in protective custody according to Cleveland.com.

Steve Stephens was employed at Beech Brook, a behavioral health agency that assists children, teenagers, and families.  It is located in northeast Ohio.

In the first video, before Robert Godwin was murdered, Stephens states that he is in front of the business where his girlfriend Joyce works.  He said that she had “made him crazy”, that he had started gambling because of her, and that he had lost everything.

Stephens also said that he planned to kill as many people as he could.  He said that all human beings have their breaking point and that he is tired.  He said that he went to his mother’s and talked to her, and that she didn’t care.

He said that a lot of innocent people are about to die.

Although Stephens claimed to have killed other people, no other victims have yet been found.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said that the murder of Robert Godwin, age 74, was “senseless.”  He said that “there is no need for any further bloodshed” and urged Stephens to surrender.

The FBI is assisting the Cleveland Police Department with the investigation.  Cleveland police officers have paired up in cruisers in the massive manhunt for Stephens.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Robert Godwin.

You can see all of the non-violent videos below. WARNING: Profanity: