Entire Bunker Hill PD Resigns due to Town Council Policies and Work Environment

Bunker Hill police quit

Entire Bunker Hill PD  Resigns due to Town Council Policies and Work Environment

Bunker Hill, IN –   The town of Bunker Hill, Indiana no longer has a Police Department.  Every member of the small agency walked off of the job on Monday night, December12, 2016.  The agency consisted of the Town Marshal and four reserve Officers.

According to news sources, the former Bunker Hill Officers blame the Town Council for what happened.  Michael Thomison, former Bunker Hill Town Marshall, said “we have had issues with the town board and there are some activities there where I felt like they were serving their own agenda.”  He served as Town Marshal until Monday night when he and four other Bunker Hill Officers gave their resignations to the Town Council.  Former Marshal Thomison also said that the Council would not communicate with them.

In their resignation letters, the former Officers accused the Town Council of asking them to “do illegal, unethical, and immoral things.”    They gave as one example when they were asked to run criminal histories on other Town Council members just to find out their background, and said that they were threatened when they refused.

Another valid point of contention with the former Officers involved officer safety.  The Officers said that they were forced to share one vest between them.  Former Marshal Thomison said that he did not want to send a Officer out on the street with bad body armor so he would take his off and give it to other Officers.  He said that he told the Town Council that they had to provide current, updated body armor and that there was a code that not only mandated this but also explained it.

Finally, former Marshal’s resignation was personal.  He was diagnosed with cancer last year, received medical treatment, and was cleared to work in May, 2015.  He said that the Town Council would only allow him to work part-time.  He also said that he plans to file a lawsuit against the Town Council.  According to Thomison, “they came at me and said it is costing the town way too much money because of my insurance and they said we are taking you down to part time.”  He said that he and the other Officers did not want to resign but felt as if they had no choice. Thomison said that the Town was relying on outside law enforcement agencies to assist while they attempted to find new Officers.  He said that he knew some of the Officers that the Town Council had contacted and that they were not interested in working there.  Former Town Marshal Tomlison said he notified the Indiana State Police, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and the Miami County prosecutor before making the move.

Brock Speer, Town Council President, has not issued a response but said that he and the Council will soon.  The town of Bunker Hill has about 90 residents.

We think it is unconsciable in today’s society to refuse to provide current, updated body armor for Police Officers.  It also is unethical and illegal to ask an Officer to run someone’s criminal history for personal, non-criminal reasons.  It is troubling to think of the hostile work environment that the Officers had to work in.   Finally, reducing an Officer to part-time because of the costs of the medical treatment for his cancer?  We support these former Bunker Hill Officers and Town Marshal in their resignation.

Do you agree that the Officers should have been provided with good body armor and allowed to work without ethical dilemmas and an environment of intimidation?

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