Former NFL Player Attacks Female Officer In Attempted Escape – It Takes 5 Officers To Bring Him Down

Dimitri Patterson was arrested after assaulting a police officers to escape justice.

Dimitri Patterson was arrested after assaulting a police officers to escape justice.

Dimitri Patterson Assaulted A Female Police Officer In An Attempted Escape

Miami, FL – Former Miami Dolphins football player, Dimitri Patterson, was taken into custody by five police officers after assaulting a female officer and attempting to flee from the courtroom.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, August 15, during Family Court at the courthouse located at 175 NW First Ave, according to Local 10.  Patterson was in court for a judge to determine if he would be charged with contempt of court from a previous hearing.  Extra police officers were on duty in the courtroom “to keep peace” after concerns were raised about his behavior.

Jennifer Capote, Miami-Dade Police spokeswoman, said that when Judge William Altfield told Patterson that he was going to jail, he became combative as he was taken into custody.

Patterson tackled a female police officer with one handcuff on his wrist as he tried to flee the courtroom through the judge’s chamber door, according to the Miami Herald.

He threw another officer to the ground before three other deputies came to assist.  It took all five officers to assist in taking Patterson into custody.

Patterson was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.  He was booked into Miami-Dade County Corrections under $10,000 bond.

The female officer was taken to a Miami-Dade hospital with head and back injuries.  Her condition and her name have not been released.  A second officer suffered only minor injuries, including an injury to his wrist.  His name was also not released.  .

Patterson was arrested in 2015 on a charge of felony child abuse and misdemeanor battery after an incident with the child’s mother.   That incident occurred at the Adventura Mall, when he met with his ex-girlfriend for custody exchange of their one-year-old daughter. He and the child’s mother began arguing over child support.

During the argument, a struggle began and Patterson threw the child’s mother to the ground.  She dropped the child when she was assaulted, and the child was injured and was treated for a bruise to the back of his head.

Patterson is a former Miami Dolphins cornerback, who played during the 2012 and 2013 seasons.  He began his professional football career as an undrafted free agent with the Washington Redskins in 2005.  He also played with the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, and New York Jets.


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