Smear Campaign Against The Dancing Cop Leads To Disinvitation From Firefighter Parade

Tony Lepore is getting backlash for supporting police officers.

Tony Lepore is getting backlash for supporting police officers.

Dancing Cop Accused Of White Supremacy For Supporting Police

South Kingston, RI – Retired Police Officer Tony Lepore, known as “The Dancing Cop”, will not be performing at this year’s Firefighter Parade because of backlash for his public support for police officers.

Lepore has performed at the South Kingstown Fire Fighters Relief Association parade in the past but was disinvited this year because of a smear campaign from South Kingstown resident Amber Collins, according to The Westerly Sun.

In 2015, Lepore organized a small protest outside a Dunkin’ Donuts (DD) in response to a Providence police officer being given his coffee by a DD employee, with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on the cup.

A month later, he was fired from his annual job directing traffic in the city, according to The Washington Post, which he said was a direct result of his protest.

In response to the incident at DD, Lepore said, “I just want people out there to support their police department.  I was a policeman for 17 years and I know how tough this job is. I think this group [Black Lives Matter] targeted coffee shops because they know that police are out there eight hours and that they love coffee.”

Lepore has been known for years as “The Dancing Cop”, and has been dancing on the streets that he patrolled since 1984.  Now retired, the 69-year-old is still dancing and supporting cops.

He said this latest ‘disinvitation’ is the direct result of his support for police officers and his criticism of Black Lives Matter.

On Thursday, November 7, he said, “I stuck up for a police officer.  That’s it,” according to Firehouse.

Amber Collins, who said she is studying to be a minister, launched a social media campaign against Lepore, and called him a racist and white supremacist.

Collins created a petition on July 28, addressed to the South Kingstown Firefighters Relief Association, on  The petition was against Lepore participating in the parade, and 536 people have signed it. In the petition, Collins said:

“We ask that you remove Tony LePore, “The Dancing Cop”, from this year’s South Kingstown Firefighter’s Memorial Parade. Mr. LePore has gained local and national attention for his controversial, combative and racist public statements; his actions do not represent the values of the South Kingstown community nor do they reflect the bravery of our firefighters.

Be assured, South Kingstown would not be the first to remove Mr. LePore from public functions. Due to his controversy, other municipalities, including Providence and East Providence, have decided not to employ Mr. LePore…We have also included an article from the American Psychological Association about racial trauma.”

Collins had included links to three articles where Lepore had been disinvited to events after the Dunkin Donuts incident.

None of those articles indicate that he is a racist or a white supremacist; in his own words, Lepore said he just wanted “to make sure all police officers were treated like police officers, not like dirt,” according to The New York Post.

On Thursday, she said,  “I understand that I have privilege. I will use that privilege to stand up against white supremacy.”

Nathan Street, the president for the Firemen’s Association, said parade organizers voted in August to disinvite Lepore to the September 24 parade.  The reason that he gave was “to avoid potential disruptions that could pose a risk to public safety.”

Lepore said that he has already been booked on the firefighter parade date at an event in Massachusetts.

Do you think that it’s cowardly for the parade organizers to disinvite Lepore? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

You can see the “dancing cop” traffic control in the video below:

  • David Bradshaw

    sigh…licking those self righteous liberal boots

    • KGD

      I’m a liberal but I stand with Tony! He didn’t do anything wrong and that “minister” is spreading hate! Tony has a lot of energy and I’ve always enjoyed his dancing and am glad he will just go where he is wanted. Screw these wimps that don’t want to have him dance and spread the love! Their loss!

  • JBo

    She’s studying to be a minister? Of what?

    This town had a population of 28,000 in 2000 and he was disinvited with 536 signatures?

    • Toni Frate Lehmann

      It would seem, showing support for police is a negative in that town. Shame on the Firefighters.

    • Kelly McGrath

      27921 now. I see politicians are the same everywhere. Your brother in blue North of the boarder.

    • Doug Packer

      Minister of hate and racial victimization.

      • Beverly Jean Alley


      • Scott H

        The minister of hate! You can buy that kind of ordination off the back of a matchbook cover! Hey minister, look this up, “let he who has not sinned cast the 1st stone”. I thought Afrikkans loved dancing! Or only when they do it. What you own dancing too?! Skrew u, blM

    • Katrina

      You can become an ordained minister on line. ” You should receive your ordination in less than 24 hours of your request for ordination “. That was from one website.There are plenty more. Then you can set up your own church and scam others out of their hard earned money, all while enjoying tax exemptions.
      It aso works well to bully people when you say “I am Rev. Bigot” so I have more authority than the common citizens. Easy to see why their community seems to have a “Rev” on every street corner. (and aso why they seem so uneducated….they ARE)

  • Jennifer

    The police are first & foremost public Servants.

    Read this story, warning not for the faint of heart, how Kansas kept a $4.8 million settlement a secret.

    • richard scalzo

      Showed them all during the hurricane when they were looting.

    • LEO

      What do you mean not for the faint of heart? I read the article, so what? The officers responded appropriately and the law suit doesn’t mean anything. Cities will always settle cases like this one. It seems to me that he should have been charged with the car jacking. He was in the victims car when the officers found him.

    • Katrina

      You are on the wrong page. This is about the dancing cop.

  • Robert Pashka

    All I know is that when event organizers bow to these whiners (who seem to have nothing else to do) they empower them. If these professional complainers were ignored they would soon tire of this game and they would stop their endless tirade against American values. MAGA

    • John Baker

      No. They would file a lawsuit. And we know how that would fare in the courts.

      • DorisJHeckman

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        • Lisa

          This si a $97.00 paid Advertisement… IGNORE IT !!!

          • Katrina

            Flagged it.

  • Mike Korach

    Its interesting That 536 signatures out of 28,000 residence could result in this. it says a lot about the organization and it lack of will power that they would fold like this to a low turn out petition campaign.

    • Kary Edvalson

      It tells me that the other people in that town that feel differently need to STAND UP! The silent majority needs to muscle up or forever be shut up!

  • Laurie

    Shame on them for giving in to a small group that is obviously hateful and seem to be the racists in this town not the dancing cop who was just supporting police officers! Next they’ll want to cancel the parade because they’ll find some imaginary reason to call a firefighter a racist.

  • DeanG

    WTF? That is completely ridiculous, the people that signed the retarded petition probably won’t go to the parade anyway, because these kinds of events are for REAL Americans.

  • Ann Melton Johnson

    What is her problem? Nowhere did I read racist or white supremacist. I see a man who was a policeman, who supports the police and wants what’s best for them. This woman has a very thin skin to see something that is not there and studying to be a minister. I think it is a shame the Firefighters Association caved into her puny demands and 536 signatures!! Shame on you madam!!!

    • Kary Edvalson

      She isnt the problem, a bunch of pansey ass people scared to be called racist is the problem!

      • Bernadette Duncan


  • Ba Wilson

    And she is going to be a minister? Minister of what….HATE?? Certainly not love and compassion and inclusion. She has a vendetta!

  • Steve Adams

    Amber Collins is a waste of space and air – she is studying to be a minister ??? where, in hell ? Proves there are 536 idiots in the city !

  • Vic

    boycott the parade

    • Tonya Parnell


  • Sunshine

    Collins is a bully in every sense of the word. And like all bullies, they will continue to pick on you until you stand up to them. 536 signatures out of 28,000 residents…what a joke. Shame on the fire department, bunch of cowards.

    • Beverly Jean Alley

      so true

  • junkmansj


  • Kelly McGrath

    If I was a resident of that town, I would start my own petition to have him in the parade and see what numbers I would get. I would think way more then the other.

    • marycat485

      He was probably the star attraction at the parade and will be sorely missed. Your petition will sign itself!

      • Kelly McGrath

        Any idea how to start one?

        • KGD

          google it!!

        • marycat485

 is one way. Just click on the “Start a Petition” button. I sign a lot of petitions with them.

  • Sonja Wolfe
  • ProUSAProGOD

    I guess according to this woman’s opinion, those of us who support LEOs, including retired police officers, are all racist and white supremacists.  All I saw was that he brought joy and humor to an otherwise boring job.

  • Aunt Jakki Taylor

    Disciple of the Devil is what she is.

  • Robert Pierro

    It’s funny they alway’s use the excuse of being concerned for Public Safety when in reality it is just the lack of having a set of balls…..

  • Dale McNamee

    Yes, the parade organizers are putrescent cowards that firefighters should disown !

    Amber Collins is studying to be a minister ? What a “pants load”…

    She’s also anti-free speech, anti-First Amendment… She should be getting slagged for her antics…

    I think that the police, fire, and EMS should not give her any service nor to the 536 morons who signed the petition… Let BLM provide them !

  • Dan Topp

    There’s only one thing you can do.Move somewhere conservative,you can’t win because there’s no limits on how low these scum will go.

  • Sue

    Until Americans either stand up to this nonsense or completely ignore their toddler tantrums, this kind of immature behavior will continue to escalate. A microscopic minority should have no power over the vast majority of Americans who support what’s right.

  • Beverly Jean Alley

    Amber Collins sure won’t make a good minister. stirring up trouble is not the way a minister should act!

  • Beverly Jean Alley


  • Tonya Parnell

    At least he is staying in shape. There should not be a parade at all. Liberal trash can’t stand to have anything nice.

  • Scott H

    why do people in charge… constantly give in like little cowards and chickens? Why , oh why are you so afraid?? Are you telling me that you are kissing up to the terrorist, empty sacks of s**t group BLM ? I can’t even bring myself to say the words, so I don’t. They are ‘ner do well trouble makers and we don’t need them. We do not need them, around!! If someone from BMM contacts me, I will see to it you are welcomed to my humble town. You will be treated with all the respect you deserve. To the city organizers who fear them, pfft. you’re persona non grata, and don’t deserve any respect. about time to Man Up! Yeah. I mean it. And that includes the fine ladies that support free speech and the right to stand up for your beliefs, not gender specific to men. Think “mankind”.

  • shooter2009

    What is going on with this overwhelming urge of some people to just be the most obnoxious dicks they can ever be?

    • marycat485

      They are missing something in their lives and need attention.

  • Katrina

    This vindictive Amber Collins sounds like the perfect Christian to be studying to be a minister. What a joke!!

  • Lisa

    He should be able to voice his opinions, no matter what they are… this is SUPPOSED to be a free country with Freedom of Speech. this preacher woman- wanna-be needs to just stop her rants. This retired officer has been doing great hings for many years… what has she done?

  • Peekin-In

    Shame on the firefighters for allowing that

  • Martin Cohn

    I hope the 536 perpetually offended all go to the parade. And that police supporters think twice. Parade organizers thumbed their noses at you, are you going to blindly support them?

  • Tony Lepore Sr.

    I am the R.I. Dancing Cop. She hasn`t proof anything, but show me any lefty that talks sense? Listen to this head on head interview I did with Amber Kelley Collins on the John DePetro Local Radio Show, and you judge for yourself. Thanks “Blue Lives Matter” for the support, and covering my 6. Thank you.

  • Annice Depew

    Let’s not encourage police interaction with the public. No!! Let’s not let or children see a police officer as a nice, frendly person. No!! I personally would like to apologise Tony, for the ignorance of a few people. Not all of us feel that way so, you stand up for what you believe. And thank you for your service to RI 🇺🇸

  • TruthSeeker

    Amber Collins: Not a minister I would want anything to do with.

  • maclll

    If anyone wants to start a petition in favor of this retired police officer attending these events. I’m betting that there would be way more signatures in favor than against. It would probably be the wake up call that these organizations need. The majority need to start speaking out against crap like this instead of submitting to it.

  • John Schizas

    I hope she goes after the firefighters next since they don’t have the backbone to support the police

  • Jaybeau

    Make her stupid ass famous all over facebook. Stupid bitch!

  • FairisFair

    Another group of whimps caving. I guess you can say what you want as long as the BLM agrees.

  • Doggmaninva

    She can’t help po thang, a bigot and racist has to do what a bigot and racist has gotta do……just ask any democrat, being racist and bigoted is in a Democrats description….

  • WindyCitySue

    Lapore should sue BLM and Amber Collins for defamation of character.

  • Queenblue108

    Idk what she is studying to be a minister of but she is waaay off base in so many ways. This Officer is awesome, I applaud him and will stand beside him in every form! To disinvite him is wrong, rude and shows that community as well as others that they will back down and not stand up for their Officers. Officer LePore did ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong. He stood up for his fellow Officers. WTG Firefighters and the big 500+ people who signed the petition. Great way to show your support for the men and women who protect your community. You should all be ashamed!!!!! As far as this Amber chic and her studies, she needs to find a different route because God didn’t call on her, not for her to study to be a Minister, that is a fact!