Media Shows Officer Daniel Webster’s Death Despite His Widow’s Wishes

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Media Shows Officer’s Death Despite His Widow’s Wishes

Albuquerque, New Mexico – The video footage showing David Lymon murdering Officer Daniel Webster has been released.

Albuquerque Police Officer Daniel Webster initiated a traffic stop on a motorcycle with two riders on October 21st, 2015. As soon as Officer Webster stepped out of his patrol car, the male on the motorcycle immediately became non-compliant with the officer’s lawful orders. The male was later identified as David Lymon, the passenger on the motorcycle was a 17-year-old female that Lymon just helped buy some heroin.

Officer Webster tries to handcuff Lymon, who starts whining like a child. As soon as Officer Webster let his guard down for a moment, Lymon pulled a .40 caliber pistol out and fatally shot the officer 6 times. You can watch the video below showing what led up to the shooting. We will not show the shooting of the officer, out of respect for Officer Daniel Webster’s family.

Take my word for it, don’t look the video up. It’s awful.
The Albuquerque Journal thought it would be alright to play though, despite officer Webster’s widow, Michelle Carlino-Webster, writing a letter directly to the media requesting it not be shown. The Albuquerque Journal even acknowledges that she said this.


Albuquerque Journal editor, Kent Walz, stated

“It is a difficult decision. But the video primarily shows events leading up to the shooting and we believe it helps the public understand the tragic events of that night and illustrates the danger police officers face every day.”

Man, that’s dirty. You know damn well she didn’t want the video played of her hero husband trying to yell “shots fired”, but he can’t because he was shot in the face and the side of his head.

Gotta get that tasty ad revenue though, right?

Oh, and Policeone, just in case you didn’t notice, you copy and pasted the same article onto your website, with the video.

I understand that it’s already made it’s way around the internet and there is nothing we can do now, but show some respect for Christ’s sake. You owe the Albuquerque police, the Webster Family and most definitely officer Webster’s widow, Michelle, an apology.

Not only was Daniel Webster an outstanding police officer for nearly 10 years, he was also an Army Ranger for 20 years. He leaves behind a wife, 3 adult daughters, and 7 grand children.