Redskins Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson Wearing Anti-Police Cleats, Then He Claims…

Redskin Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson's new Black Lives Matter protest cleats (Twitter/@TroyMachir)

Redskin Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson’s new Black Lives Matter protest cleats (Twitter/@TroyMachir)

Redskins Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson Wearing Anti-Police Cleats, Then He Claims…

Redskins Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson was seen wearing special cleats during warmups for Sunday’s game against the Browns. The cleats are sending a Black Lives Matter message.

DeSean Jackson’s cleats have “caution tape” graphics across them. Jackson issued an official statement about the cleats:

“Today is the start of my attempts to be part of a solution and start dialogue about the senseless killings of both citizens and police. I have chosen to wear these cleats in pregame today to use my platform as a pro athlete to add to this discussion. This isn’t meant to be any kind of protest against the good men and women in law enforcement in this country. I just want to express my concern in a peaceful and productive way about issues that are currently impacting our country.”

The statement from DeSean Jackson that it’s not a protest against the “good men and women” in law enforcement isn’t in line with the message that his protest cleats send along with his national anthem protesting. Jackson is just lending support to the anti-police crowd while simultaneously saying that he isn’t protesting police.

You might be wondering what the Redskins have to say about their player’s protest cleats. Well, they are the one’s who released his statement along with their own:

“We stand in support of both DeSean and the law enforcement community,” the team’s statement said. “We have great respect for law enforcement and the sacrifices they make each and every day to protect and serve our communities. We continue to have open dialogue with our players about issues that are important to them and support their efforts to bring awareness to those issues when done in a responsible manner.”

It sounds like the Redskins are saying that they support anti-police messages, but it’s OK because they also support the police.

DeSean Jackson’s statement to TMZ about the cleats were a little less politically correct:

“I’ve seen enough yellow caution tape and it’s time for a stand and a change in our community and society.

Senseless killings have been ongoing for awhile and police brutality in our black community … and as a young black leader with a stage and platform I’m starting awareness to help prevent these killings, and hopefully get justice to these cops who have taken lives of innocent human beings.

I am also coming up with a master plan to start a movement.”

Even though we disagree with the message they send, Jackson’s cleats are more respectful than his national anthem protest, which was insulting to our country and veterans. It’s not known at this time if he intents for his cleats to replace his national anthem protest, or if he will continue that as well.

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  • Michelle Block

    So is he going to be fined the same way the patriotic player who wrote 9/11 cleats was???? #FtheNFL ????

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      I am guessing the NFL will come up with some sort of BS as to why they do not fine him.

      • Michelle Block

        Of course. The NFL always uses sound reasoning and logical justification. ????

        • daleh33

          They didn’t fine Colon a penny for wearing the pig socks he had. YET, they stopped the Cowboys from wearing a sticker on their helmets in a pre-season game honoring the 4 fallen Dallas Cops.

  • Kservatius

    I’m guessing if he doesn’t wear the cleats during the actual game, he will not be fined….I really do NOT understand what taking a knee during the Anthem, wearing “special” cleats or raising a fist in protest opens a “dialogue,” really, a dialogue with whom…NOT going to stop the thugs in the street that riot, loot and burn then whine when police arrive in riot gear….Don’t get it….

  • Roger Rose

    Black Americans have many imaginary issues in their lives,
    the police are profiling me, the police are harassing me for no reason, the
    police are hunting me down and executing me, these imaginary issues are based
    on false narratives, that are not supported by any facts or truth.

    • daleh33

      They think they are being targeted for “just trying to make a living”. Even though that involves killing others, breaking into homes, raping elderly women and spitting out kids and then running, just ask Colon about his real daddy. The women believe that white people should raise their kids and they take no blame in how their kid is brought up. It’s always the cops fault, the teachers fault, or any white person’s fault that their kid doesn’t obey the laws. It’s starts at home

      • Gloria

        Tie their tubes , once they had one . When not married . It has been done to women , then if they marry someone , who can support those new children . Have the tubes re connected . It can be done !

        • daleh33

          Doesn’t mean they’ll stop spitting out kids from other guys though. They also make false claims with the Welfare system claiming their kids father left them high and dry just to get free stuff. All while that useless “father” is sitting on the couch playing the latest video game system and selling his drugs. while the taxpayers pay for his kid to be raised.

          • Gloria

            There was one women in my town that had it done . When the sperm tries to enter , it can not do it . They can spread all the time , but there will be no children . It is like a dog , that gets fixed !

            Also I seen on the news of a white who had a baby to a black man . That man killed their 5 week old child . He broke bones in the baby and head . He was found guilty , but most likely will get hardly anything .

            I think he should have his life taken , like he did to his daughter . Eye for a eye , tooth for a tooth .

          • daleh33

            Yeah, I screwed that one up. For some reason I was thinking the guys getting the stuff cut. I know of 3 women that when they need money spit out another kid. ! of them my own mother used to babysit for when she was born. She now is 32 and has 10 kids by at least 5 men. The state says they stop giving more after 5 kids but that is a lie. This bitch doesn’t even use most of the money on the kids. She has brand name purses, refuses to buy knock off anything. Yet her kids have clothes with holes in them and they are so under fed it’s pathetic. Complaints have been made to the state but they say the complaints do warrant a check up. All along the kids father who know each other sit at her HOUSE smoikin up a storm all day playing video games until night time when they sling some shit.

          • Gloria

            I know what you are talking of because , I lived in a building that took mothers in . I myself has not even had one child . I would spot them having children that had , different fathers .

            I got sick , because I was watching them outside , because the mothers was Tex on their phones , version ones . While their children are outside . I left because I could not stand it .

            One women had moved to that place , because the state she lived in limited the years . That is how all of them should do . It should be up to the state senate and reps to make that a law . It was once here the law once your youngest in school . You must get a job . BUT , they got pregnant again . It did not help .

            I agree with you so much .

    • Tony

      You people are delusional if you think police don’t profile. Growing up, I was in a heavy metal band and dressed the part complete with long black hair and all black clothing. Just about every single week, I was stopped and searched at least once. Always bullshit excuses as to why, but it happened constantly regardless. Eventually I cut off my hair and changed the way I dressed and that stopped, but black people don’t have that option to change their skin color, nor should anyone have to change their appearance to avoid harassment from law enforcement. Black individuals have very valid reasons to not like cops, and until you assholes stop profiling people just because they look a certain way, anyone that is on the receiving end of the profiling is going to have disdain for officers and that is no one’s fault except the ones doing the profiling. Focus on being public servants rather than public tyrants and maybe you will get respect from all walks.

      • Me Jane

        You people are delusional if you think police don’t have a reason to profile. If a yellow cat is terrorizing the neighborhood, killing birds why look for black and yellow cats?

        • Tony

          You’ve avoided the point like a dumbshit.
          It is clear that I’m speaking about being profiled squarely for appearance and not that the person might look like a suspect. It appears your feeble mind has difficulty grasping simple concepts, so I don’t fault you.
          But to expand on your comment, why target all people of a particular color if someone has the same color commits a crime? Why not focus on more detailed descriptions to avoid wasting police time and taxpayer money?
          And by sheer total number due to our population advantage, white people commit more crimes on a daily basis. When was the last time you were profiled for a crime because you were white and the suspect was as well?

          • Me Jane

            “When was the last time you were profiled for a crime because you were white and the suspect was as well?” lol. You assume too much

            Poor baby…got picked on by the mean ole cops

          • Tony

            As I said, a feeble mind.

          • daleh33

            Funny when assclowns like Tony have the cops called on them they call it profiling. just because you can hear the music for 5 blocks doesn’t mean it to loud. Just because the cloud of smoke coming out from under the garage door smells like weed and we act like stupid spoiled little bitches doesn’t mean the police can break up the party or heaven forbid lock us up. Tony’s no different than this scum that commit crimes like Michael Brown it when caught cry profiling because they need to blame someone else for acting like a bitch.

          • Tony

            Try reading without inserting your own words, retard. Cops weren’t called in me, I was just regularly stopped for such simple acts as walking down the street. I was never arrested any of the countless times I was stopped and searched, so obviously I committed no crimes. I was, as you are too stupid to comprehend, profiled simply because of my appearance.

          • daleh33

            Of coarse you were completely innocent and every cop was harassing you. After all that’s their job right? You should go join up with BLM, they are sweet and innocent too just like the scum they “protest” for. Please find some rat poison and do the world a favor.

          • Tony

            Yep, that’s I was never arrested. Kinda common sense there, dipshit. That’s typically the outcome when you’re innocent, but it is no less a form of harrasment.
            A cop could probably rape your mother and you would still take the cops side. You would fit in well in a facist country.

          • Melissa Wilson

            Honestly because caller descriptions suck. Sometimes all you get is race and gender.

          • Me Jane

            “It is clear that I’m speaking about being profiled squarely for appearance and not that the person might look like a suspect.”

            You have me figured out, Tony. You have proven yourself to be one smart cookie! Clearly, I have “appearance” confused with what someone might “look like”. I probably should go back to primary school.

          • Tony

            Let me break it down since you’re pathetic mind still can’t grasp it. If there is a specific description that the police are looking for and I match that, it is completely understandable for them to stop me.
            If they are not looking for a particular person but instead judge by my appearance that I might be a criminal because of the way that I look, that is profiling and is not OK.
            Please don’t breed. We don’t need your tard genes polluting the gene pool further.

  • Jim

    I’m sick of seeing and hearing people protesting and saying they are adding to the dialogue of sinceless killings. It’s time to put up or shut up. Get in these neighborhoods and do something productive. Standing on the sideline, hating on your country is not helping.

  • John Baker

    How about… “Senseless refusal to obey the law and do as directed when confronted while breaking the law.” ?

  • jeff woodward

    Such a crock of sh*t, not one of these “senseless” killings amount to a hill of beans compared to the thousands of black on black shootings every year.

    • wwoneflyingace

      Ninety-nine times out of a hundred they are not senseless killings. And if they are seemingly murderous the police officers are charged. And the idiot in Oklahoma should have complied. Was he trying to prove a point? To me he was wrong and the cop is being wrongfully charged. Charleston sc cop has some explaining. The autistic boy’s killers have some explaining . So does that kids father and his girlfriend and her cop boyfriend. Usually these idiot protesters are just lashing out in hate because they fell for LBJ’s lies 50 years ago.

  • Ball Buster®

    STFU Desean, you want to make a difference? Then take your fucking millions of dollars and open business’s in the ghetto’s of your town and hire the people that live there and pay them a good wage so they get off the streets, get off welfare, get off drugs and become useful members of society and not fucking criminal gang fuckheads. But you won’t because you are just a POS too.

  • Jason

    Or you can stop being such whiney bitches that get upset over cleats… Never seen such biased writing that creates their own narrative while ignoring the person actually talking. Police have real problems and threats to worry about, stop being sensationalist.

  • David Butler

    Do your thing DeSean, don’t let people who will try to tell you to shut up get to you. Anyone who honestly believes that racism is not built into our criminal justice system is blatantly trying not to see it.

  • jrk

    Make your feelings to the NFL known, contact NFL Sponsors: Bose, Bridgestone, Castrol, FedEx, McDonalds, Microsoft, Nationwide, SAP, USAA and Hyundai. If enough people express themselves maybe the NFL will act.

  • hardresetamericadotcom

    You know who else always says “I was just trying to raise awareness and start a dialogue”?? Every person I have ever seen who was caught faking a hate crime. Every. Single. One.

    They turn a blind eye to what caused the shooting, all they see is the act. When a house burns down do they just put out the flames and leave or do the firemen shift through the rubble to determine what actually started the thing in the first place? The African-American community is being used, and they will not look more than an inch deep to find out by whom or why.

    • Bailey

      Please tell me that your first sentence was an attempt at humor. This type of association fallacy, that because Desean said something that you claim all hate crimes fakers say, therefore Desean must be a poser himself, is truly nonsense. So what if others,who aren’t hate crime fakers,have also spoken that phrase? Your logic defies understanding.

  • SouthernPatriot55

    If other players are not allowed to wear pro police cleats which happened then neither should this black privilege Jerk

  • Vic

    I will continue to boycott pro football & their sponsors. Law Enforcement should pull all security they provide pro football teams.

  • Jeff Caylor


  • Rachel Chappell

    He’s got a ‘master plan’to start a movement. I hate when people leave me in suspense. I hope it will be a ‘father your kids’ movement, or maybe a ‘do your homework’ movement, or better still, a ‘Don’t point guns at the cops” movement. Sadly, the odds of that seem slim. Even Snoop Doggy Doo (or whatever) is speaking out against BLM.

  • Henry Walker

    Why is it that when people protest about bad policing it is call anti-police? You never attack the bad police, they just get paid vacations. More cops are killed by white men yet cops fear unarmed black men.

    • Chris Christopher

      Bad police are tried, fired and jailed. Good police accused of being bad police by non-compliant criminals are getting paid leave as that is the policy of most departments. Please tell me which of the current batch of criminals justifiably killed you would consider bad policing? The BLM protests aren’t about bad policing, they are mostly based on false statements by liars that have no merit. If they refuse to see the truth uncovered during each and every investigation then there will be no appeasing them. They don’t want a solution, they want to perpetuate and create a problem.

  • Generosus

    This is an interactive database from the United Kingdom. It is fair to say they need one on all murders in the USA to where the real issues are.

  • lillapoyka

    So any player should be allowed to make an anti black lives matter statement in pregame

  • More blacks kill black than Cops.

  • Kelly Meacham

    How about we stop giving these asshats free publicity?

  • Chris

    Black people this. Black people that. How many unarmed white men have been shot and killed? How many Armed white men have been armed and not killed? Better yet giving more than 10 minutes to be talked into giving up? As a black man we dont get that privilege as y’all do. I know its a lot of white on white crime just as much as there’s black on black crime. Its just us black people are under a microscope simply because the media wants to make us seem aggressive. White people are just as aggressive as us. Point is unarmed white people dont get shot regardless if they’re obeying or not. Black people get shot even following commands as you can see last week or 2 weeks ago.