DOJ Warns: Street Gangs Actively Targeting Police

DOJ Warns: Street gangs actively targeting police

DOJ Warns: Street gangs actively targeting police

DOJ Warns: Street Gangs Actively Targeting Police

The US Department of Justice’s National Gang Intelligence Center released a warning bulletin to law enforcement on July 15th. The bulletin advises:

Gang-related threats and attacks on law enforcement officers have been reported in multiple jurisdictions since the Dallas shootings, and suggest that individuals and gang members may be targeting law enforcement officers for retaliatory violence. Gang members have also issued multiple threats of violence towards law enforcement officers via social media following the Dallas shootings and the officer-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.”

American street gangs are already organized, and if they get involved in terrorist attacks on law enforcement, we could see large groups of criminals committing these attacks.

ABC News reports:

In July 2016, a high-ranking member of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang in Chicago expressed a serious desire to kill a federal law enforcement agent, reasoning that the murder of a federal agent would resonate louder than the death of a local police officer.

-According to July 2016 FBI source reporting, United Blood Nation (UBN) leadership is encouraging violence against law enforcement, by promising elevated status to members who initiate violence against police.

-Some Black extremist groups are reportedly applauding the death of the five Dallas police officers and are encouraging gangs nationwide to unite and attack law enforcement, according to uncorroborated July 2016 open source reporting.

ABC News law enforcement contributor Steve Gomez, who worked gangs in South-Central Los Angeles first as an LAPD cop and then as an FBI agent, said the bulletin and the threats it details mark a return to the nightmare of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

At that time, the only thing that unified Los Angeles’ infamous street gangs was their hatred of law enforcement, and it was common for law enforcement to face sniper fire as they patrolled or responded to calls. The situation deteriorated dramatically, Gomez said, after the Rodney King verdict and 1992 riots.

“If the movement to target and assassinate cops expands past lone wolves (as we have thus far seen in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and other cities), and mobilizes violent gang members nationwide,” Gomez said, “the effect could be overwhelming.”

Officers who work in areas with large numbers of gang members should be especially cautious of any potential set-ups for an ambush. Travel in groups and don’t respond straight to call locations without scanning the area first.

  • Sean

    And White People are the problem here?? Really?? Why do gangs like this even exist in 2016??

    • Numberdude

      They exist because they were not raised with a father in the picture. Simple.

      • Charr Cook

        And they don’t know the word “WORK” otherwise they wouldn’t have time for the gangs

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          And Trump is giving answers to these problems, but too many people in these high crime areas truly do not want to “pull up their boots” to bring themselves out.. and our pathetic President and other democrats survive by keeping them uneducated and in these very dangerous neighborhoods. Hillary will bring out the buses to take these people to vote in the fall, because she knows most will just mindlessly vote democratic because they always have….

  • Numberdude

    The cops are going to need help fighting the gangs.They should start deputizing civilians to join in the fight. Where do I sign up?

  • Tabludama

    Kinda ironic since Obama super sized this trend with the Ferguson Effect with his race baiting and refusal to condemn Black Lies Matter’s hate speech.

  • Larry Foster

    stop making the shooter famous, don’t print his name. it is what they want even if it kills them

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    blm should have been included in this bulletin, instead their actions are applauded by obama and they are invited to the White House.

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    As Bruce Willis said in “Die Hard,” “Welcome to the party, (azzhole)!”