Davenport Ale House Refuses Service To Two Uniformed Deputies – Gives Horrible Excuse

Crystal Nobre (pictured) is standing up for deputies who were refused service at Davenport Ale House.

Crystal Nobre (pictured) is standing up for deputies who were refused service at Davenport Ale House.

Davenport Ale House Refuses Service To Uniformed Deputies

Davenport, FL – The Davenport Ale House turned away uniformed deputies at the door, and the Sheriff has accepted their apology even though their excuse is absurd.

Crystal Nobre posted to the Central Florida LEO wive Facebook group telling the story of what happened:

So a group of LEOs and wives are out at the Davenport’s Ale House for the big fight. I reserved a table in advance to make certain that we had a spot. I spoke to some PCSO Deputies and told them to come meet up with us to eat some food and watch the main fight on their lunch break.

THEY WERE TURNED AWAY by security!! They told them they had friends inside and security told them “They make people nervous!!”

I went nuts to be honest and went off on them even saying I would personally pay the cover charge if that was the issue. (I found out that wasn’t later.)

The owner came out and tried to clear things up but too late. You turned away two guys who are here protecting us. You turned away two guys putting their lives on the line. You just lost MY business and I hope everyone who reads this.

According to ABC News, the owned, Danny Chopra said, “We are extremely sorry it was a misunderstanding, any law-enforcement are always welcome at our restaurant.”

According to ABC, the misunderstanding was that the assistant manager said that the deputies were there to serve a warrant, not to eat. That’s right, the Davenport Alehouse Staff then kept the deputies out because they didn’t want them arresting any wanted suspects in their restaurant because it “wasn’t the appropriate time to do that.”

Had Chopra known that the deputies weren’t there to arrest a wanted person, he would have let them in, “Oh absolutely, they could hae come in, absolutely, 100% come in.”

This seems like an absurd excuse, but the Sheriff appears to be fine with it.

On its Facebook page, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said:

UPDATE (8.28.17):


Today, Captain Ken Raczynski of our Northeast law enforcement district met Danny, one of the owners, and Ray, the general manager of the Davenport Ale House Restaurant located at 1260 Posner Blvd, Davenport.

They had a very positive meeting and discussed the incident that happened Saturday night at the restaurant. Both Danny and Ray expressed their heartfelt apologies for what happened. They said there were a series of mistakes and misunderstandings that led to a poor decision being made, and they sincerely regret what happened.

They have asked to meet with the deputies involved so they can apologize to them in person—we are passing on that invitation.

We have not had any issues regarding deputies and service at the Davenport Ale House before Saturday night. In fact, our PCSO members have frequently dined there. We thank Danny and Ray for reaching out to us and for their sincere and thoughtful conversation. We whole-heartedly accept their apology for what happened.

We believe people can make a mistake, apologize for it, and move forward.

We are very thankful for the thousands of people who have expressed their support for the men and women of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, and specifically for the support given to these two deputies. We are honored to serve this great community.

Facebook friends (8.27.17):

We’ve been asked to comment about an incident that occurred last night at the Ale House Restaurant in Davenport located at 1260 Posner Blvd, Davenport, where two of our uniformed deputies stopped by to have dinner on a break and were turned away by security.

We would like everyone to know that we have been discussing the incident with the Ale House ownership/management and we are meeting with them Monday in person. We have been told by management that there was a miscommunication and misunderstanding that occurred and that they very much regret what happened.

I think everyone understands that management and ownership does not always agree with what an employee or sub-contractor says or does.

In the meantime, we are so thankful for the thousands of people who have expressed their support for law enforcement and we are thankful for those who stand up for our deputies and law enforcement officers.

Do you think that this is an acceptable excuse for refusing to let deputies into the restaurant? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.