Edgewood Middle School Student Suspended For Making Terroristic ‘Like’ On Instagram

A student was suspended from Edgewood Middle School for liking a photo of an airsoft gun on Instagram.

A student was suspended from Edgewood Middle School for liking a photo of an airsoft gun on Instagram.

Student Suspended From Edgewood Middle School Over Gun Instagram ‘Like’

Trenton, OH –  In a case of maximum political correctness, a seventh-grade boy from Edgewood Middle school was suspended for ten days last week because he ‘liked’ a photo on Instagram.

According to Fox 19, the student, Zachary Bowlin, said that he didn’t do anything wrong.  Zachary said that he was “…scrolling down Instagram at night, about 7, 8 o’clock” and that he ‘liked’ the photo.  He said that the next morning he was called down to the office, patted down, and checked for weapons.

The photo that Zachary liked, that was on Instagram, was of an Airsoft gun that Zachary and his friends play with. Its caption said ‘ready.’  Zachary said that he only liked the photo and didn’t comment.

School officials were reportedly concerned about the word ‘ready’, according to Count on 2.  And they suspended Zachary out of school for ten days.  His father, Marty Bowlin, said that he was “livid, I mean, I’m sitting here thinking ‘you just suspended him for ten days for liking a picture of a gun on a social media site.  He never shared, he never commented, he never made a threatening post… anything on the site, just liked it.”

Zachary’s parents received a notice from school administration that said that the reason for the suspension was: ‘Liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence.’

His parents said that the suspension has been lifted and reversed since they received the notice.  In an email to other parents of students at the school, school administration said:

“Yesterday evening school officials were made aware to an alleged threat of a student bringing a gun to school. We act on any potential threat to student safety swiftly and with the utmost importance. This morning, the alleged threat was addressed and we can assure you that all students at Edgewood Middle School are safe and school will continue as normal.”

Evidently I missed part of the report, where was the alleged threat made?  All I see was a boy liking a toy in an Instagram photo, and then everything got blown out of proportion.

I don’t blame the school for taking action to investigate, but once they understood the circumstances, they still continued forward by punishing the student. As soon as they realized that the student didn’t do anything wrong, they should have realized that there was nothing to punish him for. These school administrators should be ashamed of themselves.

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