Black Lives Matter’s Elie Mystal Makes Wild Demands Against Whites

Elie Mystal stated that there is no justice for black people

Black Lives Matter’s Elie Mystal

Black Lives Matter’s Elie Mystal Makes Wild Demands Against Whites

via the Internet – Elie Mystal, a black attorney and popular legal website editor, stated on December 7, 2016, that all black individuals that serve on juries should automatically vote to free any black person who had been charged of murdering or committing a crime against a white person, especially a white man, despite the evidence.

In the article, which was posted on the website/blog Above the Law, Mystal urged black jury members to participate in a process known as ‘jury nullification.’  According to legal sources, jury nullification “occurs when a jury returns a verdict of ‘Not Guilty’ despite its belief that the defendant is guilty of the violation charged. The jury in effect nullifies a law that it believes is either immoral or wrongly applied to the defendant whose fate they are charged with deciding.”

Mystal stated that there is no justice for black people, and this justifies using the nullification process during a trial. He also accused police officers of murdering black people and not being held responsible for their actions.  According to Mystal, this gives black people reason to avert the established legal system at any cost.  He further stated in his article that “white juries regularly refuse to convict or indict cops for murder.”

He stated that allowing obviously guilty murderers to go free based on the race of the victim is the only solution to correct the system.  When asked by a source about his mandate, he stated that black people are being murdered and asked why did people think blacks were complaining when cops shoot or choke them.  Mystal also stated that black people have no responsibility to help a white person achieve justice.  He believes that freeing black criminals would “scare the shit out of whites” and would cause such a problem within the criminal justice system that people would be forced to acknowledge the plight of black people.

Mystal claimed in his blog that white people were using jury nullification to protect cops.  His blog used as an example the recent mistrial of former North Charleston PD Officer Michael Slager, who shot and killed a black suspect, Walter Scott, after a foot pursuit and physical confrontation.

John Banzhaff III, a law professor at George Washington University, responded against Mystal’s proposal.  He said that “what Mystal seems to be suggesting is that all black jurors should refuse to vote for a conviction for any crime committed against any white person, or any institutions perceived to be white, even if there is no apparent unfairness in the process, and even if the white person has done nothing wrong,” and that this would result in chaos in the criminal justice system.

Mystal responded in turn by stating that this is something that “intellectual black people with legal training talk about.”  He asked what white people expected him and other black people to do when they watch cops murder us and get away with it over and over again.  Mystal is involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, which supports perceived justice for black people at any cost.

The U.S. criminal justice system is designed with checks and balances.  There are different checks and balances within agencies for officer-involved-shootings.  We believe the Walter Scott shooting was unjustified as shown in a recent Blue Lives Matter article.  But we cannot condone a concept of jury nullification such as Elie Mystal calls for.  It is unfair to victims in crimes who seek justice based on the foundation of established laws, and right and wrong.  It reeks of racism and discrimination in its highest form.  While reform may be needed, other avenues should be explored, that include fairness and justice for all.

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