Donut Operator – Things You Will Never Hear A Cop Say

Donut Operator

Things you will never hear out of a Cop’s mouth presented by Donut Operator

Listen in as Donut Operator takes you on a hilarious ride while making statements that no cop in their right mind would ever say.  This is entirely just for fun, and not for the easily offended (explicit language used.)  Everyone can use a bit of sarcastic cop humor in their lives. Just check out that ‘stache, you cannot deny that it is the greatest cop ‘stache you have ever laid eyes on.

Donut Operator is a veteran, former SWAT officer, animal rescuer, and firearms enthusiast who resigned to play video games full time due to the shenanigans that have played out in the Law Enforcement world as of late. With a twisted military/cop sense of humor that he isn’t afraid of showing, he took to YouTube to let out his frustrations in the only way he knows how, humor.  He excels at pointing out how ridiculous America is becoming.

You can find the Donut Operator on YouTube,  Facebook, Twitch, or Instagram.

Look for more to come from the Donut Operator and Blue Lives Matter.  We all need a little entertainment from time to time, especially us cops. Hope you enjoyed.