Danville Kentucky Man Butt-Dials the Police While Plotting Robbery

Danville butt dial

Robert Bourne and David Grisby

Danville Kentucky Man Butt-Dials the Police While Plotting Robbery

Danville, KY.– A classic case of a misdial gone wrong landed two Danville men in jail this week.  After dialing dispatch mistakenly and unknowingly, their plot of robbing the local BBQ joint was foiled during a planing session in the parking lot.

Robert Bourne and David Grisby had been out together earlier in the evening at Brothers BBQ and Brewing, reportedly having a drink at the local restaurant.  One too many drinks later and the men plotted to rob the place.  A plan that may have been pulled off, if not for the mistaken butt-dial in emergency mode to 911, where the entire conversation of their plot was overheard.

Quick thinking dispatchers got on the phone with local investigators.  Chief Tony Gray happened to be finishing dinner at the very restaurant they planned to rob.  “There was some conversation about when they should do it, they might be recognized if they do it in Danville, and I think they did talk about some different locations…Somewhere in the conversation, my name was brought up,” Gray said.

Brothers BBQ and Brewery owner Mike Southerland knew something was wrong before the officers left the restaurant.  “They start to walk out together, then Tony gets a call-I see Tony’s police face come on, so I knew something was up.”

After pinging the cell phone of the two would-be robbers, all while continuing to listen to their plans, police located them just outside of the restaurant doors in the parking lot.  “When we stepped back to talk, the dispatcher was able to pinpoint the phone, and the call was coming from somewhere in the parking lot at Brothers.  At the time, they located the two suspects sitting in the vehicle,” Gray said.

The two men were arrested for public intoxication and one was also charged with disorderly conduct and for having an open alcohol container in the car.  Police found a mask on one suspect but no weapons in the car at the time.  The men were booked in jail and later released on their own recognizance.