Elderly Grandmother, Eve Gentillon, Has Died From Violent Assault of October, 2016

Eve Gentillon was killed on her way to church.

Eve Gentillon was killed on her way to church.

Eve Gentillon Dies After Assault

Queens, NY –  Eve Gentillon, a retired home health aide and grandmother who was on her way to church was violently assaulted in October 2016 by a street thug; she has now died of her injuries.

According to The New York Post, Eve Gentillon, age 69, died Saturday, February 18, 2017.  The NYPD has now reclassified her case as a homicide.  On October 15, 2016, Richard “Kwasi” Springer, age 29, stole a beer from the Sutphin King Deli on Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica.

As Springer was stealing the beer, he assaulted the man inside of the store. As he stormed out, he hit Eve Gentillon in the face with a closed fist.

You can see the video here:

Eve Gentillon had emergency surgery after the violent attack after suffering a brain aneurysm brought on by the blow.  She struggled to recover after the assault and was in and out of rehab centers.  Her daughter, Marie Gentillon, said that “this incident crippled her til the last minute.”  She said that she didn’t think it was her mother’s time to go and rightfully blames Springer for what he did.

Marie said that she thought her mother was going to pull through but then got pneumonia.  She said that when her mother opened her eyes that it seemed as if she were in a daze, and that she would often cry.  The medical examiner has ruled that Eve’s death as a traumatic brain injury caused by blunt force trauma.

Eve’s daughter Marie said that she will never be the same.  She said that her mom was part of her.

Springer was located two weeks after the assault.  He is currently in Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center in upstate New York.  He was originally charged with First-Degree Robbery and Second-Degree Assault, and those charges will be upgraded once the case is presented to a grand jury.  Marie said that he needs to stay in prison.  He is also a career criminal with 10 prior arrests since 2003.

We agree with Marie.  Springer should remain in prison for the rest of his life.  He destroyed a family and took the life of a vibrant elderly woman.  Eve Gentillon deserves justice.

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