It Happened Again, Officer Denied Service-Tropical Smoothie

tropical smoothie denies service to police

Winter Haven Tropical Smoothie (Google Maps)

It happened again, officer denied service at a restaurant, this time at Tropical Smoothie

Winter Haven, FL – As officers are being gunned down, some workers still think it’s cool to deny service to police.

These incidents are far too common. We’ve already reported this happening at a Taco Bell and Walmart recently.

On Sunday, August 29th, Lake Alfred PD officer Adam Leatherberry posted to his Facebook:

“So today around 1430 hours Geoff Price and I went to Tropical Smoothie, located at 301 West Central Avenue in downtown Winter Haven, Fl. As we walked in together I was in plain clothes and he was in his police uniform.

This guy in the picture and another worker were the only two employees present. This guy said “Hell no!” to his buddy as he seen us at the counter ready to place our order. His buddy replied what and then he said “I’m not serving them! You can… it’s the cops! I refuse to serve them!”

We walked out to avoid any extra sauces in our food. I called to speak to the manager, Beth and was told she wouldn’t be there until tomorrow. Guess I will not be going back there. Another place that does not support law enforcement. #tropicalsmoothie #placesnottoeat #cops #lawenforcement”

The Tropical Smoothie quickly responded by firing the employee and immediately releasing an apology on their Facebook.

 “We would like to thank everyone for the feedback! Our company doesn’t tolerate any discriminate of any kind. We have investigated into this case and terminated this employee immediately.

This employee’s comment about the police officers was very disrespectful and absolutely unacceptable! We have always supported law enforcement and military. For the past years, our cafe has served to numerous law enforcements who have patronized our café.

We sincerely apologize for the misbehavior of our former employee. His comments about the police offers were very disrespectful and absolutely unacceptable!

Thank you very much for all of your feedbacks, which has helped us improve and do better!”

Thank you Tropical Smoothie for handling the incident in an appropriate and timely manner. This should be the standard way to handle situations such as this.

  • tallron

    Another Black LIES Matter turd, no doubt.

  • YouRspoiled

    This is the exact message sent by Tropical Smoothie? Who wrote it? A 3rd grader or a Nigerian scam artist using a Google translation app?

    “Doesn’t tolerate any discriminate”
    “Police Offers”
    “our cafe has served to numerous law enforcements”
    “feedbacks” (like Chineses?)

    There is something not exactly right here…

    • Natalie Mailloux

      Agreed, it was kind of off-putting to even read… They were redundant at parts and it was odd to me that they used the word, “patronized” in that sense lol

    • Lesley Isaacs

      Sad. My thoughts are that maybe its a person who isn’t a native English speaker? Not saying that as a racist comment or anything but that might be a reason why the spelling is so horrible. After all, I doubt one has to be highly educated to rise to a manager job at the smoothie joint. This is surely one of those places where one can be a manager while still in high school. It’s a good and honest job, and I respect and am thankful for their swift action here, but I would think this is a place where hard work and friendly and professional customer service skills will get one promoted quickly.

  • JD

    I Think we should all start Boycotting these places and see how fast they fire these Idiots.