El Cajon Police Officer Knocked Out By Suspect Who Continued To Beat Him, Saved By Hero Citizen

El Cajon PD officers are helping to raise money for Iesha Booker, who helped save an officer.

El Cajon PD officers are helping to raise money for Iesha Booker, who helped save an officer.

Iesha Booker Saves El Cajon Police Officer

El Cajon, CA -When El Cajon Police Officer Jose Sioson was brutally attacked by a suspect inside a KFC, MTS employee Iesha Booker saved him by using his radio to call for help.

The incident occurred on Monday morning, July 17, at the KFC on Fletcher Parkway, according to News 10.  Officer Sision had received a report of an aggressive man shoplifting at the Dollar Tree, but the man, later identified as Daniel Moses Cook, age 42, had already left.  He then went to the KFC, on a report of a man stealing drinks from the soda fountain.

Officer Sision approached the area where Cook was inside the KFC when Cook jumped him and struck the Officer in his face.

Officer Sision was knocked out by the blow and fell to the floor. Cook then continued beating the unconscious officer.  He then fled the restaurant, went to the middle of the roadway, and refused to obey any commands given by officers, who tased him and took him into custody.

As soon as Cook left the restaurant, everybody but Iesha Booker just stood around in shock. But Booker grabbed the fallen officer’s radio, and began screaming “Officer Down” repeatedly into the radio.  Because of the actions of this employee, dispatchers were alerted to the seriously injured officer.

Cook has a lengthy criminal history, according to the California Department of Corrections.  He was recently released from prison after serving only nine months for “resisting a police officer with threats or violence.”

He had just started probation for that charge.  In addition, Cook has served time in state prison on two other occasions, one in 2001 for assault with a deadly weapon and making a terrorist threat, and another in 2014 for domestic violence.

Officer Sision is a 28-year veteran of the agency.  He had multiple broken bones in his face from the assault, and has already had two surgeries.

Officers then found out that Booker had been kicked out of the home she was renting, leaving her homeless with her seven children. In addition, Booker fell behind on her car payments.

“I’ve been coming to work, trying to get us enough money to get us a place to stay,” Booker said Tuesday afternoon, according to 10News.

The El Cajon Police Officer’s Association started a GoFundMe page for Booker, hoping to get her enough money to catch up on her car payments and get a place to stay.

Our thoughts and prayers are with El Cajon Police Officer Jose Sioson. Get well soon.

If you are able, please help out the hero who ran to his aid by spreading the word about this incident, even if you are unable to donate to the GoFundMe Page for Iesha Booker yourself.

  • Highest common denominator

    Way to go for her, and way to go for the cops helping her out in her jam.

  • dan

    It is not a person’s color but what is in their heart that matters. Marines – light green and dark green! All Marines!

  • dan

    I really truly dislike racist comments of all kinds. From ALL perdons. The race of this cop did not matter at all!

  • Randy

    Good show and good luck in your future.

  • duder1897

    Daniel Moses Cook should be executed

    • johncovich


  • Katrina

    Thank you Iesha. Your quick thinking and good actions wil be rewarded. Good people need to help other good people in need. Bravo!

  • Another example of a failed tolerant court/penal system.

  • PhantomVirus

    Funny how these things happen with sad regularity in California. I would expect a different end to that story if it occurred in Texas. BRAVO to the woman that stepped in and assisted the officer. Unfortunate that nobody stepped in while the officer was being pummeled…..