Detroit Police Chief James Craig Outraged at Dropped Charges, Lack of Support

James Craig outraged

Detroit Chief James Craig

Detroit Police Chief James Craig Outraged at Dropped Charges, Lack of Support

Detroit, MI.–Detroit Police Chief James Craig is upset after he learned that a man accused of spray painting threats against police will not face terrorism-related charges.  Chief Craig spoke out against Wayne County Judge Deborah Lewis Langston at a press conference this week.

Detroit man, Stuart Horatio Lewis, 49, was charged with threat of terrorism, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and malicious destruction of a building after graffiti appeared on a commercial building in the 200 block of West State Fair Avenue.  The graffiti threats against officers included, “Kill All Police” and a direct threat against the Chief with, “Kill James Craig.”  Lewis has been incarcerated awaiting trial and on Tuesday the judge dismissed the terrorism charges against him.  Lewis will stay face charges of malicious destruction of property.

Craig believes that the tossed charges may empower others to act out against the police.  “Certainly has an affect of empowering a suspect who says, I can threaten the police chief, I can threaten police officers because there will be no response.”  He went on to say, “Judge Langston, an 18 year member of the bench, missed an opportunity to send a unified message that threats against police officers will not be tolerated.”

“I didn’t want to dismiss as a human being.  I didn’t want to dismiss as a resident of Detroit who has great respect for the police but I had to dismiss to maintain my integrity as a judge,” Langston said in response. She stated that she did not believe that the crime fit the criteria of the threat of terrorism charge, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.  “I make my decision based on the law and the facts as I hear them,” she said.

Chief Craig praised the Prosecutor for arguing for over 45 minutes why the charges fit the crime and he hopes that the State will appeal the decision.